Scenic Coastal New Hampshire

A beautiful day spent discovering scenic coastal New Hampshire offers tourists as well as locals like myself a wonderful outing. New Hampshire has an eighteen mile coastline that is a mixture of rocky shores, white sand beaches, numerous waterfront parks, and exclusive neighborhoods with large homes overlooking the Atlantic ocean with its crashing waves. There are tidal waterways and harbors surrounded by 18th and 19th century buildings along little lanes that exist from the mid 1600’s.

New Hampshire Seacoast

One of my husband’s and my favorite rides is driving from our New Hampshire home down to the coast and then meandering from Rye to New Castle and then on to Portsmouth. We call this our “A” Tour and do this drive whenever anyone comes to visit us in New England. Along this scenic route, you will pass walkers, joggers, and cyclists all out to enjoy the beautiful scenery and refreshing breezes coming off the ocean.

View From Picturesque New Castle, New Hampshire

Our route is not just about the views of the ocean but passes though the quaint town of New Castle with its historic homes from the 1600’s that are literally at the edge of the road in this tiny village. New Castle is also home to the small and picturesque Portsmouth Yacht Club first founded on the Piscataqua River in Portsmouth Harbor in 1898.

Portsmouth Yacht Club

Drive just a little further down the road and you are in the historic South End district of Portsmouth. There are a few stores and shops that lie right at the water’s edge.

Small Shops Can Be Found At The Water’s Edge

If you would like to plan a picnic, you might want to stop at South Street and Vine. The store has a wonderful choice of wine and cheese. The owner is both knowledgeable and helpful.

Sanders’ Antique Truck

If you are in the mood for a lobster roll, a great place to stop is next door at Sanders Fish Market. The Sander’s family has sold lobsters and clambake supplies for three generations. They will steam your lobsters for you or you can take them live to cook yourself.  Two streets away is their lobster pound where you can buy fresh lobsters straight out of their tanks.

From here, it is just a short walk to Prescott Park that has wonderful flower gardens and free concerts in the summer. Across the street is historic Strawberry Banke which is a living museum. It is a collection of homes from different periods since Portsmouth was first settled.  Continue a little further on and you will arrive at Market Square in the heart of downtown Portsmouth.

Before leaving the Portsmouth area, a nice casual place for lunch is BG’s Boat House which is located on Sagamore Creek. This is a typical seafood shack that is not much to look at from the front of the building but when you see all the local’s cars in the parking lot you know that you can get a simple but good seafood meal.

Outside Deck At BG’s Boat House

The prime spot where everyone wants to sit is on one of the two outside decks. One is in the shade, the other hangs out over the water in the sunshine. One word of warning…you might want to bring a light jacket or sweater. Even in August, the area can be very cool if winds are blowing off the ocean.

Have a cold beer, a glass of wine or a cocktail while you look at the menu and watch diners arriving by boat. While having lunch, you may see one of the fishing boats delivering fresh lobsters or fish.

Boats Docked At BG’s Boat House

There is even a landing spot for the many kayakers who stop here for lunch.

BG’s If Popular With Kayakers

You will find that most seafood shacks in New England serve chowders, lobsters and lobster rolls, fried clams and fried fish. Of course, there will be several items for those that don’t care for seafood but seafood and lobsters is what everyone wants.

For starters, good choices would be steamers (clams) and hand cut zucchini dipped in a light batter flavored with Italian seasoning.

Steamers (Clams)
Steamers, Broth And Drawn Butter Appetizer
Hand Cut Fried Zucchini With Italian Seasonings

Portions are a nice size so at lunch you have the option of ordering a smaller portion called mini but I don’t think there is anything mini about two large pieces of fresh fried  sole, fries and slaw.  Another favorite are fried saltwater smelts. Your simple meals will be served on paper plates and you beer and soda served in plastic cups although wine is served in a wineglass.

Mini Portion Of Fried Sole
Mini Portion Of Fried Saltwater Smelts

I’ve given you a few ideas of places to go, where you can have a lunch, or pack for a picnic when you are visiting the scenic coastal area of New Hampshire. I hope you get a chance to enjoy this wonderful state’s seacoast.

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    1. Hi Kay, London has had such awful weather. Everyone keeps saying how cool and wet it has been. Glad that I could share some sunshine with you.

      1. I wish I could send some sunshine your way, Mad Dog. You have definitely missed out on summer so far this year.

    1. Hi Helen, Portsmouth and the small towns in the area are a lot of fun for visitors. It makes a good base for a couple of days of exploring the seacoast.

  1. Wonderful!! As I can’t do the trip for myself (not going to the States any time soon :() I’m very happy that you took me on this trip via your blog!! Those fish dishes look very yummy, even though I just had my lunch! 😀 Nice post!!

    1. Hi Letizia, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. New England has so much to offer visitors. Even though New Hampshire’s seacoast is only 18 miles…it is a great place to visit.

    1. Thank you Uru, for your nice compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed this short visit to a lovely and quaint part of New Hampshire.

  2. New Hampshire is beautiful. I love how everyone is outside and enjoying the summer. Amazing how you say it can still be cool if the wind is blowing. It looks so warm. And I’m glad they serve wine in the glass – it’s just not the same in plastic! xx

    1. Hi Charlie, New Hampshire is a beautiful state. It was just voted the best state to live in our country. We have learned to keep a jacket in the car because when the winds are blowing off the cold ocean water it can be very cool even in the middle of summer. I agree about drinking wine…it isn’t the same served in plastic.

  3. Stunning – I sooo need to have a holiday there! And those portions are mini?! Love the English place names. I used to live and work near the English Portsmouth and our house remonvation project is about half an hour from English Rye (which is a very lovely vilage) 🙂

    1. Thank you Tanya, for your lovely compliment. The English that originally settled New Hampshire gave many of the new towns the same name as where they were from. Can you believe the size of the “mini” portion. We have also learned to order a “kiddie cup” of ice cream which is two scoops instead of three in a small cup.

      1. So true…we live in NEW Hampshire. I’m sure it was so hard for people to leave their home and country. Starting a new life and facing the unknown in a strange country must have been a daunting experience.

  4. Aaah, lovely fresh seafood by the water… what a nice trip. What were they selling in the small shop? The building looks so cute 😀

    1. Hi Charles, Seafood is so fresh in New England and is always featured on restaurant menus. It is especially nice to enjoy it while dining outside by the water in the summer.

  5. Hello fellow NH resident! Love your capture of state as well. I was nice to run across you on my list of BLOGS to read!
    Enjoy the cooler weather they promise is headed our way!

  6. We went yrs and yrs and yrs ago..sure wish I had read this first:)
    Nantucket has stores thst you see the water right through also:)

    I love Beach visiting..that’s such a nice holiday feeling:)

    1. Hi Monique, A beach holiday is always so much fun. Nantucket is a wonderful island to visit. We have friends that have a lovely home there and always enjoy a visit there.

    1. Thank you Claire, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. I was amazed when I first moved to New Hampshire about how blue the sky can be on some days. When we lived in Florida, the skies had a much whiter look to them. I hope your wet, gray and cool weather changes to sun and warmth soon.

  7. Every time I come visit your blog, I get the urge to visit your area. Are there a few bed and breakfasts you would recommend? Or hotels? I think it’s time for me to stop looking and start planning. I would love a holiday there!

    1. Hi Barbara, I’m glad that you enjoy my posts about New England. I will try to do a post about places to stay that I think you and others might enjoy.

  8. Oh how I miss New England! Before coming to Germany my husband and I lived in Rhode Island, first as students where we met at grad school and then when we were married to live and work. I miss the coast and the sea food! I love steamers!!! Your food looks awesome. Next time I visit my best friend who lives in Exeter I am definitely making a stop to Portsmouth for some seafood!

    1. Hi Laura, I know what you mean. New England can really tug at your heart. It is a wonderful area to live…there is a wonderful quality of life to be enjoyed here. When you visit your friend in Exeter, you are only 30 minutes away for Portsmouth.

    1. Thank you Marie, I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. Refreshing breezes and lower temps should be heading your way soon from what I’ve seen from the weather forecast.

  9. What a beautiful corner of New Hampshire Portsmouth is. A little bit of everything- stunning views cute houses, shops and great restaurants! I haven’t heard clams called steamers before but they look great!

    1. Hi Jenny, The area around Portsmouth does have a little of everything…a delightful town to visit. Steamers are a soft shelled, long neck clam that is very popular in New England.

    1. Thank you Carol, for your nice compliment. It is a shame that you have a shellfish allergy…thank goodness you can eat fish. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour.

    1. Hi Mary, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. It really is a beautiful ride that our friends have enjoyed when they come for a visit.

    1. Hi Polkadot, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and photos. BG’s serves simple food that is very fresh and good…you can’t bet the view.

  10. I’ll take a frist class ticket for the “A” tour, thank you. What a great ride that was, Karen! I must say, though, the photo of the steamers really caught my eye. I just love ’em! I’ve said it before: it’s a good thing I don’t live near the coast or the endangered species list would include a number of clams, mussels, lobsters, and crab. 🙂

    1. Hi John, I’ll be happy to give you a “A” tour anytime. With your love of shellfish, you would really enjoy eating in New Hampshire or Maine where all the seafood is so fresh. I’m glad that you enjoyed the tour…thank you.

  11. What gorgeous scenery Karen, you are so fortunate to have such a lovely drive to your lake house. The patios look so inviting and the food looks delicious. Fish and chips is truly one of the splurges I adore from time to time and I will only ever have it in a place I can count on that it will be outstanding!

    1. Hi Eva, I think we are very spoiled living in New England. There are such beautiful rides with varied scenery no matter what direction you choose. Fresh fish is so good when it is lightly battered and fried. It seems to seal in the moistness. Having fish and chips when there is a water view just makes it all the nicer.

    1. Hi Victoria, I’m glad you like going along on our trips. This one was certainly close to home. A simple little seafood shack on the water with fresh food is one of our favorites.

  12. I bet sight seeing and all that fresh air would really work up an appetite. A perfect reason to visit one of those fish shacks for some great seafood. 🙂

    1. Hi Rosemary, Smelts are one of my husband’s favorite items to order at a seafood restaurant. I’ve seen him eat way more than the order he had at BG’s. If you join us, we will order a large platter.

  13. Out of all that wonderful food I want the fried zucchini! Looks so good to me this morning! Your beautiful coastal drive would be the perfect antidote to any stress…you and I do share a love of the water and coastlines…we’re just separated by a very large stretch of land! 🙂 I’ve never been as far north as New Hampshire, Karen, but you sure are tempting me! Debra

    1. Hi Debra, I love the fried zucchini at BG’s. The coating is a very light mix of crumbs and Italian spices that let the flavor of the zucchini still shine. The east coast of New England i very beautiful and so different from the west coast. You should definitely make a trip to New England someday…I think you would love it.

      1. Hi Marina, It is nice to know that you took inspiration from this post and made the fried zucchinis…I’m sure they were delicious.

    1. Hi Mad Dog, New Hampshire is beautiful. From its coast up to the lakes and north to the mountains, the scenery is just beautiful.

  14. What a beautiful drive-I can see why you would take guests on that. Fried zucchini -oh, that looks fantastic. Hope your summer is going well. It’s been so hot and humid here the past week. Good for the garden, not so good for me!

    1. Hi Sue, It is a beautiful drive that I never tire of doing. The fried zucchini at BG’s is so good with its light breading and Italian seasonings. Summer has been lovely. We are back in New Hampshire for a few days and it has been hot and humid here as well. Heading back to Maine on Friday where it will be in the 80’s. Hope you weather improves…too much heat can wilt the gardener.

  15. As soon as Bev gets home,we’ll start packing – the food and the scenery both look very good. Thanks for the little tour and I can see why you take your visitors for that drive.

    1. Hi Larry, I’m glad you enjoyed the little tour of the seacoast. Everyone really enjoys the area…ocean views, quaint towns and good food.

  16. I am always in the mood for a lobster roll, but those steamers…I haven’t had steamers in ages but I love them! Fried zucchini, the sole… I’m craving all of it. The fried smelts did catch my eye though – something my father used to make when we would go fishing. He’d always bring an old beat up pan and we’d cook them over a fire beside the lake.

    1. Hi Diane, I agree with you…a lobster roll is great but fresh seafood perfectly cooked calls my name a lot. Sounds like your fishing trips with your father were very special. The fresh caught smelts fried over a fire must have been delicious.

    1. Thank you Reem, for your lovely compliment. I’m glad that you enjoy the trips that I like to share. The New Hampshire seacoast has beauty, interesting history to be discovered and certainly delicious fresh seafood.

    1. Hi Katrina, Thank you for your compliment. Portsmouth is a lovely town that we enjoy visiting as it is only 30 minutes away from our home. Nice to know that you have visited the area and enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Jed, Thank you for your nice comment. There are so many beautiful rides that we can take near our home but this is one of our favorites…as you say a perfect outing.

  17. So pretty the pictures Karen…my eyes just went to a virtual vacation…and I love the mini portions hehehe!
    Thanks for this wonderful post and hope you are having a enjoyable week 🙂

    1. Thank you Juliana, for your lovely compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and felt that you were on a virtual vacation. Can you believe the size of the mini portions…not so mini as far as I am concerned.

  18. I’m just starving looking at the delicious fried seafood. This post has made me excited to travel to the New England coast this weekend (Newport) for a wedding – can’t wait to eat tons chowder, steamers and lobster rolls! 🙂

    1. Hi Pumpkin, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Chowder, steamers and lobster rolls…great eating. I know you will have a wonderful time in Newport. The weather should be nice…have fun.

    1. Hi Angie, BG’s Boat House is a great place to take the whole family. It is very casual, lots of food choices, wonderful views and children are often seen playing at the edge of the shallow water where the kayaks come in.

    1. Hi Helen, You would really love this area. Some of the roads in New Castle aren’t wide enough for two cars and the homes from the 1600’s sit 6 inches off the road. In South Portsmouth, there are very small lanes to walk down. You could spend weeks visiting historic sites. My husband and I find this area so interesting since our home was built in 1730.

      1. If you go back to my Nov. post “Would you join me for a cup of tea” and Dec. post “Our Christmas kitchen” you can see a little of our home. I do hope you get to visit New England someday…it’s really beautiful.

    1. Hi GGG, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it brought back good memories. My husband is crazy about steamers and usually has them to start a meal when we are eating at a seafood shack.

  19. Seeing these beautiful pictures of not only the area but the food makes me depressed to live in Texas! There is nothing pretty to look at like that here and it’s hotter than hell. It’s like living in the Sahara LOL. I’ve GOT to get up there for a vacation.

    1. Hi Jennifer, You had me laughing when I read your comment. I grew up in Texas and my family still lives there. Every time my husband goes for a visit with me to Texas, he complains about the heat, the massive amounts of traffic, etc. I do think you would enjoy a vacation in New England, especially in the fall. Beautiful scenery, colorful foliage and cool weather.

    1. Hi Celia, The coastline is beautiful. I’m always on the lookout for seals when we drive along that section but haven’t seen any. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

      1. I have driven that drive hundreds if not thousands of times and not seen a seal – I have only seen a seal once up in Maine – very lucky. But here in MA they are much more plentiful ( i.e cape cod) I am not sure why this is. Something to do with the habitat perhaps?

      2. Hi Carol, Each and every time we drive along the coast, I’m on the lookout for seals. If you haven’t seen them either, they may be boycotting the area. Just fine with me since I keep hearing that sharks are going after seals.

  20. When I was growing up in Massachusetts, my family would often go to the beach in New Hampshire. I have great memories of that very area. Your pictures are just beautiful!

    1. Hi Meg, I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos and that the post brought back memories of spending time at the beaches in New Hampshire with your family. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  21. Absolutely gorgeous! LOVE New England. Thank you for sharing this…great photos too.

    1. Hi Bliss, Glad you enjoyed the post about the seacoast of New Hampshire. New England really is a beautiful part of our country. Thank you for your compliment.

  22. Your post makes me want to head on down to New Hampshire right away Karen. I just love the beautiful and historic looking homes in New Castle. I’ve been wanting to make a shrimp boil for a while now, and you’ve got me thinking that you must have a good recipe???

    1. Hi Barb, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. New Hampshire is a small state that has so much to offer anyone that visits. This historic homes in New Castle are wonderful and many have beautiful views of the water. Wish I could help with the shrimp boil.

  23. Was right along with you on the tour. Gorgeous photos. If those are mini portions, the regular portions must be huge. It is late at night but after reading your post I could go for a bowl of chowder and a lobster roll now.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed following along on the tour Norma. With the price of lobster so low, I think everyone will be enjoying lobster rolls. The regular portions are huge…I’ll keep ordering the mini portion.

  24. Wow! the mini postions are really big!
    Thank you for taking us along this beautiful coast line Karen..I love coastlines with trees right next to the water. There is something very soothing about the green and blue mix

    1. Hi Sawsan, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and photos of the coast of New Hampshire. You are right…the trees at the water’s edge is very soothing.

  25. This is the New England I’d hoped to see when we went. It just shows you really need to know where you’re going. It looks wonderful. GG

    1. Hi GG, There are so many wonderful spots to discover in New England. My husband and I always try to explore the little roads that lead off in interesting directions.

  26. I am positively salivating over the food! I would love to taste a smelt 🙂 Lobster rolls are on my to do list for sure. Oh, and I love that all the names are from England – someone could get confused you know *wink wink*

    1. Hi Tandy, I’m happy that you enjoyed seeing the food a typical seafood shack serves in New Hampshire. It really can get confusing with the town names being the same as in England. Exeter, Dover and Manchester are a few other towns in our area that are named for the towns in England when people first settled New Hampshire.

  27. I’ve never been to New Hampshire nor many places in the northeast. I’ve always heard about the beautiful coastlines and of course the delicious seafood. This post just shows that both are true! Enjoyed this visit to NH!

    1. Hi MJ, I do hope that one day you get a chance to visit New Hampshire. It is lovely, especially in the fall with all the beautiful foliage. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. You are right, Ducky. The drive along the seacoast is one of my favorite rides close to home. I get the fried zucchini every time we go to BG’s. It is so lightly breaded with crumbs and herbs…it is delicious.

    1. Thank you Sissi, for your lovely compliment. I had to laugh that a few reviews of BG’s talk about the small size of the regular portions, when we are totally satisfied with the mini portions. I think the mini portion of two pieces of sole really is a large serving…how much more do you need.

  28. Wow, Karen, I didn’t realize NH had 18 miles of seacoast…and how really beautiful that area is! Picturesque is exactly the right word and it looks like you had a beautiful blue sky day, too! I have to say, though, if I’m anywhere remotely near a lobster or lobster roll, that is what would be on my plate. But the clams and fish do look good, too!

    1. Hi Betsy, The seacoast area of New Hampshire is awe inspiring. There is the natural beauty, the antique homes, and picture perfect small towns. Then you add the great fresh seafood that is available and you have a perfect day. I guess we are jaded with having lobster so readily available. I know that visitors to New England can’t get enough lobster and lobster rolls. I really don’t blame anyone for wanting as much as they can get when visiting…especially when fresh lobster is selling for under $4.00 a pound.

  29. That was one of the first drives we took on our way to Maine the first time. It is just gorgeous and was so quintessentially New England in my mind. 🙂

    1. Hi Donna, I’m glad you enjoyed following along on the trip…thank you for your compliment. I was over on your photo blog earlier this morning and enjoyed the photos of the coast.

  30. This post made my heart sing!! As a native “New Hamspshir-ian” I have driven this drive hundreds of times (perhaps thousands as we are a family of take-a-drive-for-cheap-entertainment) and still do. I have enjoyed all of those views and places my whole life and still do.

    Perhaps you have been to these places along that route but just in case…
    New Castle Common – a family friendly park on the water off route 1-B – picnic areas, grass for games and family reunions, a beach, playground and facilities. A wonderful place to spend a day or just a few hours break from the car to picnic or stretch legs.
    Wentworth-by-the-sea: Marriott bought and renovated this HUGE hotel some years back. Also off 1-B. Before the renovation it had sat empty and spooky as one of the former “great hotels.” A Must to even just stop and walk thru the lobby and property. Fantastic for weddings and corporate events!!
    and of course I am sure you have visited Odione point….

    PS visit McKinnon’s butcher shop and grocery on rt 1 in portsmouth next time you are in the area.

    I will stop here and get my head out my trip down memory lane! LOL!

    1. Thank you Carol, for adding to the list of things to see along the route. Anyone planning a trip to the area will be very happy with the additional information. I’m so happy that Wentworth by the sea was restored. They did a wonderful job and it is lovely now. I just wish the food was better. I have been to McKinnon’s in the Salem, N.H. area…huge selection.

      1. I think Went worth suffers from “big catering food” rather than “small local craft” As for Mckinnons – be sure to stop in Portsmouth – it is even bigger and nicer!

  31. I’ve certainly heard about the abundance of beautiful lobsters in the states, but I never figured they’d be trucks that steam and cook to order on the street.

    They start around $35-40(aud) here so not an all time treat. I love how gigantic those clams are too, steamed with lemon is perfect. I also love fried zuchini so pretty much everything you ate, lol 😉

    1. Hi Allie, In Maine and New Hampshire you can buy lobster for $3.99 a pound as of today when I was in the market. You can buy it raw or they will steam them for you for no extra charge. Usually the lobster would be $5.99 a pound in the summer and $7.95 a pound in the winter. I can see that it is a true luxury where you live. if you were visiting New Hampshire, you would really enjoy the food.

  32. On the way back from the Manchester airport, we stopped in Portsmouth for a bite to eat. ( I always look for an excuse to stop there.) the mussels and frites at the Gas Light Grill were terrific!

    1. Hi Lulu, Downtown Portsmouth has so much to offer, historic buildings, boutique shops, and lots of nice restaurants. Mussels and frites sound good.

  33. My cousin always talked about how beautiful New Hampshire was, but I never thought it was this beautiful!!! I love places by the sea since they are fascinating. America never ceases to amaze me. By the way, the picture of the small shop with the American flag is iconic!!!

    1. Hi Ambrosiana, New Hampshire really is lovely. We have traveled a lot and I think we live in a beautiful area of our country. I thought the little shop was cute and so typical of New England. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. Hi T.W., The mountains of New Hampshire are quite beautiful but I think you would enjoy the seacoast as well. I’m glad that you enjoyed the visit.

    1. Hi Marietta Momma, I’m glad you enjoyed following along on the trip. Not a third wheel at all. LOL. Thank you for your nice comment.

  34. What a wonderful post, Karen! You have highlighted what quickly became my favorite part of New Hampshire after moving up here. In fact, my husband and I were there again this week on one of our vacation days. The sea coast is just beautiful and we love Portsmouth. We went to Sanders Fish Market this week and brought home a selection of seafood for dinner. What a great place! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos and wonderful post! I’ve added BG’s to my bookmarks for Portsmouth on Yelp. We will have to try that next time.

    1. Thank you Candace, for your nice compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think you will enjoy going to BG’s waterside restaurant on a lovely day. Our paths may have crossed in Portsmouth at sometime.

  35. Karen, thanks for bringing me along – loved it. Have been close to water along my whole journey and I still can’t get enough of it. Food look great and tasty – maybe a bit too much fried for me … feel a bit sorry about the fried sole *smile …

      1. *smile … yes, it was a wonderful post. Looking at you I don’t think you eat fried food everyday and sometime we have to be naught. Tonight I will eat burger on some trendy place with the girls. Have eaten 5 burgers in one months during this journey and normally I eat that in a year. Love to be naughty.

      2. You are right…I don’t eat fried food very often but I do like it. As you say, we have to be naughty sometimes to really enjoy life. It is what makes life interesting.

  36. The water is so blue and gorgeous! I do hope to get out east sometime in my life! I think the furthest east I have been is Ohio 🙂

    1. Hi Jane, I do hope that you get further east than Ohio. New England is beautiful…you should try to make a trip sometime in the fall if you get a chance. That is when its beauty really shines.

  37. This post makes me want to hit the road now! Sounds like an amazing day trip. Who wouldn’t want to spend a summer day on the water, right? ~Ruth

  38. I have never been to New Hampshire and now want to go. Truly can almost smell the food through the computer. Just to pause beside the ocean and soak up the sounds and sites sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Kathy, I do hope you will have the opportunity to visit New England. I love living here…there are so many wonderful places to visit. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post.

  39. My husband used to have a business trip to NH when headquarter moved there. I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to visit, but I heard autumn is so beautiful. Living in California, we don’t really have beautiful fall, you know. Thanks for sharing some pictures – I truly enjoyed!

    1. Hi Nami, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I do hope that you get a chance to visit New Hampshire in the future. The state is especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves change colors.

    1. Hi Raymund, Wish you could be here in New England right now…it is lovely. The seasons pass by so quickly though…before long I will be wishing I was in beautiful New Zealand.

  40. I so enjoyed this post! Loved seeing the beautiful seaside of New Hamshire once again. And what I wouldn’t give for a lobster roll! Haha!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Karista. Nice when I can bring back memories of good times. Every one is eating lobster rolls this summer as lobster is really cheap now.

    1. Thank you Jerry, for your nice compliment. BG’s is a nice restaurant in a lovely location. Glad to hear that you have been there.

    1. Hi B, I hope you get a chance to visit sometime. It really is beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves are so lovely.

  41. Hi Karen, was so excited to see your blog (for the first time) and to relive the Portsmouth area. I grew up there and moved to MD, but go home to visit my folks and relatives frequently. Since I’m also a photographer, I find Portsmouth the greatest place for taking photos. We make it a tradition to have lobster (in any form) every day while on vacation.
    I find that going home in December (while cold) is a great time to take photos on the beaches…no one there but the seagulls. Now you’ve got me craving lobster… Can’t wait to see more. Sheryl

    1. Hi Sheryl, Thank you for stopping by to visit. I’m glad you enjoy my blog. Portsmouth is a lovely town to visit. Having the beach all to yourself in December is great for photos. I look forward to your visits.

    1. Thank you Dahlia, for stopping by to visit and your nice compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures…New Hampshire is a beautiful state.

  42. Hello Karen,
    Very good posting, I am new to NH and i wouldn’t have known this place if i hadn’t looked at your posting.. Thank you!! I am thinking of going biking here this weekend and i want to know whether this is a hilly place to bike (i am a little nervous about hilly biking) or flat?

    1. Hi Naga, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice comment. Depending on where you start and stop your route, I would say that the ride would be relatively flat, especially when you are riding along the ocean. I hope you have a nice bike ride and if you have a chance let me know how it was.

      1. Hi Karen, Do you mind giving me a starting point & Ending point address for my Gps?

      2. Hi Naga, I would suggest that you start at the intersection of Rt. 111 which is Atlantic Ave and Rt. 1A which is Ocean Blvd., turn left and ride north. If you want to go to BG’s it is on Rt. 1B which will be a right off 1A which is also known as Wentworth Road. I suggest you go to Google maps, check for possible distances that you want to ride as I have no idea of how long you want to ride or your capabilities. You could ride the route all the way to Portsmouth. I know that whatever distance you cover…you have to make the return ride.

  43. How beautiful! I enjoyed your little tour of NH. I hope to visit there again sometime soon as I’ve only been to Nashua and that was just passing through. Thanks for the little tour!

    1. Hi Traci, Thank you for your nice compliment. I do hope you get a chance to visit New Hampshire again. It is such a lovely state especially in the fall when the leaves are changing.

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