Tomatoes love a little bit of a breeze

What doesn't kill you makes you strong

I have read many times that tomatoes love a little bit of a breeze. A gentle breeze will force the plant to create a thicker stem. This week caused me to wonder about that fact after my plants were bent 90 degrees from 30 mph winds coming off the lake for the last two days.

I had bought my heirloom tomato plants from local greenhouses where they were lovingly tended from seed. I then transplanted them and placed them in my warm potting shed with lights to grow larger and stronger. I hardened them off by placing them outside the shed for several hours each day. Finally they were planted in the garden.

Welcome to the real world my little tomatoes. Your leaves are a little windburned, you are battered but not broken. Let’s hope you don’t have to suffer monsoon rains, blights and ravenous horn worms. But my husband always says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

We were fortunate that we were spared the tornadoes, damaging winds and heavy rains that hit areas of New England and hope that you were not one of those that had damage. The country has had so many weather related casualties and destruction this year.

In nature we see such beauty from the smallest flower to the magnificent mountains. Unfortunately, we also see the other side of nature which can be harsh, hostile and deadly.

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