So little time, so much change

Welcome to Orchard Hill Farm

We call Orchard Hill Farm in New Hampshire home even though we usually spend six months of the year at our cottage in Maine. We return home often to keep up on what is happening there.

My work in the orchard is done this time of the year. The pruning is finished and we no longer spray. We decided that we didn’t want to use either pesticides or the organic choices on the market today. The apples taste just fine, they just don’t look pretty. We think it is healthier for ourselves and the environment. Our orchard takes care of itself over the summer.

New Hampshire garden in the winter

Every time I am home I am reminded how quickly the seasons change. Just take a look at photos of my garden over the last four months.

At the end of March the entire garden was covered in snow. Everyone was looking forward to Spring and what did we get…another snow storm on the first of April.

Now fast forward to the month of June and look at the New Hampshire garden now.

New Hampshire garden Dawn Rose

My garden shed is covered with the two New Dawn Roses that I planted just two years ago. They have grown so much that we have had to secure them with fishing line on the top of the roof . They are  also covering one whole section of the fence. I love their pale pink color and enjoy their sweet fragrance every time I go into the shed for my garden tools.

Potting Shed

My potting shed was heated all spring and filled with a dozen tomato plants, a dozen pepper plants and a variety of herbs. Once the threat of frost was over, I took all  the plants out each day to harden off before we would take them two hours further north to be planted at the Maine cottage. Now the potting shed is almost empty. Only shallots have been left to dry. I’ll be using them for sauces when we return home.

In such a short time, so much has changed. Nature is amazing.



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2 thoughts on “So little time, so much change

  1. Oh, I like this post. You are so right with how fast things change with the seasons…even if we think the seasons are delayed. We had a bummer Spring this year too but to look at my gardens now, I would never know it. And good for you to let your orchards grow au naturale! I would love to bite into one of your apples this next Fall. xxBliss

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think we sometimes forget how quickly things change. I thought readers from climates that are warmer would enjoy seeing the rapid change in our gardens. We have a hundred varieties of apples that were originally planted by the previous owner for making cider. We were told he sprayed but we are happier with tasty apples that look ugly.

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