Siberian Iris pleasure without work

Siberian Iris by the antique barn door

Siberian Iris give me so much pleasure without any work on my part. As a matter of fact, the only thing I do to my several beds of Iris at our New Hampshire house each year is to mow them down at the end of fall. Each spring after the snow melts, their young sprouts are some of the first to burst through the soil.

Their bright blue-purple petals touched with yellow are a wonderful touch of color to our gray barn and yellow house when the sun is shining on them brightly. Up against the boulders near our basement, they thrive in the shade and often wet conditions as the area is low. They survive and push out the invasive goldenrod in the bed near the apple orchard.

If you live in a zone where the Siberian Iris will grow, I recommend that you try growing some. They will definitely add wonderful color wherever you plant them. Hopefully, they will give you a lot of pleasure without much work.

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