The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of….

The hills are alive with the sound of cow bells. We are now in the beautiful country of Austria, just a few miles outside of Salzburg in the lakeside town of Fuschl am See. During the drive to our destination, we encountered a traffic jam of sorts…cows being lead down the middle of the road. They were being brought down from the high mountain meadows before the start of winter.

Cows Being Brought Down From The Mountains

Standing on our balcony at our hotel, Ebner’s Waldhof, we can see cows grazing in the field next door. Yes, the hills are definitely alive with the sound of cowbells.

Cows Grazing
View Of The Lake From The Balcony
A Lovely Part Of The Resort

Ebner’s Waldhof is a family owned hotel that started out in 1958 as a small pension with 30 beds. Over the years the hotel has been renovated and expanded to a lovely complex of old and new buildings with a very large spa with indoor and outdoor pools. Throughout the day, you see the owner and his son constantly greeting guests.

Meals are included when you stay at the Waldhof. Breakfast is a hearty beginning to the day in Germanic countries and my husband always looks forward to the homemade whole grain rolls, meats and cheeses.

Hearty Breakfast

Dinner can be taken at any of the three restaurants. We decided to try the Vital Restaurant for one of our dinners. By Vital, they mean healthy but believe me it was great.

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable Salad
Veal Meatball on Polenta
Crispy Skin Roasted Pork With Fennel
Roasted Bananas With Meringue And Shaved Chocolate

There was nothing about the meal that would make you think that you were giving up delicious flavors for healthy eating. At the end of the meal we were full and completely happy with our decision.

The next morning we went for a ride to several of the other lakes in the immediate area. This is a lovely area of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, castles, and small villages. The villages line the shorelines and up the slopes of the mountains. They offer an insight into the simple pleasures of the life in this beautiful region.

Beautiful Countryside
Lakes Outside of Salzburg
Lakeside Village

What a difference a day makes. When we first arrived, we had glorious sunshine as we have had so far on our journey. Sitting in the sunroom of the spa, one moment there was sunshine and then all of a sudden the skies changed and then there was snow. An elderly gentleman walked past and said “Happy New Year”. Everyone from the area told me that October wanted to be December. I love their expressions. I hurried upstairs and took some photos…this is the same shot as our first day at the resort.

A Snowy View From Our Balcony

What do you do when the weather turns rainy, snowy, etc.? Go to a museum. My husband is a Formula One race fan and the Red Bull Team has their headquarters at the Salzburg airport. The Red Bull Museum is a totally amazing place to visit. Not only is there a display of their race cars but a wonderful collection of antique and collector planes.

Red Bull Formula One and Planes

The building itself is worth the visit. The museum has two bars and restaurants. One of the bars hangs from the ceiling and you reach it by a catwalk. The Icarus Restaurant has a different famous chef from Europe each month and if you wish to eat there you have to make a reservation weeks in advance. If you go to Salzburg, make sure you go to Red Bull even if the sun is shining brightly.

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33 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of….

    1. Hi Gregg, Thank you for your compliment. Can you believe there was snow. We have had snow in New Hampshire once in October. That year we didn’t see grass until April.

  1. Sheesh, Karen! The Alpine weather seems even more unpredictable than our’s in Chicago. Rain, snow, or shine, I think you two will find plenty to do. The museum looks very interesting but that countryside! How beautiful is that! Great p0ost!

    1. Hi John, Thank you for your compliment. You are right…there is always something wonderful to do while in Europe no matter the weather. The area near Salzburg is just beautiful.

    1. Hi Jenny, Thank you for your compliment. When it started snowing, I knew I had to capture the same shot as on our first day. What a difference in one days time.

  2. I like the combination of your blog, the picturesque places and delicious food. Salzburg looks amusing, whether it’s sunny or snowy 🙂
    And, oh, one more thing, nice job playing with the title, I thought you’re going to tell us about Von Trapp family at first.. Nice one 😀

    1. Hello Robin, Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice compliment. Salzburg is a great city to visit…we have visited in the fall and at Christmas. A wonderful city, no matter the season.

    1. Hi KIristy, Thank you for the compliment. We certainly are having an amazing trip. Great sights, food, and wonderful hotels. Austria really is beautiful. The lakes region around Salzburg is a popular summer destination. The mountains in winter are wonderful, especially if you ski.

  3. What a beautiful photographs you captured. I loved and enjoyed so much. But especially the first one, the cows and their bells… This should be so nice… I can imagine. Thank you, dear Karen, it was a great journey for me at my desk, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    1. Hi Nia, Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I thought that the cows with their bells ringing was such a wonderful experience to be part of. I am happy that you are enjoying our journey.

  4. Karen, you’re putting me to shame – you’re experiencing more of Europe than I ever have – and I’ve been living here all my life, and in mainland Europe for almost a third of my whole life. You’re so lucky to be able to see these incredible sights, and you’re really acting as a strong motivator to make me get off my backside and see more! Austria, Germany and Switzerland are 3 places we want to try and get out to see more often. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Charles, Thank you for your comment. You are so fortunate to have the wonders of Europe in your back yard so to speak. I do hope that you travel to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. They are all beautiful and have so much to offer a visitor. I’m happy if I motivate you to travel.

  5. Wow!! I was so excited when I saw the title of this post and it meant only one to Austria!
    Your meal..what can I say…I never met a cut of pork I didn’t like. I think I would eat very well in Austria! and the views!! and that interesting museum – thanks for calling out the interesting structure of the restaurant I am going to look into that a little more!
    Austrians are a bit like New Englander’s, taking the crazy weather changes in stride!! I once visited the Fryeburg Fair in the snow in the first week of October!! And as a true New Englander – I love “turtleneck” weather!

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for the comment. You are right about the weather being similar to New England’s weather. It was a challenge packing for this trip because we went from the sunny Mediterranean where it was warm to the cooler sections of Austria and Germany. Red Bull’s museum is worth a visit just for the architecture. A fantastic building.

  6. What a great vacation – and *snow*! Shocking!! That’s when you know you’re “not in Kansas anymore”, hey? Here I’m just happy that it is cool enough to turn my oven on (in the evenings, anyway). Enjoy – and thanks for sharing the pictures!

  7. What great photos! And if I was to ever get caught up in a traffic jam, let it be cows!! The simple veal meatball with polenta caught my eye…and a great idea for dinner very soon!

    1. Hi Linda, Thank you for your compliment. I agree, being in a traffic jam caused by lovely cows was something to remember. The simple veal meatball with the polenta was delicious.

  8. I recently traveled abroad to Italy and I told my family that the next time I come to Europe I plan to go to Salzburg, Austria. They asked me why and gave a funny facial expression and I told them that I was told by many travelers how incredible it is and how it’s also a very romantic city. Is this true? Did you spend time in Austria? I’m trying to think of an amazing place for me and my boyfriend to go to possibly next year. P.S. I loved your photos, the lake pictures are unbelievable! I’m jealous you were able to spend time there!

    1. Hello Cayla, Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. My husband and I have travelled to Austria quite a few times…both in the fall and at Christmas. I think you and your boyfriend would love visiting Salzburg. It is a nice walk able city, beautiful and romantic. The lake area outside of the city is beautiful and can be easily visited by train or bus. We have eaten many fine meals in this area as well. I hope that helps with your planning.

  9. Beautiful pictures. I visited Austria as a child with my mom, who is from Austria. I want to go back for a visit and after seeing your pictures, I think that visit will happen sooner rather than later. thanks

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