The Good Life Market and the pie of my dreams

The Good Life Market sign

Anyone traveling up Rt. 302 from Portland, Maine to the Lakes Region has to pass through the small town of Raymond.

Look for the red building

You can not miss a large red building on the right-hand side of the road with a sign out front reading Good Life Market. Make sure to stop and go inside. When you walk in the door you will by pleasantly surprised with what you find. It is a small, family run business that has specialty deli sandwiches, prepared meals, locally sourced cheeses, and the best selection of beer and  wine in the area.

Deli Counter

At noon time you can expect to find lines of customers ordering sandwiches and box lunches to take with them for a day at the lake. They might be staying and eating at a couple of tables on the front porch or under the trees at a picnic table.

Locally sourced cheese

The market is also a great place to grab a hostess gift or to stock up on a few gourmet items if you have a weekly rental at a cabin on one of the many lakes in the area.

When ever we are driving by the market on our way back from Portland, my husband always asks “do you want to stop and get a pie”. I enjoy cooking at our cottage but try not to turn the oven on very often in the summer. The pies  are freshly baked at the market and I often can’t resist and answer with a resounding “yes”.  All of the pies excellent but I do have a favorite.

Our cherry vanilla pie ready to be sliced

Who doesn’t love cherry pie. The market makes a Cherry Vanilla Pie that takes me back to my youth when I would order  a cherry vanilla Coke at a local drug store soda fountain. The mouth-watering pie is a beauty…flaky pastry with bubbled cherry juice showing through, topped with crunchy sliced almonds for texture. The cherry interior is just the right combination of sweet, tart and a touch of vanilla. The pie is outstanding.

If you are in the area I suggest that you stop by the market and take a look inside. It will be hard to leave the store without some goodies. If you buy a pie just make sure you leave one for me.

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7 thoughts on “The Good Life Market and the pie of my dreams

  1. Karen,
    What a fantastic site! You have done an excellent job mixing photos and interesting articles into an appealing, fun to explore blog site.

    I’m impressed!

  2. We have a similar place. When we first moved to the area, we always saw this fruit stand that was PACKED TO THE RAFTERS with people. Now we know why–incredible fruits, a fantastic deli, home baked breads. They have our business now too.

    The pie looks scrumptious!! I can see why you can’t resist!

  3. I’d love to spend a weekend in New England. I moved to Florida 10 years ago from Ohio and I so miss the scenery and lifestyle from up North, and especially when visiting the New England area. That pie looks to die for! I love the piled on almond on top!!

  4. The pie sounds scrumptious and I loved your description of the market and the town in which it is found. This is my first visit to your blog, but I’ll definitely be back. I enjoyed my visit here. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  5. I’ve always wanted to take a vacation to New England. I love small towns and that cherry vanilla pie looks so scrumptious! This post reminds me of Traverse City, MI and Cherry Fest is around this time in MI! You have a wonderful site and look forward to your posts on visiting other towns and recipes!

  6. Have never vacationed in New England; something on my “bucket” list, I suppose. Your blog and photos make it look very appealing. Love the reference to cherry cokes – I grew up in Texas and enjoyed many a cherry coke on the stool at the local drug store “soda fountain”.
    Love the images of your gardens – I fight deer, rabbits and bush honeysuckle here in MO.

  7. I’m a local and I have never been there. You have just convinced me! Another place you should try is Hoggy’s in Windham. They are the local meat market and they have the YUMMYEST sandwiches. I highly recommend the turkey club and even more highly recommend that you bring a friend or two to help you eat it, it is huge.

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