Monet’s Garden On A Rainy Day

Today as I look out the window of our lakeside cottage in Maine at the mist and drizzle, I’m thinking of all the people who are here visiting for the first time. I do hope the weather clears up for them and that they get to see and do all the outdoor adventures they have planned.

So many of our trips are planned so far in advanced that we must go on planned excursions no matter the weather. Such was the case on one of our trips to France. We were traveling with friends and I had planned our entire trip driving from Nice to Paris. A “must see” on the trip was Claude Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny which was forty-eight miles from our destination in Paris.

The good news was that is was raining. Around 500,000 people visit his home and gardens during the six months it is open each year. Because of the rain,  parking was available right next to the ticket booth and the line to enter was short and we were in the first group to be admitted to his home.

Monet's home and garden

The bad news was that it was raining. I had not dreamed of seeing the famous gardens in the rain. For years, I dreamed of this day…with the early morning sun shining brightly. At first it was a soft drizzle and we were able to take the  two photos that are on this page. It was April and the gardens were in bloom with pink tulips, blue forget-me-nots, yellow iris,  flowering cherry and crab apple trees. The garden was so beautiful…next to the pink stucco house with its green shutters and trim. Monet had a passion for plants and once said that all of his money went into his garden.

Monet's garden in the rain

Even with coats and umbrellas we were getting too wet to go to see the Japanese inspired water garden across the road. We left the gardens to the hardier souls and went inside his home. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs in his home. I can tell you that his home has been restored to the way it was during his forty or so years that he lived there. There is no museum feel to this home, instead you feel like he will great you at the door and welcome you inside. Monet loved color and choose vivid hues of blue and yellow for his home. Those bright colors warmed up the house on this chilly, wet day. The blue sitting room, the yellow dining room and the blue and white tiled kitchen with copper pots are  striking. His studio has reproductions of many of his works and the furniture and objects through out the home belonged to him.

While in Paris we got to see his most famous panels of Water Lilies (Nympheas) at the Musee de l’Orangerie in the Tuileries. Claude Monet said “it’s maybe because of flowers I’ve become a painter”. It was easy to understand this after visiting his home and gardens. I would say that seeing Monet’s garden was memorable, even on a rainy day. I hope that all travellers enjoy their plans…even on a rainy day.

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11 thoughts on “Monet’s Garden On A Rainy Day

  1. The last time I visited Giverny was also in April, although not in the rain. Your photos brought back very pleasant memories of the spring garden.

  2. Lovely photos and story. I hope that one day I have the chance to visit there and see his home and gardens. It has me thinking I need to add more flowers to my garden!

  3. We visited Monet’s Gardens in April two years ago and happened to pick a warm, clear day. The rain doesn’t dampen the incredible beauty there. You were lucky to park close and have no line. We went on a small bus tour from Paris and got right in as well. Good thing because there must have been several hundred people in line and parking was nowhere to be found.

  4. My only visit to Giverny was in the fall. So fun to see the comparison between your soft pinks and my bright yellows. Thanks for reminding me that I must go back one day in another season.

  5. Lovely photos. Many years ago we visited there in September and yet there were plenty of flowering flowers. It is great place for visit and due to that I am very happy that You presented it to us.

    Have a lovely week-end!

    1. Hi Naomi, I’m glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post about the garden in the rain. I know it must be beautiful whatever the time of year someone visits.

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