Too Much Water

We have too much water! The little summer resort town of Naples, Maine where our summer cottage is located, has had days of nearly constant rain and it has taken its toll. Long Lake where our house sits is spilling over its’ banks and causing lots of problems to businesses and homeowners alike.

Flooded Town Dock

This is the flooded town dock with waves rolling over the concrete. The floating docks at the end have risen so high that the gangway leading down to them has been pushed into the air. There is a sign at the end of the gangway that says “step down”…it’s a long first step down now.  The photo below is of the same dock during the antique boat show last August. You can see how high out of the water the dock normally is during the year. At the end is the ramp leading down to the floating docks.

The Town Dock During The Antique Boat Show

Each year in November, the Department of Conservation drains Long Lake by three feet so that melting snow in the spring doesn’t cause a flood. This past winter was mild and there wasn’t enough snow melt to raise the lake back to normal levels.  There was very little precipitation in April and the lake was down to its lowest level in years. Four feet lower than normal springtime conditions.

Our Beach At The End Of April When The Lake Was Four Feet Below Normal

The local area was nearing drought conditions with a high fire danger and then in May the rains came. One rainstorm after another, many days never seeing a glimpse of the sun. Recently we had eight inches of rain in three days.

From comparing the photo above, you can now see that our beach has disappeared under four feet of water. There will be no sunbathing on the sand anytime soon.

Our Beach Is Now Under Four Feet Of Water

We didn’t have any water damage at our property but our dock is underwater. There will be no boating or jet skiing in the near future.

Our Dock Is Under Water

It is just as well because the Marina gas pumps are a little hard to get to as they are submerged in water. If you really are in need of gas, the girl helping you has the cutest black and white rubber boots and will wade out to help you. Be sure to say “thank you”.

The Marina Gas Pumps Are A Little Hard To Get To At The Present

All of our gardens are fine except for part of  our lakeside garden. About half of it is underwater at the present time.

Half OF The Lakeside Garden Is Underwater And Most Of Those Plant Will Die

It will be at least a week before the lake reaches a normal level even though the spillway at the historic Songo Lock is opened all the way. The gates at the lock can’t be opened because of too much pressure from the high water so it will be a slow process.

Historic Songo Lock

Gardeners have to deal with weather problems all the time. Too cold or too hot, too windy, too dry or too wet. We all know that too little water can kill plants but too much water can also kill. The plants that have been underwater for days will surely die.  Almost no sunshine and all the rain has put a lot of the other plants in a stressed condition.

Tomato Plants Are Stressed From Too Much Water

I will be watching the tomato plants closely. Their bottom leaves are curling, some turning purple, some yellow…all signs of too much water. Under the wet and humid conditions now, they are very susceptible to a number of leaf diseases.

The Sun Is Shining And That Is A Very Good Thing

I want to leave this post on a happy note. As you can see from the photo above, the sun is shining now, the water is starting to recede and that is a very good thing. Even our tree is smiling.

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139 thoughts on “Too Much Water

  1. Oh lala.. Too bad about all the flooding..I had never heard of Naples Maine before you.I”ll Google:)

    I am glad your home sits far back enough.. it must be a concern.. Glad the water is receiding and the sun is shining..It’s such a beautiful spot.

    1. Hi Monique, Thank you for your nice comment. We are lucky that our house sits back from the lake. Some of the oldest homes sit right at the waters edge and are having to deal with the high water. Naples is a small summer resort community in the southwest portion of Maine…referred to as the Lakes Region. It is about 45 minutes north of Portland. It has started raining again but is supposed to only be for a day.

  2. Oh goodness, that’s a lot of rain in a short amount of time. Mother Nature can be ornery. I just saw a couple of days ago somewhere in Florida had 20 some inches of rain in three days. And here we are sitting in Colorado, dry as a bone with forest fires destroying acre after acre.

    1. Hi Lea Ann, We have had a lot of rain…day after day for weeks. I sure wish that I could send it to your area of the country to help with the terrible fires.

    1. Hi Shelia, I wish I could send rain to Texas as well. I have family there and know of the drought conditions the state has gone through for so long. The water is slowly going down but it will take a week or more to return to normal conditions.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of rain. It’s raining here in NH while I write this. Hope you don’t get more. Love the leaves between the tomato plants. Did you make them? Are they hypertufa?

    1. Hi Judy, Would you believe that it is raining here again but the sun is supposed to come out again tomorrow. The leaves in the garden were used by a former owner for steps down to the beach. I thought they would be perfect in the garden when I pick tomatoes. I don’t like to walk in the garden and compact the soil.

  4. I’m so sorry to see all that water damage. It reminds me though of Sydney where we have had constant rain for nearly two years. For the last three days week we’ve had constant downpours and our street is like a river with water knee deep swiftly flowing. Because we had the wettest summer on record we’ve got a mould problem in our house (just like everyone else) and like you say, all the plants are confused and don’t know what season they’re in so harvests have been very small. I hope the rain for you clears up and you get to enjoy so dry weather and plenty of sunshine. Although wet, the photos of your part of the world are stunning xx

    1. Hi Charlie, This has been a very wet spring for many areas of the world. It seems many of the bloggers are talking about it. Australia has certainly had more than its share of rain. The lakes region of Maine really is pretty. Lakes, rolling hills and mountains nearby create a beautiful landscape.

  5. That is a shame that your tomatoes are being inundated with too much water! I hope the weather clears up soon and the water will recede! One year in NY when we had too much rain (it rained every single day for over three weeks straight) my grandfather and I dug a trench around our garden for drainage with shovels in the pouring rain! What we won’t do for the health of our tomato plants! Cute tree face btw, I love it!

    1. Hi Laura, What you described is exactly what has been happening here. Constant rain…in the last month we have only had a few dry days. All the rainwater from the surrounding hills and mountains eventually makes its way to the lake. The tree face puts a smile on my face everyday.

  6. We used to have a cabin on a Michigan lake …I remember the dock being under water because of rain and flooding. Weather is something we have to deal with all the time, good and bad. (We had so much rain once in Florida that it filled the pool and came in the family room) And now we’re beginning hurricane season.
    I’m hoping the water is down by this time and your tomatoes will survive to result in many delicious salads! 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara, The dock is still partially underwater but the lake is slowly going down. The good news is that the rising water has not pulled it off the pilings to float away as some docks have. I lived in Florida for many years and hated the start of hurricane season. The weather is something that we just have to live with. The tomato plants are stressed but should do OK…at least I hope so.

  7. Alas, the Chicago area is (almost) in a drought. We had nice rains earlier in the season but nothing in the past three weeks. The sun looks beautiful on the water and the land–hope that your garden isn’t too damaged.


    1. Thank you for your nice comment, Bonnie. It seems we either have too much or too little where the weather is concerned. I may be doing some replanting but overall the gardens look pretty good. We just need some weeks of sunshine.

  8. Sorry to see that you tomatoes are suffering .. but they will okay – I’m sure, not a gardener. You must have got seriously amount of rain … looking at your dock. Hopefully the sun will stay for a while now – so no tour on the lake .. but plenty photos of water.

    1. Hi Viveka, I think the tomatoes will be OK. I will trim off the yellow leaves as the plants grow. The tops look just fine. No boat tour yet…we can’t put the boat in the water until the lake goes down and the dock is checked.

  9. Amazing how so much of what we do really depends on things being pretty much as they’ve been – the gas pump picture sort of demonstrates it. Hope the weather cooperates so everyone can dry out a bit – and thanks for solving one of my tomato mysteries. I suspected too much water, now I am more certain. Hope the sun dries you out!!

    1. Hi Little Sis, Weather really does impact our lives and there is nothing we can do about it. Too much water does effect our plants. I think we will both be OK with a stretch of dry days. I’ll be on the lookout for any signs of leaf disease.

    1. Hi Tin Man, Texas has been parched for so long…I wish I could send some of this rain your way. Thank you for your compliment on the photos.

  10. Wow, that is incredible! It’s hard to believe we were worried about drought in March with all the rain we’ve had in the Northeast in the past month. Sorry to see your garden under water. It poured all night here, but the sun is supposed to come out this afternoon and we should have some nice sunny days ahead. I hope the forecast for Maine is the same!

    1. Hi Kate, This is the strangest spring…from drought to flooding. It started raining last night again and is supposed to last all of today. But then we get a nice stretch of sunny days. I hope the forecast is right.

  11. It’s either drought or flood here in Australia (we’re never satisfied) but Maine? I spent 20 years growing up there and the Kennebec would flood the lower part of town but never had problems at the Belgrade Lakes. What you’re experiencing is awful. Sorry!

    1. Hi Maureen, This really is unusual for our area…especially since the lake was so low because of the mild winter. The constant rains are feeding the streams coming off the hills that eventually make their way to our lake. I know that Australia has been having weather problems as well.

  12. So sorry to see things going so badly up at your lake, Karen. It looks like the gardens and businesses are all suffering but it is good to know your home isn’t flooded, too. Let’s hope for more blues skies with plenty of sun to speed along the drying out process. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks John, Keep your fingers crossed for a sunny stretch of weather for us. We are lucky that our cottage is set back from the lake. Many of the old homes are right at the waters edge…a few built right over the lake.

  13. It’s so hard to get the weather “right” anymore. Here in Central Mexico we are just waiting for the rains to break. The countryside is positively crunchy it is so dry, and large areas burn regularly. We need a happy median!

    1. Hi Victoria, It seems it is either feast of famine where the weather is concerned. This has been a strange year weather wise for much of the world. Drought, floods, wildfires…I’m sure some places are having picture perfect weather. I hope you get the rain that you so badly need.

    1. Thanks Carol, We definitely need some sunny days to dry things out. We have rain today but then it is supposed to turn nice for a few days.

  14. The weather around the world is changing…summer (winter for us) everywhere seems to be getting later and later and wetter and wetter! I hope your tomatoes will be ok after all the love and nurturing you have given them

    1. Thank you Jenny, for your nice comment. I hope the tomatoes will overcome their too wet condition. They were so healthy and big when I put them in the ground that I think they will be OK. I agree you about the weather changing…we just have to learn to live with it.

  15. It never ceases to amaze me – the “feast or famine” bit in life Karen. I absolutely love the last shot with the face on your tree with my favourite view in the background.
    🙂 Mandy

    1. Thank you Mandy, for your nice compliment. I put in the last photo to end my post on a happy note. That little face on the tree always makes me smile just as a sunny day adds a smile to my face. Even with too much water…we do have a lovely view.

    1. Hi Tanya, You are right about mother nature. We are having rain again today but tomorrow the sun is supposed to return. They are forecasting nice weather for at least four days. Yea!

  16. I hope you have a healthy dose of sunshine and your garden is back to a healthy state soon. You are right though, farmers and gardeners alike have to deal with uncontrollable weather. We have had quite a bit of rain,too. It is the first time in a few years that North Carolina has been completely out of a drought.

    1. Hi Becki, I did notice that North Carolina has been getting a lot of rain. It is good that your area is out of drought as ours is. Just wish the rain could have been a little more scattered instead of a daily rainstorm. Farmers and gardeners just have to cope as best we can.

  17. Raining again today here. While Rockport Harbor doesn’t show signs of raised water levels, Lake Megunticook sure does. The water is almost to the highway. I haven’t seen evidence though of quite as much water as you have. Sure hope your tomatoes survive the wetness after all your work.

    1. Hi Lulu, Not a good way to start of your Maine summer. A good book by the fire is about all we can do…but we are in for a nice stretch of weather through Father’s Day weekend. They have an annual blue’s festival in our town this weekend so I hope the weather is nice as it draws a lot of visitors.

  18. Yes, here we are mid-June and I think we can all agree it’s going to be “one of those summers”. What did we have in May? Maybe 6 really good sunshine days? After today, it looks like we’ve got a nice break but geez, this is getting old don’t you think?

    1. Hi Diane, I have to agree that all this rain is getting very old indeed. Let’s hope this isn’t “one of those summers” although it is starting to look that way.

    1. Hi Ducky, We certainly can’t control Mother Nature. The good thing is that our house sits back a hundred feet from the water. The bad thing is that it will really put a damper on Father’s Day weekend. It is the first big weekend on our lake but a lot of people won’t be using their boats or beaches.

  19. Thank goodness the water isn’t up in your house, but that is some flooding you have there! The contrast from last year is stunning. Love your smiling tree and I guess we have to take the rain when we can get it. We just had our first good rain in a month.

    1. Hi Betsy, We have gone from four feet below normal at the end of this April to being four feet above normal the middle of June. That is a lot of water. We are lucky that our property is a little higher than on either side of us and our house does sit back from the water. It seems we are all wishing we had different weather. I hope you get a little more rain to make up for what your area has been missing.

    1. Hi Donna, As I said when it started my tomatoes…”and now the battle begins”. Gardeners are always given challenges by nature, we just have to do the best we can and hope our plants can adapt. Let’s hope we don’t get too many challenges for the rest of the year.

    1. Thank you Nia, for your sweet wish. We should be having sun for a few days starting tomorrow. Our lake does offer lots of outdoor fun during the summer.

  20. Unbelievable! When I first saw the title of this post my mind screamed, “NO! Not the tomato plants!!”. What a crying shame–on so many levels. I hate it when weather misbehaves. We haven’t had rain here in a couple of weeks so we obviously are having different issues. Weather just seems so extreme any more. Wishing you a week of dry days ahead!

    1. Hi Bliss, I babied those tomatoes but had to let them face the real world of living in Maine. If they could talk, I think they would be saying… Ewww, we don’t like Maine and we want to go back home to our potting shed in New Hampshire. Hopefully, the weather will get better and they can get over the wet conditions they have had to deal with. Thank you for your nice wishes.

      1. Of course they would be saying that. I would be saying that. No one wants to live in a bog. A fabulous, beautiful, five star potting shed, yes…bog, no.

  21. Oh Karen, hopefully things will began to dry out. We too have had some extreme swings in weather. Dry to wet, hot to cold! Garden stress.
    It still looks beautiful around you, and those antique boats—love them. My 16yr old has a thing for those old wood boats. 🙂

    1. Hi Stacey, The weather is supposed to be nice starting tomorrow. I think that a lot of gardeners all over the world are having to deal with extreme weather conditions lately. Gardens and those that care for them are all stressed. Even on a gray and rainy day, it is lovely on the lake. The antique boat show is a fun event that we like to attend every year in August. The old wood boats are real works of art.

  22. Oh, yikes! I’m so sorry to hear about this. Northern Alaska has been flooding this summer as well, and parts of it are in danger of being cut off from the road system. I hope things get back to normal there soon.

    1. Thank you Cucina, for your nice comment. The lake is slowly receding and has already gone down about a foot, thank goodness. It will take about a week or so to reach normal conditions. Sorry to hear about the conditions in Northern Alaska. Being cut off from the road system is definitely a problem.

    1. Thank you, Fringe Girl for your nice comment. Thank goodness we are only dealing with water on the property and not in our home.

  23. I’m I so sorry about your plants! It is true — gardening is a gamble sometimes. You do what you can, but Mother Nature can take it all away! I wish we could have some of the rain for the fires here in Colorado!

    1. Thank you Jane, for your nice comment. I do wish that I could make the winds blow the rain clouds over to Colorado. It is terrible that you are having such horrible wildfires in your beautiful state. If gardening was without challenges, I think there would be a garden on every plot. It is like life, you just have to deal with what comes your way. The rain stopped about an hour ago and blue sky can be seen. Hooray!

  24. Hi Karen,

    So sorry to hear about your water woes. I think this year I’m just going to be grateful for what produce I do get from the garden…all the best with your vegetables-especially those wonderful tomato plants!

    1. Thank you Dragonette, for your nice comment. I’m hoping that the tomato plants are strong enough of overcome their stressed condition. I still have high hopes for a crop of tomatoes.

  25. Oh Karen, So sorry about the rain. We are in another drought out West. If only Mother Nature would be judicious and fair!!!!! Good luck with those tomatoes.

    1. Hi Bonnie, I’m all for Mother Nature being fair…she should divvy up the rain equally. I hope you get some needed rain soon. I’m hoping that the tomatoes will recover from all the rain…they were very healthy when they went into the ground and should recover.

    1. The rain finally stopped this afternoon and we are supposed to have sunny days for awhile. The lake should start to slowly go down.

  26. So far this month we too are getting way more rain than we need but as much as you are, hope you get a lot more sunshiny days. You just planted your tomatoes recently, poor things, hope they do OK.

    1. Thank you Norma for your nice comment and concern. Yes, the tomatoes were just getting established in the garden when the constant rain started. They were very healthy when planted so I hope they can overcome the stress of too much water.

    1. Thank you Bam for your nice comment. The rain stopped this afternoon and we have several days of sunshine ahead of us. The lake has gone down about a foot so far. The lake should be back to a normal level in a week or so.

  27. Oh no! I hope you get some relief from the rain soon! I have never been to Naples, ME. I have only been to the Portland, Lewiston area and Bar Harbor for work. Absolutely love it there… Hope everything gets back to normal soon!! Sending you good sunny vibes!! 🙂

    1. Hi Danyandy, Thanks for the sunny vibes…they are working. The sun is shining this morning and we are supposed to have nice weather for the next few days. You weren’t too far away from Naples, we are 45 minutes north of Portland and less to Lewiston. The lakes region is a beautiful area of Maine.

  28. My good friend in Boston has been sharing about the non-stop rain, too! I hate seeing the docks under water and understanding that it probably really does impact business at your wonderful lake! Its hard to believe given you were in drought conditions! It’s just time for the rain to stop! Thank you for sharing the pictures, though, Karen. They really tell the story! Debra

    1. Hi Debra, The sun is out this morning and we have a good forecast for the next few days. We really do need it. Four feet below normal to four feet above normal…eight feet of water in less than two months…too much water.

    1. Hi Kristy, We have had a full day of sunshine and lots of wind. The forecast is for more of the same. Weather like this is really going to help.

  29. it’s really sad to read about the floods, hope that everything’s still okay 😦 this afternoon it rained so hard and all the streets in my place were covered by water, staying at home’s just boring.

    1. Hi Trang Quynh, Thank you for your nice comment and wishes. The rain has stopped and good weather is forecasted for the next few days. I hope you have sunny days soon as well.

  30. It’s much the same in Britain – the usual April showers didn’t amount to much, then we had hosepipe bans, which lead to a monsoon! It’s hardly stopped raining since.
    I hope your tomatoes are OK – they’ve had lots of TLC 😉

    1. Hi Mad Dog, Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. The water is slowly receding…we had a full day of sun and no rain is forecasted for the next few days. I see that the weather has been the same in Britain. I hoping the weather will turn around there as well. The tomato plants are holding their own…I think they are going to be OK.

  31. Karen sooo sorry to hear about your floods! we certainly know about too much water in this part of the country but our rain can’t hold a candle to the sort of rain you’ve had recently! Just incredible, isn’t it?! I’m a little late in replying to this post so I hope by now the sun has dried things from the top and the earth has soaked things in through the bottom, and you’re once again enjoying the blue skies of sunny Naples!

    1. Hi Spree, Thank you for your lovely comment. I love when you stop by no matter whenever it is. Everyones good wishes for nice weather has lifted the rain clouds away. Just as you have hoped, the sun and wind are drying and the earth is soaking up the water. The lake has gone down a foot…things are getting better.

  32. Amazing story with pictures. Sounds like you are weathering this trial so very well, as you seem to do with all things. My thoughts are with you and all those affected by the flooding.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Prairie Wisdom…the blogging community is always so kind. The rain stopped yesterday afternoon and we have a good forecast for the upcoming week. The water is slowly receding. Thank you again for your wishes.

    1. Hi Barb, You know you have a true friend when they do a sunshine dance for you. I think it is working…the sun was out all day today and the forecast is for sun for the next few days. Once our dock is repaired and the boat goes in the water, I’ll take everyone on a tour of our Maine getaway as a thank you for all the kind wishes for good weather.

    1. Thank you Marina, for your concern. We are fine and the water is starting to slowly recede. The sun is out for a second day and the forecast is for more sunshine through the weekend. I have my fingers crossed for the tomatoes as well.

  33. I shall keep your poor tomatoes and property in my thoughts – the first photos were incredible with all that water. lets hope summer arrives and that water recedes.

    1. Hi Pru, Thank you for your nice thoughts. It is a treat to see the sun this morning for the second day with more to come. I hoping the upcoming warm days of summer will keep the rain clouds away for awhile.

  34. What is going on with the weather? This time last year we were in drought conditions and it was very hot. This year we have had more than enough rain, it has not caused problems other than the vegetable garden needs some sun. Yesterday we had a nice day, but today we are back to clouds and jerseys. We are halfway through the year and it is still chilly!! Take care with all that water around you Diane

    1. Hi Diane, This certainly has been a very strange year weather wise. It is still chilly here as well…in the 40’s F. at night. Let’s hope that as summer starts on Wednesday that we have nice warm sunny days. Our gardens will thrive with some nice sunshine.

  35. This is so sad. I hope your water levels are back to normal before long. It must be a shock for you to see all the flooding.

    1. Hi Beth, It was such a surprise to see the water rise eight feet. We have a forecast for a week of sunshine and that will certainly be appreciated by everyone.

  36. Oh Karen it sounds like you have had very similar weather to us – days, and days or rain, so much that our drought orders have been lifted, which is a relief for many farmers and businesses and of course us gardeners. A great informative post – and I loved the smiling tree 🙂

    1. Hi Claire, It seems like you and I have definitely been sharing lots of comments about all the days of rain we are both having. It is great that your drought orders have been lifted. Now we all need days of sunshine to get our gardens nice and green. When we bought our lakeside property that smiling face was there…I love it.

    1. Hi Mary, The rainy weather was terrible. Thank goodness the sun has come out and the forecast is for lots of sunny days. Enjoy your weekend as well.

  37. WOW… those pictures are amazing. It’s hard to believe Mother Nature can do that. When hurricane Floyd hit my home town it was devastating with the amount of flooding. I hope we never see that again in our lifetime. Here’s to hoping for a fast recovery. Bring on the boating and jet skiing.

    1. Hi Ashley, Thank you for stopping by and your nice comment. I lived in Florida during hurricane Andrew and don’t want to experience another hurricane. I agree…boating and jet skiing in the near future will be nice.

  38. Oh, wow! That’s a crazy amount of rain in such a short time. What a disappointment when you are planning on a nice sunny, time and how unfortunate for all the plants and damaged structures. Hope the sun stays out and dries it all up soon.

    1. Thank you Geni, for you nice comment and thoughts. The sun is out, the wind is blowing and the water is slowly receding. The dock should be repaired tomorrow and I’ve added some fertilizer to the water logged plants. Hopefully we will be getting back to normal soon.

    1. Thank you Eva, for your nice comment. Nature really is unpredictable and can wreak havoc. I don’t think we will have to worry about drought for the near future…our ground is very saturated.

  39. Sorry to hear about too much water – our lake does that occasionally. As an aside, we stayed a week in Bartlett, NH in May, 2010 and went thru Naples at least 4 times to and from the coast.

    1. Hi Larry, Way to much water. After two days of sun and no rail, the water have started to recede. The pressure lessened on the lock and it was able to be opened. The lake is finally starting to lower. It’s nice to know that you have been through Naples. The old bridge has been changed to a fixed bridge so the causeway has a different look now. Perhaps you will get up our way again.

  40. We’ve had a huge amount of rain here recently too – it seems like every day the heavens are opening and never just a bit of spotting either but full on torrential downpours! It’s good your house has had no water damage – I hope the sun continues shining as it is now and your plants have a chance to recover!

    1. Hi Charles, I have been hearing that France has had a spring like ours. The weather is really crazy lately. The water went down enough that they were able to open the lock and the water is receding much faster. Our dock is out of the water and has been repaired. The rising water had pulled a lot of it loose. I think we may be back to normal in another week or so. I think the plants will recover…they are definitely looking better. Thank you for your comment and concern.

  41. Karen, I saw the images of the Naples dock under water on the local news, but I didn’t think about how it might be affecting you. I am lucky to be up at the top of a hill with sandy soil, so although the Little Androscoggin River flooded half a mile away, it didn’t affect me. I hope your plants are recovering. My local CSA farmers still had standing water in their fields a week and a half after the 8″ rainfall, and they are worrying about blight.

    1. Hi Jean, Thank you for stopping by. Good to hear that you are on high ground and were not affected by the flooding. Thank goodness the water went down enough so that the Songo Lock could be opened. The water level has gone down enough that my lakeside garden is no longer underwater. Way too much spring rain for the vegetables and herbs in the garden. I’m watching everything carefully for any signs of leaf disease.

  42. I am catching up reading my favorite blogs…..I am hoping that all is drying out well and the loving efforts you put into sprouting, coddling, transporting and transplanting will bear some fruit. Keep us posted. I am overwhelmed with tomatoes….they don’t ship well otherwise I would send some your direction. Our friends and neighbors are enjoying the bounty.

    1. H Bishop, I know you have been very busy and appreciate that you took the time to stop by and comment. Thank you for your wishes…things are drying out and the water level has gone down considerably. I do hope we will get a nice crop of tomatoes. The plants seem to be recovering. I know your friends and neighbors must be enjoying your bounty.

  43. I visited Freeport years ago and remember the shopping but the weather was too cold to take in much sightseeing. We have had so much rain here this Spring in the Pacific NW – March, April and May were the wettest months on record. Don’t know what’s going on with this crazy weather around the country!

    1. This has been a very crazy spring all over our country and the rest of the world. Let’s hope summer treats us better. I always tell anyone who is going to visit Maine to pack something warm…even if they visit in August. When the wind is blowing off the water it can get quite cold.

    1. Hi Jodi, We are finally getting the much needed sunshine and the water has gone down considerably. We do love our little cottage on the lake in Naples, it is a beautiful spot.

    1. Hi Sarah, Thank you for stopping by to visit and your nice comment. I’m glad to hear that you finally got rain… we finally got sunshine. I look forward to your return.

    1. Thank you Helen. The water has indeed returned to normal. Hopefully the boat can be put in the water next week. Then I’ll be able to give everyone a tour of the lake.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Carolyn. Yes…we are back to normal but it took three weeks for the water to go down. The only thing that died plant wise was our ground cover by the lake so all in all not bad.

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