Overcoming Jet Lag

I have crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Germany. Guten Tag (or if you are like me and don’t speak German) Good Day. I usually find that adjusting to a six hour time difference with just a few hours sleep to be a problem for several days but not this time. I want to give you my totally unscientific method of how I think I have overcome jet lag on my latest adventure to Europe.

After a 10:30 P.M. overnight flight from Boston, my husband and I landed at London Heathrow. We had a three hour layover before continuing on to the Munich, Germany airport, arriving in the late afternoon. Usually we pick up our car and continue to our first destination. This time we didn’t leave the airport. We picked up our car from the parking garage connected to the airport terminal and drove across the street to the Kempinski Munich Airport hotel located between the two airport terminals. This is the second time that we have stayed at the Kempinski…the last time was when we had a very early morning flight back to Boston.

Kempinski Munich Airport Hotel

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am a believer in joining hotel  frequent stay programs for the many benefits that come your way. We were lucky enough to be upgraded to a lovely suite with free internet service and a newspaper delivered to our door. The small sitting room and bedroom was done in a modern Biedermeier style. The bathroom had both a tub and a separate rain shower. Perfect after nearly 24 hours of traveling.  You would never know that the runway was just outside the window as the room was ultra quiet. After checking in, we went downstairs to the lobby bar for a glass of wine and a beer brewed just a few miles away in the town of Erding. A girl definitely needs a glass of wine after traveling so many hours. I log on to the internet and was so happy to see that so many of you will be following along on my new adventure. We will be heading out tomorrow after a meal and a good night’s sleep.

Checking In With My Readers After 24 Hours Of Traveling

Dinner was at the Charles Lindberg Restaurant in the hotel which is nicely decorated in warm earth tones and beautiful orchids on every table.

The Charles Lindberg Restaurant Is Decorated With Warm Earth Tones And Beautiful Orchids At Every Table

They have a very nice menu to choose from that includes regional favorites, dishes from around the world as well as a healthy menu.  We chose items from their regional menu and we delighted with the meals.

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup With Apple and Baked Sweetbreads
35 Hour Sous Vide Pork Belly With Preserved Pear And Mustard Cream
Liver With Balsamic Jus, Onion And Apple On Mashed Potatoes
Wiener Schnitzel, Roasted Potatoes With Bacon And Cucumber Salad

After an early dinner, we were in bed at 8:00 P.M. Munich time and sleep until 7:00 A.M. the next morning. We had a wonderful breakfast from their buffet that included everything you could possibly want.  We were refreshed and ready to start the day.

I think that not traveling on the first day of arrival, having a good meal and getting almost twelve hours of sleep have us ready to start our adventure without any effect of jet lag what so ever. Now this was a very unscientific experiment but it seems to have worked well. We are now off to the Black Forest of Germany.

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I travel the back roads of the world, sharing great food and interesting places and enjoyable pastimes.

134 thoughts on “Overcoming Jet Lag

    1. Hi Rosemary, The liver was so good with the apples, onions and the balsamic sauce. You would think that a girl with three hundred apple trees in her backyard would have made this before. I know I will be when I get back home.

    1. Thank you Mandy, for your lovely compliment. I think I have conquered the jet lag…yea! Getting the posts written is one thing but I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep up the everyone else when they post. I’ll just try and catch up when I get home.

  1. I am so excited to follow your adventures! I know you always choose the most beautiful and efficient hotels and of course the most luscious and interesting food! I also appreciate that you taste so much local food, just like me. Most of all, unlike me, you take frequent and fabulous photos. The hotel (isn’t is Kempinski with “i”? We have one in my city too) sounds like the place I would love to stay in and the dinner is certainly the one I would choose too. Wiener schnitzel and pork belly look fabulous. Last but not least, how do YOU manage to look so gorgeous and fresh after such a long flight??? If you saw me after the last flight…

    1. Hi Sissi, I appreciate your kind words. This trip will be special as we are going back to some of our very favorite spots. Thank you for mentioning the spelling…WP spellcheck thought it was helping I guess. I’m really going to have to watch…I had to go back three times to get Guten Tag to stay spelled the German way. We will be staying in the Kempinski in Munich as well. They try so hard to make sure that you enjoy your stay with them. As far as how I looked just coming off the plane…looks can be deceiving because I definitely needed my beauty sleep. LOL.

  2. Well Guten Tag to you too – how can anyone possibly look so glamorous and fresh after such a long journey (even after the rest)! The food looks stunning, I know we´re going to put on a few pounds on this holiday…but what the heck, it´s getting cooler, I can wear baggy sweaters 😉

    1. Hi Tanya, You are so nice…I appreciate your compliment. That photo was taken right after we checked in at the hotel. I think having a lovely glass of weiss wine trocken (see I’m an expert at ordering dry white wine) in front of me might have helped. I’m smiling even though I was ready to climb in bed for a good night’s sleep. I will definitely be needing a baggy sweater at the end of this trip. LOL.

    1. Hi Roger, We are off to a good start I must say. The flight went smoothly, the hotel upgraded us to a suite, and the food was delicious…you can’t ask for better.

    1. Thank you Letizia, for your nice comment. I’m glad to know that you will be following our journey. It is definitely better to just relax the first day…it takes too long to get over the time difference if you don’t.

  3. Thanks for the jet lag tips, my husband and I are off from Singapore to London this week and I’m going to try to follow your tips so I can maximise my time there without feeling horrid from the flight and the time difference. And that meal looks AMAZING !

    1. Hi Carolyn, I’m glad you liked the tip. I find when you are traveling west and the time is getting earlier that it is more important to rest no matter what time the clock says it is. The meal really was very good. Have a great time in London.

    1. Hi John, If the “getting there” was easy then we would all be there instead of where we are. LOL. No, I am not going to Vienna on this trip. The furthest east in Austria will be Fuschl am See in the lakes region outside of Salzburg.

  4. What? You’re in Germany already? I thought in your last post you hadn’t yet packed your bags. You do move quickly, Karen. I love the look of the schnitzel. How German is that! And that is so golden and crunchy looking. Looking forward to traveling with you on your journey xx

    1. Hi Charlie, I do move quickly. As for the bags, I pack them a week in advance except for last minute items. That way I usually don’t forget anything. The wiener schnitzel was crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Very appropriate for the first night in Germany. I’m looking forward to you following along.

  5. I hope you enjoy your time in Germany! What a lovely picture of you Karen and you don’t look jet lagged at all! I try to follow these rules too but now with a 3 year old it makes travel a bit more of a challenge no matter what we do! I hope you have fun in the Black Forest region and I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures of your trip!!

    1. Hi Laura, I know that we will enjoy our time in Germany. It is one of our favorite European countries to visit. Yes, I know that your traveling will have its challenges for the next few years.

  6. Looks like you got your visit off to a great start food-wise. Since I cannot sleep on the plane, I hate overnight west to east trips and on a trip several years ago, shortly after arriving I fell asleep on a bench in a Dutch tulip garden . I look forward to the rest of your trip.

    1. Hi Larry, I had to chuckle at your comment of falling asleep on a bench in a Dutch tulip garden. If my husband had of been with you, he would have been doing the same thing. Our first meal was delicious…the hotel’s restaurant has a nice reputation for good food.

    1. Hi Mary, We have avoided the dreaded jet lag on this trip which I’m very happy about. Germany is beautiful…I hope I will have some good photos for everyone.

  7. Hello Karen, I completely agree with you! I follow your blog and I am a very frequent traveler, French.Italian married to a Swedish fellow…so it tells you all.. I appreciate your post as jet lag is an issue for me all the time, more and more getting older.. it works for me too and my husband who travels more than myself when we have a rest the first day and adapt to the new time zone.. it gets better.. Thank you for your post!!

    1. Hi Delizie Delizie, I am so happy that you left a comment. Do you remember that two years ago, we meet in the American Admirals Club. We were both waiting for the same flight to Europe. I’m glad that you agree with me…resting the first day definitely makes traveling easier for the rest of the trip. So nice to hear from you!

  8. You may think your experiment was very unscientific, but common sense tells us that this is the practical thing to do. Glad your trip is off to a great start.
    Did you order all those dishes? I am drooling looking at them.

    1. Hi Norma, I’m glad you agree with my thinking. It is hard to give up some time getting out and seeing the sights but at least you feel great when you start the next day. We did order those dishes, an appetizer and main course for each of us and they were delicious.

  9. Guten Morgen! That’s what 4 years of High school German (30 years ago) will get you! 🙂 That liver dish, one of my favorites, looked so wonderful!! I want to make it – you’ll have to recreate it after you get home so I can at least try! It’s so hard to find a good liver dish, isn’t it?!?!

    1. Guten Morgen to you Kelli…yes it is still morning there. I say “Morgen” to everyone I see…it is one of the few German words that I can pronoun correctly. LOL. The liver was cooked perfectly…I’ll try to recreate it for you when we get back home.

    1. Teaching on Columbus Day…I can’t believe it. You should be at home in your pajamas on a holiday. Thank you for your nice compliment by the way.

  10. I always suffer from jet lag too. Great idea to just check into a hotel on arrival and hang out – I’ll have to give that a try. It’s definitely worth losing one day of sight seeing if you’re alert and rested for all the other days. I’m excited to hear all about your adventures! Thanks for taking us all along.

    1. Hi John, I agree that it is hard to give up a day of sightseeing but I think it is totally worth it. Once you are rested and alert you can see and do so much and really appreciate it.

  11. A friend of mine visited the Black Forest region once and told me about the one and only genuine cuckoo clock maker high up on a mountaintop! He was closed the day she passed through but put it on her to-do list if she ever returned. Have a blast!

    1. Hi Dena, The Black Forest is famous for cuckoo clocks but if you go into the tourists shops almost everything is not being made in Germany. You definitely have to find a reliable shop and ask lots of questions about the case and mechanisms to see where they are made. Thank you for your nice wish…we will have a blast I’m sure.

    1. Hi Judy, Aren’t the orchids beautiful…every table had a beautiful pot of them. We had white ones in our room. If this meal looks good, wait till you see the great breakfasts that we will be having. The Germans and Austrians definitely know how you should start the day.

    1. Hi Diane, Looks can be deceiving but a nice glass of wine really does help improve the situation. The liver dish was wonderful…I’ll be making that at home with apples from our orchard.

    1. Hi Mad Dog, I have to say that everyone is being very kind about my looks after the long flight. If something were to change…it would be so nice to meet you. I wish we were staying over in London so that I could get a chance to meet all my lovely readers who are so close by.

    1. Hi Mary, Thank you for your nice compliment. You can’t keep me away from my computer too long when I know that the WiFi is working and I have comments to answer. I’m glad that you are looking forward to our escapades…it should be a lot of fun.

  12. Well, your tip about jet lag is surely working…what a lovely picture of you and you look fresh as a daisy! Not at all like someone who has just traveled so many miles. If the food you had in the first 12 hours of your stay is any indication, this will be a grand trip. Have fun!

    1. Hi Betsy, I so appreciate everyone being so kind about how I looked coming off our long flight. I think that my strategy for overcoming jet lag worked but I don’t think I would say I felt was fresh as a daisy. Now after the dinner and eleven hours sleep…I did feel fresh as a daisy. Thank you for your nice comment.

  13. I never get jet lag. I think the secret is to hit the ground running at whatever time it is where you arrive, don’t think about what time it is at home and go to bed at your regular time.
    That food looks great!

    1. Hi Debra, I have done exactly that in years past…but sometimes you just can’t escape jet lag. This year, after an early dinner and being in bed and getting eleven hours sleep, I woke feeling wonderful. The meal really was delicious.

  14. We used to do the 14 hour drive to our first destination too, and now we’ve smartened up with the same MO you have. That first restful night makes an enormous difference. The only difference is that we’ll head into the major centre and make a day of it.
    I always find the food through Europe is generally significantly better than North America. The road side stops offer healthy, fresh options although I’m sure you will find the dreaded M word from time to time.
    Have a safe a lovely holiday, I’m looking forward to sharing your adventures.

    1. Hi Eva, Since Octoberfest was going on, we didn’t want to fight the crowds for one night. We decided to stay at the airport and head to the Black Forest next. We will be staying in the center of Munich before we head home as it is one of my favorite cities. You are right about the food in Europe being so good. The only time I have ever gone into a McDonalds was once in Paris for their restroom. LOL. I’m glad you will be following along.

  15. Karen, herzlichen willkommen in Deutschland (of course, I had to say that)!!! I will be closlely following your adventures and smile all the time because I will get a totally new point of view on many aspects of Deutschland – I am very curious about all the things that you will be writing about! Hope you will have a terrific time here (you are only a few hundred kilometers away…)!

    1. Thank you Andrea, for your lovely welcome. I’m sorry that we are so close to you yet we are heading south and not north in your direction. Just another reason to return to Germany. I think you can be very proud of your lovely country . The people are always so warm and welcoming…it is the reason that we return year after year. Without speaking a word of German, we have never met a person that has not gone out of their way to help us any way they could.

  16. Great tips! I am getting ready to make my first overseas trip, so I will definetely take these into consideration! Hope you are having a great time!

    1. Hi Jane, I know you will have a wonderful trip. Another tip that might help and that I do for each trip overseas is to try to start going to sleep earlier than you normally do and getting up earlier. We are having a great time…thank you for following along.

    1. Thank you Jed for your Bavarian wish. We will be heading that way shortly…the Black Forest, Lake Constance (Bodensee), Austria and then Bavaria. It will definitely be a wonderful trip.

  17. We totally agree with you…our strategy is similar – get to your hotel, go to sleep, and set the alarm for 7 PM. Get up, shower, and off to dinner! The wine does indeed taste great after a “nap”! LOL! Hope you are having a terrific time, and look forward to “hearing” about your trip. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, It sounds like we would make good travel couples. A nap and a glass of wine improves my attitude every time. I’m glad you will be following our journey.

    1. Hi Chunklet, The trip has started off without a hitch. I hope it continues that way all the way through the end of our adventure.Thank you for your comment.

  18. Guten morgen, gnädige Frau: alles gute fur die erste paar Tage 🙂 ! Beautiful beginning with those orchids and that delicious-looking meal! I usually avoid hotel restaurants like the plague, but this looked delightful 🙂 ! And I DO get jet lag [especially with a 10-hour time differential Oz > Europe], and get over it in exactly the same way!!

    1. Thank you Eha, for your nice comment. This is the second time that we have eaten at the Charles Lindberg Restaurant in the Kempinski airport hotel and both meals have been excellent. Their breakfast buffet in the morning is delicious as well. Glad to hear that you agree with how to over come jet lag.

  19. Awww, that picture of you is so cute! You look very travel chic. Nicely done on the jet lag battle–I will remember this little tip.

    1. Thank you Heather, for your nice compliment. I believe in traveling comfortably but still looking good when I arrive at a hotel. If you are hoping for an upgrade, I think appearance means a lot.

    1. Hi Ashley, I think the the Kempinski chain of hotels does give good service. I have never been disappointed staying at one of their hotels. Thank you for your nice wish and comment.

  20. Guten Tag! Welcome to Germany, and Happy Travels! I LOVE seeing pictures with you in them!
    And the food, looks Wonderful! Thanks in advance for sharing your adventures with us!

    1. Thank you Trina, for your nice wish. I’m not in too many of the photos when we travel…I figure that people want to see the sights and not me. I hope we have as much fun on our trip as you did on your recent trip with your family.

  21. Sounds like a good start for what will be a most memorable trip, Karen. I hope you’re getting some rest. You’re not ging to want to miss a thing — and neither do we! 🙂

    1. Hi John, The trip has started off well…hope everything will continue to go smoothly. I’ll keep everyone up to date with our adventure. Thank you for your comment.

  22. I’m so excited to be traveling along with you on your adventure through Germany. I had never thought about sleeping overnight.. I would definitely do so if the hotels are all as lovely as this one. I can’t believe you blogged after 24 hours of travel, however, if you’re as addicted as I am.. it would be the first thing I did:D xx ps Love the photo of you!! It would be an awesome profile pic!!

    1. Thank you Barb, for your lovely compliment about my photo. Yes…I did have to open the computer first thing. I’m going to try and keep up with answering everyone’s comments. It is nice to know that you will be following along on the adventure through Germany and Austria.

  23. I’m all for resting… I will have crossed the Atlantic about 12 times by the end of the year. When I arrive in hamburg late morning, I even allow myself a 2-3 hour nap… Wake up and then go to bed by 9pm. I just think our bodies need sleep.
    I’m just a few days behind you. Ich fliege am Donnerstag:-)
    Let’s stay in touch.
    Tschüß x

    1. Now you are my idol, Wendy…crossing the Atlantic that many times in one year. You are the real pro when it comes to overcoming jet lag. It really is important to let your body get some sleep. We will definitely keep in touch. Thank you for your nice comment.

      1. This has been an exceptional year… I actually wouldn’t recommend it!
        Have a wonderful first travel day 🙂

  24. Continue to have just a marvelous time, Karen. You look relaxed and happy in your lovely photo and it certainly shares the impression that you have experience with travel and know just what to do to stay on track! What wonderful food styling, too. You have the best technique for sharing travel. Enjoy, enjoy! Then continue to share. 🙂 Debra

    1. Thank you Debra, for your kind words. It is nice to know that you enjoy the posts about my travels. I do try to make the posts interesting…especially if someone is thinking about traveling to somewhere I might have been.

    1. Hi Jessica, Our first meal in Germany was really terrific. Nice to know that you are enjoying the photos…there will be plenty more coming your way. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Hi GG, The easiest way to catch up with the sleep you have missed and the six hour time difference to just to rest the first day. Then you are good to go for the rest of the trip. I’m glad you are coming along on the trip.

    1. Hi Katerina, We love Germany and Austria…they are so beautiful. They are also known for having wonderful spas…we will indulge ourselves a little on this trip.

    1. Hi Rita, Yes, that is me after just arriving at our hotel at the airport. I was very happy to be in Germany. I thank you for your compliment…looks can be deceiving as I was working on very little sleep. I’m one of the people how have a hard time sleeping on a plane. The evening meal was very good, especially the liver.

    1. Thank you Marina, for your nice wish. I’m sure we will have a lovely time. It is nice to know that you enjoy the photos…I’m always worried I might bore my readers.

  25. Liver….one of those things most people don’t like! Me, I’m an exception and glad to see it as one of the things that appeals to you.

    1. Hi Lulu, You are right about a lot of people not liking liver. I think it is because they may have had it growing up and it was grossly overcooked. It has to be cooked just until it is pink inside so that it will be tender and moist. The combination of the apples, onions and balsamic glaze made the liver absolutely delicious.

    1. Thank you GG, for your very nice compliment. I was just so happy getting off two long flights. I’m glad that you are going to be following along.

  26. So glad you didn’t suffer from jet lag Karen! After many years of traveling to Ireland from the States, I have found that for me, not going for a “nap” upon arrival in Ireland was key to overcoming jet lag. Pushing through the day, and then going to bed early work best. What lovely food you are enjoying! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

    1. Thank you Dana, Getting to bed as early as you can and having a good night’s sleep is so important in overcoming jet lag. I hope you will enjoy the trip…it should be great fun.

    1. Hi Ducky, I think that not traveling beyond the airport and getting a good night’s rest was the trick to getting over the jet lag. The Wienerschnizel was as good as it looks in the photo. It had a wonderful crispy exterior but very juicy and tender on the inside. Thank you for your comment.

  27. It’s funny how we all have our ‘first day in a new destination’ routine!

    I am the opposite. I get settled in my hotel or apartment, shower, change . . . and then I am off! I force myself to try and stay awake until the normal bedtime where I am. Then I crash.

    It seems to work for me.

    1. Hi Jerry, My husband and I often do the same as you when we arrive early in Europe. This time our flight didn’t leave Boston until 10:30 PM and we didn’t arrive at the Munich airport from London until almost 5 P.M. Any early dinner and a good night’s sleep worked perfectly.

    1. Thank you Sam, for your nice compliment. On this trip, jet lag was no problem at all. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and found it useful.

  28. I am back and doing some catch up reading – starting with your travels! and yes I agree it is best to refresh in your new destination and start out fresh the next day! you already make me want to visit germany and we haven’t even left the airport!

    1. Hi Carol, I’m glad that you are going to catch up on our trip to Germany and Austria…it was a great trip. Resting upon arrival really helps you body overcome all the hours of travel across many time zones.

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