Chicken Piccata With Spaghetti

Go to any traditional Italian restaurant anywhere in the world and there is one item that can usually be found on the menu…piccata. It is traditionally made with a thin slice of veal that has a light coating of flour that is sautéed, then sauced with a light lemon and caper butter sauce. Over time this dish has evolved and now you will also see it prepared with chicken. Either way, it is a wonderful dish. If eating in Italy, you would order pasta as a first course followed by piccata as a second course. I enjoy preparing chicken piccata that is placed on top of spaghetti that has been tossed in some of the lemony sauce.

Chicken Piccata
Chicken Piccata

One of the ingredients that gives this dish its special taste is capers. Often thought of as a berry, the caper is actually an unopened green flower bud from a bush that grows in certain areas of the Mediterranean.  It is picked early in the morning before it has a chance to open. If not picked, the bud opens into a lovely flower.

Caper Berry Opened To Beautiful Flower
Caper Berry Opened To Beautiful Flower

Once the bud is picked, it is dried and then bottled with a briny vinegar. I like to use capers that are packed in white balsamic vinegar as I often use a little of the brine in certain recipes.

Chicken piccata is full of flavor but is also quick and easy to prepare. It is a perfect weeknight meal that can be on your table in about thirty minutes. If you feel like splurging for a special occasion, just substitute veal for the chicken breast in the recipe. This recipe serves two but is easily doubled or tripled.

Chicken Piccata With Spaghetti

  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 2 smaller portions, pounded to 1/2 inch
  • flour for dusting
  • salt and pepper to season the chicken
  • 2 Tbsp. butter plus 1 Tbsp. butter to finish sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, flattened
  • 1/2 c. white wine
  • 2 c. chicken broth, either homemade or 1 can low salt, no fat
  • 2 Tbsp. flour, I used Wondra* (an extra fine, quick dissolving flour for sauces)
  • 1 lemon, sliced for garnish
  • 1 lemon, zested and juiced (I used 2 Tbsp. of the lemon juice)
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil for the pasta
  • 1 Tbsp. chopped fresh parsley
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 oz. dry spaghetti, per person (depending on personal preference)

This recipe cooks so quickly that it is important to have all your ingredients prepped ahead of time and next to the stove.

Cook pasta in a large pot of salted water until just al dente. Drain and place in a large bowl and toss well with 2 Tbsp. of olive oil, the zest of the lemon, salt and pepper. (Keep warm if ready before dish is finished).

In the meantime, season the chicken well with salt and pepper (you could also season with a little garlic powder and onion powder for extra flavor). Dust with flour and shake off excess.

In a large sauté pan, heat 2 Tbsp. butter and 2 Tbsp. olive oil on medium high. Add the garlic and cook to flavor the oil until the garlic is soft then remove, chop and set aside. Add the chicken and cook quickly until golden brown and just cooked through, about 1 to 1 1/2 minutes each side. Remove to a plate and keep warm.

Deglaze the pan with the wine and reduce to about half. Mix the flour into the chicken broth and then add to pan. Stir until combined, then add the reserved chopped garlic, capers and lemon juice. When thickened to sauce consistency, add the chicken and cook an additional minute or until heated through. Remove the chicken and set aside. Swirl in the additional 1 Tbsp. of butter to the sauce. Remove about 1/2 cup of the sauce to top the chicken when plating. Add pasta to the remaining sauce and toss.

Divide pasta between two plates, top with chicken. Garnish with lemon slices and parsley. Add the reserved sauce and serve.


You might want to serve this dish with grated cheese for the pasta at the table. All that is needed to complete the meal would be a green salad and perhaps a chunk of crusty bread. A dry white wine such as a Pinot Grigio would go perfectly. Enjoy!


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172 thoughts on “Chicken Piccata With Spaghetti

  1. Wow that is a Caper Blossom lol I would sadly let them ALL BLOOM we would be in a Caperless world 🙂

    1. Hi Eunice, You had me laughing with your comment about letting all the buds bloom. Isn’t the caper blossom beautiful. I took the photo in a beautiful garden in the north of Italy.

  2. It is a delicious dish! In fact, I had veal piccata at a local Italian restaurant last evening. Oddly, it was paired with sweet potatoes, mashed and treated much like regular mashed potatoes. They were quite tasty, however. I had no idea that caper berries opened into such a lovely flower.


  3. The caper flower is just gorgeous. It is dreary out at the moment and your flower just brightened my morning, thanks. Love dishes with lemon and love capers too. Like your version of serving the piccata on top of the pasta.

    1. Hi Norma, I’m glad I could brighten your morning with the photo of the caper blossom. I do like serving the piccata with pasta tossed with some of the sauce. Extra goodness as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  4. Oh, I’m so ignorant—I seriously did not know what capers were…..I thought it was something sea-foodey brined.
    Looks like a wonderful recipe. Veal is a splurge nowadays, isn’t it? I was looking at a package at the store the other day–$13.99 a pound. It must have been relatively inexpensive many years ago, because it’s “featured” in many of my old time “budget” cookbooks. What a hoot!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Karen. It’s raining here (in December?????)—good baking weather.

    1. Hi Sue, I wouldn’t call you ignorant at all. I’m sure that a lot of people have no idea what capers are. Veal has gotten expensive over the years…I find I use pork or chicken in many of the dishes that I used to make with veal. We got a dusting of snow yesterday but it is going to be in the 50’s tomorrow. Enjoy your baking.

    1. Hi Emil, I totally agree with you about piccata…it is delicious. I’m glad you like the recipe as well as the photos. Thank you for your compliment.

  5. I never knew that about capers, thank you for enlightening us Karen. The caper flower is gorgeous. It reminds of a trillium. I love the flavours you’ve put together in this recipe, and I’m always looking for a quick weeknight meal.

  6. This is probably my most favorite meal, love CP! Thanks for posting it!
    Tonight in fact we plan to make a variation.
    Chicken with roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, and capers, sauteed in butter, lemon and white wine sauce served over angle hair pasta. Looking forward to tonight!

  7. I agree, Karen, chicken piccata is quick and oh so delicious! I haven’t seen capers in white balsamic before, I will have to look for that as the brine can be off-putting it is so strong. Your photo is perfect, I want to grab a fork and take a bite — that is what it is all about. 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy, for your nice compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo. I do like the capers that are bottled with the white balsamic…I hope you can find them.

  8. I imagine the lemon adds a nice bit of zing to this dish. Looks fabulous. And I had no idea that capers were a blooming plant or that the caper itself is a flower bud. Learned something new today. 🙂

    1. Hi Kristy, I love lemon inspired recipes…they seem to bring out the flavors of the other ingredients in a dish. I’m glad that I had the photo and explanation about capers in this post…it seems a lot of people didn’t know what they were.

  9. I adore this dish as I love those lemony/capery flavours! Did try to grow capers last year but with no luck. Now I know how beautiful they can be (I´d let a few have their own way and flower) I´ll persevere and try again 🙂

  10. Your Chicken Picatta with pasta looks divine, and the recipe sounds very easy and is one I will try. I had no idea what a caper blossom looked like, but it is perfectly named! So beautiful and light hearted looking!

    1. Hi Betsy, Thank you for your lovely compliment. I think you will find the recipe very easy and delicious. I hope you will enjoy the dish. Isn’t the caper blossom beautiful.

  11. I love anything prepared piccata style! I’ve had veal, chicken, pork, and turkey — they’re all good. Although I think I actually prefer chicken in this dish. I make mine in almost exactly the same way (and if I have it on hand, I use Wondra too!). And pasta goes so well with this dish that serving on top of the pasta is a super idea. And if you make a bit too much sauce (I often do), the pasta really soaks it up. Good stuff — thank you.

    1. Hi John, I agree with you…piccata can be made with thin slices of many different meats. I actually toss my pasta with the sauce before serving this dish.

  12. Lovely post, Karen. I adore capers and piccata. It’s one of Baby Lady’s and my favorites. I always knew the caper was the unopened flower bud but I had never seen the flower. It is stunningly beautiful. Things like this always makes me wonder what prompted the first person to pick the bud prior to blooming, dry it, brine it and then eat it.

    1. Thank you Richard, for your nice compliment. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. I think piccata is very popular with everyone. I agree with you…I’ve thought about the same thing with many ingredients that we eat.

  13. Both my husband and I love capers in sauces. They bring such a delightful tang to everything. So interesting about the picking and flowering of a caper. I could eat that plate of piccata any night!

    1. Hi Susan, I agree with you…I use capers in so many dishes that I prepare. They really do add to the flavor of piccata. I’m glad that you enjoyed the information I included about the capers. Thank you for your comment.

  14. Thank you so much for the lovely picture of the caper blossom. I finally bought and used capers for the first time just this year, in potato salad and in hollandaise sauce but of course this is a very classic use of this tasty pickled (or brined?) treat. It really does seem like it would come out of the ocean rather than from a flower bud. I think the glossy sauce on top of the veal is beautiful and with the pasta underneath to fill you up it’s a fast and budget conscious meal.

    1. Hi Boleyn, I’m glad to know that you enjoyed the photo of the caper blossom…it really is a beautiful flower. You are right, this is a very budget friendly recipe that is full of flavor and so easy to prepare. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  15. I’ve been to quite a few Italian restaurants but I’ve never heard of this dish. Maybe it just hasn’t reached our shores as yet! I know I would love this with the lemon and caper flavours. I didn’t know capers turned into such pretty flowers. Here it is more common for us to buy them packed in salt rather than brine. You just rinse them then throw them into your dish xx

    1. Hi Charlie, I find it so interesting that this very traditional Italian dish is not served in Australian restaurants. Well, at least you can now make it at home. We have the capers packed in salt here as well, but you have to go to a specialty store and they are expensive. I keep some in my freezer for certain dishes.

    1. Hi Monique, I think your description of the flower is perfect…”magnifique” it is. I’m glad you like the recipe…I think it is delicious with the briny capers in the lemon sauce.

    1. Hi Stacey, I’m glad you like chicken piccata as much as I do. I think you will enjoy the dish with a little pasta…tossed in some of the sauce before it is served. It really is a delicious meal. Thank you for your comment.

  16. I’d never thought a caper could have any flower, let alone a beautiful bloom like that. Great recipe. GG

    1. Hi GG, Thank you for your nice compliment. I’m glad that you like the recipe as well as my photo of the caper blossom. The caper bush really does have a beautiful flower if left to bloom.

    1. Hi Larry, I’m glad that my gardening as well as cooking friend enjoyed the photo of the caper flower…it really is beautiful. Piccata really is delicious served over pasta. I might have known that you agree.

  17. Oh yum, I just want to come to your house for dinner. Someone gave me some meyer lemons from her yard which would be great for the piccata. The lemony taste is what I so like about this dish.

    1. Hi Lulu, Lucky you…to have a friend that has a Meyer lemon tree in her backyard and shares them with you, that is great. They would be wonderful in this dish. If you came for dinner, it would be the longest a person had traveled for one of my meals…Texas is a quite a few miles away.

    1. Thank you Ksenia, for your nice compliment…it really was a delicious meal. I have to agree with you, I thought the caper blossom was beautiful. I’m glad I got a photo of it during my travels in Italy.

  18. A light, tasty and oh-so easy to make dish oft on my table . . . we all have differing restaurant experiences ’cause it IS available in most Italian and many mixed European restaurants here Down Under and has been since I began eating out very many moons ago 🙂 ! I too oft switch to chicken these days: not only is veal very expensive, but you really have to have a good specialist butcher to get the almost white ‘milk veal’ necessary – most of what is available in our supermarkets looks and tastes like yearling beef!!

    1. One of the many things I love about i’national food blogging is the learning experience: now I use capers very often, but had not heard of them in white balsamic, which hugely appealed! The four supermarkets I have within a 10 km radius are rather ‘ordinary’ Oz ones: well, phoned my favorite lady in one, who is going to make enquiries: meanwhile she laughingly went and counted no less than seven brands in brine they keep – if they have seven, the city ones would have a multitude more 🙂 !! [OK, hope a little brag is allowed!].

      1. Eha, I totally agree with you about blogging about food. So many ingredients that I think are easily available where I live are very hard to find in other areas of the world or are very expensive. Since I live in a rural area of New England, I find that I have little availability to so many ingredients that are easily accessible to many cooks in other areas of my country as well as in other parts of the world. Seven brands of capers…I have a choice of three. Yes, brag as much as you want to and I will envy all the ingredients that you have available to you. Besides that, my nearest supermarket is 20 minutes away by car.

    2. Thank you Eha, for your comment. I appreciate you letting me know that from your experience, piccata is in restaurants Down Under. It is such an old and traditional recipe that I thought that most Italian restaurants anywhere were serve it. I think that sometimes when we go to an Italian restaurant that we have our favorites and never really look at the entire menu. Since veal is expensive, I only use it occasionally in recipes…most times chicken or pork can easily be substituted for the veal as in this recipe.

    1. Thank you Judy, for your nice compliment…the meal really was delicious. I think that the caper blossom is really beautiful…I’m glad you like the photo. I’m lucky to have seen the bush in bloom.

  19. Succulent looking photo. I love this veal dish and had it often when I lived in Italy but had forgottena bout it. Time to make it againn and maybe with chicken. Not too sure about it with pasta though but that’s the purist Italian cooking bit that has remained in me.

    1. Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your nice compliment. I’m glad that you liked the photo. Of course you could always enjoy this meal the traditional Italian way and have pasta as a first course and the piccata as a second. This was a weekday meal for my husband and I so I wanted to make something simple yet delicious and I combined the two courses into one.

  20. I need this dish in my life, STAT! I’m so happy you shared this recipe, thank you. It is something both Hubby and I would love, I just know it.

    The caper blossom is so pretty, I had no idea they were so lovely!

    1. Hi Sarah, This is such an easy and delicious dish…you can definitely have it in your life soon. I hope you and your husband enjoy it as much as my husband and I do. Isn’t the caper blossom lovely. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Mad Dog. I thought that the caper blossom was so beautiful. I’m happy that I got to see the plant in bloom in the Italian garden I visited last year.

    1. Hi Trina, I’m glad that you like the recipe and will be making it during the week. It is so easy and tasty and I think it will definitely remind you of your travels to Italy, I’m sure. Thank you for your comment.

  21. I was about to ask if I had missed a post over the summer where you were growing capers. Apparently I missed the “grown in the Mediterranean” bit during my first read through. LOL! Oops! I just love, love, love capers! Especially the tiny ones. Just enough of that tangy saltiness in each bite. Mmm, mmm, mmmm!

    1. Hi Ruth, I only wish I could grow a caper bush in New England…actually I would have a hedge so that I could let a lot of the buds go to bloom. The photo I took was from our trip last year…in the northern part of Italy. I agree with you about the wonderful flavor that capers give to a dish. Thank you for your comment…I always appreciate your visits.

    1. Hi Marlene, I’m glad you like the recipe…and of course, it would still be good if you left out the capers. Thank you for your compliment.

  22. What a gorgeous piccata! I love the idea of serving it with pasta – something I’ve never done before and that makes perfect sense! It’s much better than soaking the sauce up with bread. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you MJ, for your nice compliment. I love the flavor of the piccata sauce and thought it would be great tossed with pasta. I made enough sauce to do just that and it was terrific.

  23. You’ve prepared another favorite, Karen. Maybe it’s the change of Seasons but I’ve made veal piccata a few times of late. As you mentioned, it is a quick meal to prepare and certainly delicious. For me, it’s the combo of lemon and capers that I so enjoy. Oh, yes … serving it atop pasta never hurts! 🙂
    And your photo of the caper blossom is really quite beautiful.

    1. Hi John, I think piccata is a favorite because it has such a lovely flavor with the lemon and capers. Tossing pasta in the sauce just makes the meal extra good. I thought everyone would enjoy seeing the photo of the caper blossom. I’m glad you liked it…thank you.

  24. This is a lovely dish, Karen! I can almost taste it! I didn’t know about the capers being a part of piccata. There is an Italian grocery store with a hot food bar that I enjoy. Once in awhile they have what sounds similar to this chicken and it’s delicious. I’m glad to have a recipe! 🙂

    1. Thank you Debra, for your nice compliment. I’m glad that I could give you a recipe that is similar to what you get at your Italian grocer. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Rita, The pasta tossed with the lemony sauce was delicious…it made a great combination with the chicken piccata. Thank you for your compliment.

    1. Hi Claire, Isn’t the caper flower lovely. My husband and I saw it in one of the Italian gardens we visited last year. It would be interesting to try making capers using nasturtium seeds…you will have to let me know how it turns out.

  25. Perfect looking chicken piccata & thanks for the information on capers. Funny my husband was just asking me the other day what they “are”. I meant to look it up & now I can sound so informed, thank you.

    1. Hi Diane, I’m happy that I could be of help with the timely information about capers. The piccata was delicious…thank you for your compliment.

    1. Thank you Anne, for your lovely compliment. I’m glad to know that you enjoyed the photo of the caper flower as well as the dish. I agree with you about lemons and capers adding so much flavor to food.

    1. You are very welcome, Amy. It appears that many people didn’t know that they were buds…I’m glad I added my photo and explanation. This is such an easy dish to prepare. I hope Nate and you will like the dish if you prepare it.

    1. Thank you Chris, for your nice comment. I think there is a reason that some dishes become classics…everyone loves their delicious flavor.

  26. Everything in your story is interesting and beautiful and delicious looking. I have a jar of “salted capers” in my pantry that I think I will pull out and sprinkle over whatever I am eating tonight in honor of this lovely post Karen.

    1. Thank you Teresa, for your kind words. I really appreciate your compliment…I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I have salted capers that I keep in my freezer for certain dishes. Just remember to wash them well before using.

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for your nice compliment. I’m glad that piccata is a favorite of yours as well…its flavors are wonderful. I hope you will enjoy my recipe. I agree with you about how lovely the caper flower is.

  27. I never knew these flowered! Learn something new every day! It’s such a beautiful flower. I love chicken piccata but never make it. I will have to give this a try!

    1. Hi Julie, The caper bush does have a beautiful blossom, doesn’t it. I’m happy to know that you will be trying my recipe…it is easy and good. Enjoy!

  28. Hi Karen, I just got an e-mail of your new post and you already have over one hundred comments. I guess e-mail is a bit late… I am still glad to be here, for a lovely piccata you’ve made. Savory dishes are not that common this days, mostly cookies… 🙂 Thanks for the photo of caper flower, it is beautiful indeed. Our nature never stops to amaze me…

    1. Hi Marina, It does sound like your email was a little late but I’m happy that you did stop by for the post and enjoyed it. We all may be doing holiday baking but we still need ideas for our weekday meals. I’m glad you liked the photo of the caper blossom…it really is pretty. Thank you for your compliment.

    1. Hi Laura, The piccata was as delicious as the photo suggests. I love all things lemony and this is a favorite dish. Thank you for your compliment.

    1. Thank you Katerina, for your lovely compliment. The piccata is a delicious dish that I enjoy. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photo of the caper blossom.

    1. Hi Adin, I’m happy that I could supply you with a recipe for a dish that you enjoy. I saw the caper bush in bloom on our trip to Italy last year…before that, I hadn’t seen one either. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo…thank you.

  29. Certainly one of my favorites! Like you when I make this at home I place it atop the pasta…I would enjoy a lovely al fresco Italian style dinner with the separate courses though! Beautiful Karen!

    1. Thank you Linda, for your nice compliment. I agree…when dining out, I often have a pasta course and then the main entree. This dish was nice because I tossed the pasta in the caper lemon sauce before plating…perfect for a weeknight meal.

    1. Hi France, I’m glad that you liked this recipe. Chicken piccata is such an easy dish to make and the flavor is delicious. Thank you for your nice comment.

    1. Hi Ashley, You definitely need to make chicken piccata at home. It is very easy and costs way less to make than what you would pay to eat it at your favorite restaurant. Enjoy!

  30. I love your version of it, Karen, having the pasta ready to catch some of that luscious sauce is a great idea. I love capers.. and now love them even more knowing they turn into such a pretty flower. I do wonder who first discovered you could eat the little buds? xx

    1. Thank you Smidge, for your nice compliment. I loved the pasta tossed with some of the sauce to have along with the piccata. I’ve thought the same thing about capers…especially since they turn into such a pretty flower.

  31. Oh Karen your chicken piccata looks perfect…beautiful pictures of the caper flower…first time seeing one…thanks!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week 🙂

    1. Thank you Juliana, for your nice compliment. I’m glad that you liked the recipe and the photo of the caper flower. The blossom is quite lovely, isn’t it. I hope you are having a nice week as well.

  32. Karen, your Chicken Piccata looks just perfect – you presented it in such a wonderful way! It is a delightful picture and a fabulous sounding recipe that my family would adore!
    P.S.:Would you mind mailing me your address, so I can mail your Christmas card to you, you can contact me at

    1. Thank you Andrea, for your lovely compliment. Serving the piccata with the pasta tossed with the sauce was delicious. I hope you will enjoy the recipe.

    1. Thank you Daisy, the meal was as delicious as it looks. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photo of the caper blossom…it really is pretty. I appreciate your nice compliment.

  33. I have some veal in the freezer, thanks for the great idea. I never knew that capers flowered, guess I never really though about it!! They are beautiful. keep well Diane

    1. Hi Diane, I’m glad I have given you an idea for the veal in your freezer. Isn’t the blossom of the caper bush beautiful. I hadn’t see one in bloom until we were in the garden in Italy where I took this photo.

    1. Thank you Alli, I’m glad you like the piccata dish. I know what you mean about the wonderful flavor of capers…I use them a lot. The buds really are beautiful when they are left to bloom.

    1. Hi Sophie, If you have never had chicken piccata, you are in for a real treat when you make this. I’m glad you like the recipe and I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for your nice compliment.

      1. Hi Sophie, I am so happy to hear that you have made this dish twice and enjoy it. I really appreciate you letting me know…that is kind of you.

  34. wow! that Chicken Piccata With Spaghetti looks out of this world! Can’t wait to make for my family… maybe some time over my holiday with my family! thanks for sharing the recipe!!!!

    1. Hi Cayla, I’m happy to hear that your are planning to prepare this dish for your family during the holidays. I hope everyone will enjoy it. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  35. I don’t know why I’ve never chosen this off a menu. It certainly looks a lot lighter and fresher than its big brother the schnitzel. Think i’ll give one a go this week

  36. We made this a few weeks ago. I love that it comes together so quickly. Thing are crazy right now and a quick, delicious dinner provides great satisfaction! Piccata fits the bill.

    1. Hi Trang, Thank you for your nice compliment. I know what you mean…every time I cook a nice Italian meal, I think about planning a trip to Italy.

  37. Wow, I had no idea that capers were actually green unopened flower buds. That’s amazing! They pack quite the salty, briny punch! Combining the chicken atop the spaghetti and pouring the sauce over the top is a great idea. This way, you don’t need a sauce for your pasta and the dish comes together cohesively. Looks delicious!

    1. Hi Ducky, It appears that most people aren’t aware that capers are unopened flower buds. I’m glad I had the photo from our trip to Italy to let everyone see what they look like if they bloom. I do think that this is a delicious meal with the pasta tossed with the sauce and the piccata served on top.

  38. I’ve always loved this dish. I’ve never seen the beautiful flower it turns into. I tried pickling nasturtiums and found I could not even call them “faux capers”. They were gross.
    Have you ever fried a caper in hot oil. They pop open and are salty, crunchy and GOOD.

    1. Hi Wendy, Chicken piccata is a delicious dish. I do like crunchy fried capers. Thanks for letting me know not to try nasturtiums “faux capers”.

  39. Wow – I LOVE capers and was one of those who did think it was a berry. What a beautiful bloom it makes. Chicken piccata is a favorite of mine but I never think to cook it at home – you have made this dish seem so approachable – thanks!

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