Apple Blossom Time In New England

Apple blossom time in New England is beautiful. I love looking out the windows at the  orchard that surrounds our home. Once outside, it is such a pleasure to view the apple and pear trees in all their glory. Walking under the canopy of blossoms, smelling the subtle fragrance of the flowers, hearing the buzz of the bees as they go from blossom to blossom gathering pollen for their hives while pollinating the flowers…it is enjoying nature at its best.

Apple Blossom Time In New England
Apple Blossom Time In New England

During a normal spring, the pear trees in our orchard are the first to bloom, usually a full week before the apples during the first week of May. By mid May, the orchard is in full bloom. Last year, spring was too warm and the trees bloomed in April which was too early for our area. We had a hard frost in early May which killed almost all the newly forming fruit.

Warm dry days have been perfect for the orchard this year. The flower buds on the pear trees opened right on time, with clusters of tiny white blossoms enveloping the whole tree.

Opening buds On A Pear Tree
Opening buds On A Pear Tree
Delicate Blossoms Of A Pear Tree
Delicate Blossoms Of A Pear Tree
Pear Tree In Full Bloom
Pear Tree In Full Bloom

The buds on the apple trees have gone from deep pink tight buds to pink tinged with white blossoms beginning to open then slowly fading to a creamy white.

Deep Pink Apple Buds
Deep Pink Apple Buds
Pink Apple Blossoms Tinged With White
Pink Apple Blossoms Tinged With White
Apple Orchard In Bloom
Apple Orchard In Bloom
Pink Blossoms Turn To A Creamy White
Pink Blossoms Turn To A Creamy White

The time from tight buds to petal fall is about ten to fourteen days. Three to four weeks after the blossoms have opened, small fruit will have formed. Thank goodness that not every blossom gets pollinated…as it is, there will be hundreds of apples on each tree.

With one hundred different varieties of apples in our orchard, they do not all bloom at one time. Normally I would have waited a few more days to take photos when almost all the trees would be in bloom. We are having much needed rain for the next several days and it will cause a lot of petals to fall. Since it is near peak, I thought I would share photos of what the orchard looks like now with most of the trees totally covered in sweet smelling flowers.

Over the next week or two, the orchard will look like it is snowing as petals begin fluttering down from the trees and carpeting the grass with white spent petals mingling with yellow dandelions.

Apple Trees Surrounded By A Carpet Of Grass And Dandelions
Apple Trees Surrounded By A Carpet Of Grass And Dandelions
Forsythia Adds Bright Color To The Orchard
Forsythia Adds Bright Color To The Orchard

I know that dandelions are an unwanted weed that seems to pop up in everyone’s yard and garden but I enjoy their bright yellow flowers and light as air puff balls that float in the gentle breeze. They grow among the apple trees…during spring, they are enjoyed as much as the green grass and bright yellow flowers of the forsythia.

Bright Yellow Dandelions
Bright Yellow Dandelions

Apple blossom time is lovely.  I hope that someday you get a chance experience the sights and fragrance of an orchard in bloom…if not in New England, then in one of the areas in the world where they grow.

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250 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Time In New England

  1. Lovely, just lovely! It seems so wonderful to me that you have an orchard of any kind. The scent of one tree is wonderful so an entire grove must be intoxicating!

    1. Hi Maureen, We actually have 300 trees which are made up of 100 different varieties…most being heirloom applied. I’m happy to know that you enjoy the posts about our New Hampshire home and property…we think it is special. We let our friends pick the apples and sometimes have a harvest weekend where we invite friends to stay with us and we press cider and make apple pies. 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy, I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. We don’t sell the apples anymore but let our friends come to pick. Unfortunately everyone expects blemish free apples and that doesn’t happen unless you use lots of chemicals. We decided to be spray free so the apples are not as pretty but still delicious. I have help from time to time but mostly take care of the orchard myself.

  2. So the spring has landed with you too – stunning …. gallery and so pretty. Spring is a far too short period of our year – our cherry trees are dropping their petals already, only been blooming for a week. It’s this longing for the prettiness in the nature that makes spring so delightful.
    I wish you a pleasant and warm weekend.

    1. Thank you Viveka, for your nice compliment and wish. Spring was a long time coming but it is here in all its beauty. I agree with you about spring…it is so beautiful.

  3. I thought of you yesterday..our buds are on:) 1 bloom:) our town is filled with them..and it makes it a wonderful time of year~
    Love your yellow flowers…I can report I have those too:)
    What a property you have:)

    A weed is but an unloved flower~

    1. Hi Monique, I’m happy to know that your town is in bloom…you had snow much later than we did. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. I love you thought about a weed being an unloved flower…it is so true!

    1. Hi Sissi, Spring is the loveliest time in the orchard. It is such a pleasure to look out the windows and see all the trees in bloom…even nicer to take a walk through the orchard so that you can smell their sweet fragrance.

  4. Karen you have a beautiful orchard and 100 varieties, how lucky! I too love the look of dandelions in a field of grass and since the leaves are edible when young and you can make wine with the blossoms, which my dad used to do every year when I was growing up, I see them as a wonderful food source too. Enjoy your spring “winter” when it comes.

    1. Hi Laura, I have to agree with you about the orchard being beautiful. When I get a chance to get out and mow, it will look like a park. I know that people make dandelion wine but I have never had the opportunity to try it. I do think I will have to pick some of the leaves to enjoy in something soon before they get too big.

  5. A lovely post! I too love the blossoming. My cherries are just blossoming here in Sun Valley, ID. The whole yard is steeped in a rich, sweet fragrance. I only have .21 acres w/ 5 apples, one pear, 2 cherries, 2 apricots, 1 plum — and it seems like a lot fo work pruning and caring for those. I can’t imagine what sort of efforts are needed in maintaining over a hundred apple trees! Though, I wish I was in a position to be in such prostration! Thanks for the wonderful Spring post.

    1. Hi Cory, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your lovely compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It sounds like you have a wonderful piece of property. We used to have peaches, plum and cherry trees as well but over the years we have lost them to ice storms, disease, and critters. Be careful what you wish for…we have 300 trees and they do require a lot of work if you want to have a productive orchard where you sell your fruit. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! Our ornamental crab apples are ready to pop. I look forward to it every year.
    I envy your beautiful orchard, it would be wonderful to have all that beauty, and fruit!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank you Kathleen, for your lovely compliment and wish. Ornamental crab apple trees are beautiful when they are in bloom. Our orchard is especially pretty this time of the year…I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

  7. Karen, growing up in Nova Scotia we went to the Apple Blossom Festivals in the Annapolis Valley every year. Apples beneath flaky crusts appeared everywhere. This makes me homesick. Guess I’ll always have the east coast sewn under my skin. Great pics!

    1. Hi Susan, I’m glad the post brought back fond memories of your time spent living on the east coast. I’m happy that you enjoyed the photos…thank you for your compliment.

  8. Thanks for sharing. The time of blossoming is just an incredible display of nature bursting forth with restless and abundant energy to ensure it’s survival. Your comment about not every blossom being pollinated – made me smile. I had similar thoughts with my lemon tree this year – probably a thousand blossoms yielding 30-40 lemons. I think it is in the grand design, an overwhelming show of blossoms to attract as many pollinators as possible. Beautiful photos!!!!

    1. Hi Bishop, It is my pleasure to share the photos of the orchard…thank you for your nice compliment. I wish everyone could experience it in person. I agree with you about nature being amazing. Even with a lot of blossoms not being pollinated, an average apple tree can have about 500 apples. Nature helps a tree from having too many apples in what is called June drop when a tree drops a lot of apples. Also hand thinning can be done to keep the apples from being too small.

  9. Thanks for giving us a trip through the orchard. The blossoms are just beautiful. I will look forward to seeing it again and with all its beautiful fruit later in the year.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the orchard, Karen. The trees have more blossoms this year than in a long time. A little later in the year, I should have lots of apple photos for you.

  10. What a beautiful orchard… and your photos are stunning! I LOVE dandelions! My youngest daughter Emma would always gather a bouquet of them for me and I would put them in a small glass of water… actually, she still does occasionally!!

    1. Thank you Lidia, for your lovely compliment…I’m happy that you enjoyed the photos. I’m glad to know that you love dandelions like I do. 🙂

  11. I had no idea there were 100 different varieties. That sounds like much more than the Stark’s Bros catalog. Just fantastic images. Must be one of the best posts of the year. Congratulations on that because I do read a lot of posts.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Patrick, I really appreciate your compliment. There are more than 7000 varieties of apples grown in the world. Most of the apples in our orchard are heritage varieties. They are old varieties that are not found very often but known for making excellent hard cider.

    1. Hi Kenley, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post. Yes, the orchard smells wonderful…it is a please to walk through the orchard.

  12. Absolutely STUNNING, Karen!
    And I know I’ve said it before, but your house is the most gorgeous shade of yellow……which happens to be my favorite color. The painter was appalled when I wanted every room in the house yellow—-but why not? It’s bright and cheerful and just makes me smile.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful life. What a bright sight on a dreary rainy day (rainy AND 41 degrees. I had to fire up the coffee pot for round 2 today!)

    1. Thank you Sue, for your kind words…I’m glad you enjoyed the post. We had rain yesterday and it is supposed to rain off and on for the next couple of days and turn cool again at the start of next week. It sounds like we have the same taste in colors…I have a lot of yellow rooms in our home as well. They make you feel happy on a gray day. 🙂 I enjoyed your new post with your raised beds just waiting to be planted.

  13. Totally gorgeous. You do live a great life, and I’m so glad you’re generous and share it with us. It’s rare that our grocery store has more than 8 or 9 different varieties of apples, and generally it’s more like half a dozen. 100 different varieties! I’d be in heaven. Really fun post — thank you so much.

    1. Thank you John, for your nice compliment. I think I’m a very lucky girl as I do have a wonderful life. I’m happy that you enjoy following along on my adventures with me. The reason you see so few varieties of apples in the markets is that people tend to buy what they know and most people have never heard of probably 90% of ore heritage apples.

    1. Hi Darryl, I’m glad you liked the photos. I have to agree with you…I think spring is a lovely season with all its beautiful flowers and mild temperatures.

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice compliment. Yes, we are south of you…I’m sure yours trees will be blooming soon. I was just looking at the lilac trees…they are about a week or two from blooming. Have a lovely weekend as well.

  14. You’re going to laugh when you see my post title from today….mine aren’t nearly so impressive 😉
    Dandelions are so importanat – one of the earliest good nectar sources for the bees!

    1. Hi Marie, I did have to laugh…our titles are almost the same. 🙂 With three hundred trees, I had a lot of options for my photos. I have never seen as many blossoms on the trees as this year. I try to leave anything that blooms in the orchard for as long as I can for the bees. Right now they are living up to the saying, “busy as a bee”.

  15. It is a beautiful time of the year. Our cherry trees already have tiny fruit. It is an absolute delight to watch this all happen. How lucky you are to have a whole orchard. I love the dandelions too.

    1. Hi Debra, I have to agree with you about how beautiful spring is when everything is in bloom. One tree blooming is special, when the whole orchard is in bloom…it is amazing. I’m glad you enjoy dandelions as much as I do.

    1. Hi Bonnie, I’m sure you miss apple blossom time in Virginia. I grow two apple varieties that Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello…Esopus Spitzenburg and Newtown Pippin. A little taste of history from your home state of Virginia. 🙂

  16. What a beautiful property! We have a single “Jonathan” outside our living room window and I love it when it blooms. I can only imagine 300 trees blooming! Intoxicating I’m sure.

    1. Thank you Tiny, for stopping by and your nice compliment. I’m glad that you like our property. We think it is really special…especially when it is in full bloom. There isn’t a day that goes by that my husband and I don’t comment on how beautiful it is. I have quite a few Jonathan apples in our orchard. They are so flavorful and great in an apple pie.

  17. There is no better sight than an orchard in full bloom – your photos show the trees off beautifully – I can almost smell them from here.

    1. Thank you Laila, for your nice compliment…I’m happy that you enjoyed the post. You are right about apples and their blossoms.

    1. Hi B, The apple blossoms are simple but beautiful. It is unusual to have so many varieties in an orchard. Our orchard was originally planted (by the previous owner) as a cider orchard with mostly heritage apples. Most orchards today are planted with just a few of the most common apples that are popular today.

    1. Hi Boleyn, I have to agree with you…our orchard is beautiful when it is in bloom. Thank you for your nice compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

  18. Oh boy, it must be so relaxing to walk amongst those blossoms. Take a blanket, a cup of tea, a book and just sit out and enjoy the warmth on a nice day. Seeing things like this always make me feel really happy Karen – it’s like when you see baby lambs in a field. You know that nature is working its magic and pretty soon, new life (or in this case fruit!) is on the way!

    1. Hi Charles, You are right…it is very relaxing walking through the orchard. The wonderful fragrance and the soft buzzing of the bees along with the birds chirping, I love it. I totally agree with you about the wonders of nature…thank you for your nice comment. 🙂

  19. Stunning photos Karen & I love the pink in the apple blossoms just before they open. As for the dandelions, I think they’re pretty too & sometimes I have a hard time figuring out who decides what is a weed & what is just a pretty flower.

    1. Hi Diane, I’m happy you enjoyed the photos. The deep pink of the blossoms before they open is lovely. I know what you mean about what is considered a weed. Sometimes when unwanted flowers pop up in a green lawn they are considered a weed no matter how pretty they might be upon close inspection.

    1. Hi Carol, I agree with you. I was just looking at the lilac trees. With the rain we are getting over the next couple of days, I think the lilacs might start blooming next week. I’m happy you enjoyed the photos…thanks.

  20. Beautiful photos Karen! I think I have slight orchard envy here – would love to have that many trees, especially with a carpet of dandelions underneath them.

    1. Thank you, Sarah…I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. The orchard really is beautiful this time of the year. You might not be very envious during pruning time. 🙂

  21. What amazing images, I have never seen anything like apple trees in full bloom, I would love to breath in the sweet floral aroma!! Do they smell like orange blossom? I can’t imagine how good it would be to have an orchard full of fruit! Yum! Such a heart warming story to start the day, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you Julie, for your nice compliment. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and photos of our orchard. Apple blossoms don’t have near as strong of a fragrance as orange blossoms.

    1. Hi Christina, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and you lovely compliment. I certainly enjoyed visiting your garden…your Iris are beautiful.

    1. Hi Amy, You are right, I do think we live in a lovely spot. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos…thank you for your nice compliment.

  22. Thanks for the tour of your orchard, thoroughly enjoyed the blooms.
    Heirloom apples are good to make hard cider, am I correct? Do you make hard cider?
    With 100 varieties, I picture you making the best tasting apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter …..

    1. Hi Norma, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the tour of the orchard. You are right, most people that grow heritage apples do so for hard cider. Yes, we have made hard cider and it is excellent.

  23. Oh Karen, that is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. May I come to visit you someday?

    1. Thank you Liz, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post and photos. If you ever decide to fly half way around the world to New England, let me know. 🙂

    1. Hi Rhonda, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and you nice comment. I’m happy that you enjoyed the photos of the orchard.

  24. Wow, absolutely stunning. The subtle fragrance must be almost heady. And I do love the buzz of the honey bees. When I used to have a garden in London I’d planted just over 50 differing shades of Foxglove on the left side (partly as the garden was too large to fill with herbaceous plants only). What a joy during May and June – with hundreds of honey bees!
    Keep well!

    1. Thank you Johnny, for your lovely compliment…I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Your garden in London must have been wonderful. I hope you are feeling much better now.

    1. Thank you Donna, I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing the orchard. With so many varieties, I do get to enjoy some lovely baked goods made with apples.

  25. Absolutely thirlled to go for a walk around your beautiful orchard especially at a time our gardens and parklands here have but little colour. My family owned a commercial orchard about an hour and a half out of Sydney for a couple of decades and I oft spent time there as my children were growing up: even they could not be kept out of it at apple blossom time 🙂 ! Can’t say I am overly fond of dandelions but having a number of blogfriends with beehives have learned how good they are for that industry . . .

    1. I appreciate your lovely compliment, Eha. I’m happy that you enjoyed the walk around our orchard and that it brought back memories of your family’s orchard. You really do know how wonderful an apple orchard is when in full bloom.

    1. Hi Michelle, Yes, it appears that we are going to have a bumper chop of apples this year if I go by how load the trees are with blossoms.

  26. It’s so beautiful and so amazing to me after such a harsh winter and it doesn’t seem that long ago that you were posting images of a winter wonderland. How quickly the seasons can change xx

    1. Hi Charlie, Your are right…time flies. Our last snow was in March and now there are apple blossoms. Before I know it, we will be harvesting tomatoes by the end of July.

  27. I would love to try 100 different varieties of heritage apples…I sure don’t care for those at the supermarket. Beautiful blossoming trees Karen. No blossoms in Colorado yet, we can’t seem to get rid of the snow.


    1. Hi Nazneen, I happy that you enjoyed the photos of our orchard. I feel so bad that you are continuing to get snow…I know you want beautiful spring flowers. It really is amazing how different a fresh picked apple is from one that has been in storage for months. The juice will actually drip down your arm while eating a fresh apple.

    1. Hi John, I’m happy you enjoyed seeing our orchard in bloom. This is my favorite time of the year…especially after all the snow we had.

    1. Hi Dedy, I’m glad that you got to see our orchard in bloom and enjoyed the photos. You will definitely see more posts about the orchard and the apples.

  28. I would love to experience that, too, Karen! 🙂 I have been to a local orchard to pick cherries, but I wasn’t there when the flowers were in bloom. I do know the scent of orange groves. That’s a strong, heady fragrance, too. But I’ve not been near an apple or pear orchard. Your trees are just amazingly beautiful. I am glad the weather has given you a promise of an abundant harvest.

    1. Hi Debra, The fragrance in our orchard is more subtle than orange groves but still wonderful. I hope you get a chance to visit an apple orchard during bloom sometime as I know how much you enjoy nature. Thank you for your nice comment.

    1. Hi Lorraine, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the photos of our orchard. It really is a lovely time of the year at our home. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Thank you Becki, for your nice compliment. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos and that they brought back nice memories. I hope you had a lovely weekend as well.

  29. What a beautiful post Karen and lovely photos. Great close-ups of the blossoms. We have a friend in Virginia who owns apple orchards and they always have a big festival. You’ve given me an idea. South of us in Georgia there are a lot of apple orchards. We should drive down that way one day. (Or maybe it’s too late for this year this far south.)

    Have a lovely weekend. I just figured out how to follow you on bloglovin’ and feedly.

    1. Thank you for your nice compliment, Sam. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and photos. I do think it is probably to late to see orchards in bloom in Georgia. Perhaps you can check with them for next year. I’m so happy that you found a way to follow my blog and appreciate that very much. I always look forward to your visits.

  30. I love this time of year in New England! Your dandelion photo made me laugh, because I think they are pretty too! 🙂

    1. Hi Mary, We do get to enjoy a lot of beauty this time of the year in New England. I’m happy that there are others that enjoy dandelions…I just love their sunny yellow color. Of course, everyone has to know that I love yellow after seeing the color of our home. 🙂

  31. How lovely!! I do hope my fledgling apple trees look like this some day! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi T.W., You will be surprised how fast your trees are going to grow…especially with all the loving care you give them. Our trees were planted about 20 years ago by a previous owner and are approaching the end of their life. Looking at the thousands of blossoms…it looks like they have no plans for giving up anytime soon though. 🙂

  32. I have never seen apple or pear trees in bloom, and those flowers are breathtaking Karen! I have seen a lot of almond, peach and cherry blossoms, but each tree is unique. How wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty.

    1. Hi Paula, I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing our apple and pear trees in bloom. You are right…each fruiting tree’s blossoms are very different but all equally beautiful. We used to have peach and cherry trees but lost them to disease, ice storms and critters.

  33. What an absolutely gorgeous orchard, especially now in full bloom. I hope my apple tree will still have some blooms when we arrive in Maine, but I know it will be too late for the forsythia which I love. I hope you have lots of windows to peer out of to enjoy this lovely landscape.

    1. Hi Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the orchard in bloom. The orchard surrounds our home so we can see it from every room. The petals are falling fast but hopefully your tree and forsythia will still have a little show for you when you get up to Maine.

  34. What a beautiful blog you have, I’m happy to have found you!

    And that little yellow weed is delicious in salads, with Olive oil, red wine vinegar and of course garlic…hmm!

    So see we all have beauty….

    1. Hi Diana, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice comment. I think I will make a salad with a nice dressing made with garlic, oil and vinegar. 🙂 I look forward to your return.

  35. I would be so tempted to throw down a picnic blanket, enjoy some wine, a good book and a nap all while staring at those lovely blossoms. Looks perfectly serene. Happy Mother’s Day Karen!

    1. Hi Kristy, Would you believe that I have never had a picnic in the orchard. If I’m out in the orchard, I’m usually working in it. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day with your family.

  36. Hi karen, I’m so glad I had a quick look at my mail before I leave my sons to return home after my holiday.. There are certain posts I really love to read & I would hate to have deleted this one, with all your lovely pictures of the apple blossom in your orchard and so much information you have given. It made me think of the old song ‘Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White’ I can’t remember who sang it ! I feel just like you about the dandelions,. I also wrote about them in one of my older posts, saying how pretty they are. who are we to call them a weed ! I’ll certainly save this post.

    1. Hi Barbara, I enjoyed your sweet comment and appreciate that you took time out of your holiday to read the post…thank you. I do remember your post about the dandelions. I think a field of dandelions is very pretty.

  37. It’s been so weird, Karen. I’ve been visiting blogs with pictures of flowers and getting whiffs of their perfume, I swear it. Smelled the apple blossoms here immediately. They are gorgeous! (Some day we’ll get blossoms, we’re hoping.)

    1. Hi Rachel, Yes, your peaches look terrific. The growing season in Texas starts so far ahead of ours. That is a very good thing because Texas supplies some of what I buy in the produce department. I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing signs of our springtime.

  38. Oh, your photos are stunning! I adore apple blossoms! Ours are pretty much gone…and I must take photos of them next year. You’ve inspired me not to let the beauty of spring escape without a few photos.

    1. Hi Liz, I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos and that it has inspired you to capture spring before it disappears. We had rain for three days and high winds today…our blossoms will be gone before long.

    1. Thank you Bobbie, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and photos. I wish you lived nearby so that you could visit as well. I hope you a nice day as well.

  39. It’s lovely to see all those wonderful trees that attract the bees. As you probably know, there is a crisis right now with the dwindling bee population in the world. You are doing your bit.

    1. Hi Suzanne, Yes, we have happy bees here in the orchard. We do everything possible to keep bees around here as there would be very little fruit without them.

    1. Hi Greg, We really do live in a beautiful spot. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos…thanks. Last year we had almost no apples but I appears that this year there should be plenty and I’ll definitely share recipes.

  40. Very pretty Karen and I can imagine the sweet smell around your place. I can also imagine it might sound one giant beehive when walkiing the orchard. We have a weigela that sounds like that.

    1. Hi Larry, you are right on both counts…the orchard smells wonderful and the sound of all the bees does make you think you are in the midst of many bee hives.

  41. What a beautiful orchard you have, and those blossom pics are fabulous, Karen. Your apple and pear harvest must be really healthy and very tasty indeed,.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the orchard, Sylvia. Last year we didn’t have a harvest because of a killing frost but this year it looks like nature is working overtime. I’ve never see so many blossoms.

    1. Hi Southern, I’m happy that you enjoyed the photos and that they brought back nice memories of your apple tree. Nature can stress the trees and sometimes they never fully recover…especially as they age.

    1. Hi Celia, I think you are right. Having a good crop is nice but an overwhelming one is hard work no matter how you look at it. The nice thing is that we have a lot of friends that love free apples. I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing the orchard.

  42. Karen what beautiful photography of the apple treesand all the other floweers in bloom around you – we were fortunate enough to enjoy them on the weekend too and all the lilacs and so much more – absolutely nothing better that springtime! Really enjoyed looking at your bright pictures on this gloomy Monday morning!
    Have a great Monday!

    1. Hi Andrea, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the photos of our orchard. I have been in Germany in springtime and enjoyed all the orchards and trees that were in bloom. You are right…spring is one of the loveliest times of the year. Have a nice week with your family.

  43. We are mostly cherry orchards here in northern Michigan, but aren’t the apple blossoms gorgeous? I’m also eager for my little plum trees to bloom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the country — and, like you, I love the dandelions, too.

    1. Hi P.J., Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice comment. We used to have cherry trees in our orchard but porcupines have destroyed them all but one. I know Michigan is famous for cherries and this time of the year has to be beautiful when with trees are in bloom. I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing our orchard in New England…it really is a beautiful part of our country. I’m happy to know that you love dandelions as well.

  44. Hi Karen. What a beautiful part of the country! We have one small apple tree in our backyard, but its blossoms aren’t nearly as impressive (and they come a bit later here due to our May frosts). I love visiting New England in the fall during apple picking season, but now I want to visit during the spring too! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Monet, New England really is a beautiful part of our country. Fall is absolutely a great time to visit but spring is wonderful two. Give your apple tree a few years and it will give you a beautiful show. Most of our trees are about 20 years old.

    1. Hi Linda, Yes…your bees would love the orchard. Several of our neighbors have hives so it is beneficial for our orchard and they get plenty of honey. A win, win situation for us all.

  45. Snowing petals is such a pretty image Karen. Lovely to see your orchard in full bloom, and here’s hoping there are no late nasty frosts this year.
    I was reading about dandelions the other day and how good they are for the bees, so the pollen and honey from your orchard and flowering plants must be delightful!

    1. Hi Claire, It has been snowing petals as we have had rain and wind for the last few days…I’m glad I took my photos when I did. Our orchard is a bee’s paradise. 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy, It is a nice time to return home, I’m sure. I think that strawberries will be making an appearance at your markets soon.

  46. Those blossoms are beautiful. I have four two year old apple and pear trees that are in leaf but the blossoms haven’t opened yet. I can see them though 🙂 I have never grown pome fruits before. But at least they survived some rather harsh weather and are solidly rooted.

    It is exciting waiting for the flowers to open. Everything is about 3 to 5 weeks behind in Scotland this spring (what spring!!).

    I take heart looking at your photographs.

    1. Hi Veronique, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice compliment. It is amazing how fast the buds go from being tight to fully opened and then drop. Our winter was a long and snowy one but the trees bloomed right on schedule this spring. Enjoy the beauty of your trees when they bloom.

  47. Such beautiful pictures! It only seems like days ago that you were posting pictures of snowy landscapes. Time is moving so fast! It is beautiful to see the seasons through your eyes!

    1. Thank you Afra, for your lovely compliment…I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos. You are right, it doesn’t seem that long since our last snow in March. Time really does fly by. In another couple of weeks, I’ll be planting the tomatoes that I started from seed.

  48. So glad you stopped by my blog and so very glad I came to visit It is so lovely. I too live in NH and it is now becoming so beautiful here. Your trees are so lovely I bet all you hear is the humm of bees and smell the lovely scent of the apple trees.

    1. Hi Cathy, Thank you for stopping by for a visit…it is always nice to meet another blogger from New Hampshire. The bees have been very active in the orchard this spring and the fragrance of the trees in bloom is delightful.

  49. I can almost smell the heady scent of your apple blossoms via your gorgeous images. After a long Minnesota winter, which ended with our last snowfall on May 3, I welcome all things spring. Thank you for taking me on their walk through your orchard.

    1. Hi Audrey, I know that you have to be so happy that it has finally stopped snowing…spring was a long time coming for your area. I’m glad that you enjoyed the walk through our orchard. Thank you for your nice comment.

    1. Hi Barb, I’m happy that you enjoyed the stroll through the orchard. Yes, next year around the same time nature will put on a show in the orchard.

  50. Karen, these photos of the blossoms are just too precious…so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your land…
    Hope you are having a lovely week 🙂

  51. Simply gorgeous pictures! I love fruits trees in blooms! Of course now you have to wait 4 months for the apples. Can you wait that long? 🙂

    1. Thank your MJ, for your nice compliment…I’m happy you liked the photos. The way time flies by, the apples will be ready for picking before I am. 🙂

    1. Thank you Emily, for your compliment…it is so nice to hear from your. Yes, I can see a lot of apples pies in my future. 🙂

    1. Hi Jed, I agree with you…both seasons are beautiful, especially here in New England. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photos and thank you for your nice compliment.

  52. It’s amazing that those flowers turn into fruit. I like the brightness of dandelions too – enjoying them is much better than using chemicals to get rid of them and they’re always fun to wish on later. Happy Spring!

    1. Hi Sheila, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice compliment. I’m glad that you enjoy the dandelions too…and of course they are very useful where wishes are concerned. 🙂

    1. Thank you Chris, I’m happy that you enjoyed seeing our orchard during bloom time. Having lived in the south…I know what you mean about summer temperatures in spring. Our weather is still cool here and I can’t plant our garden for another two weeks.

  53. After such a long, hard winter it’s such a pleasure to enjoy the blooms. Our lilac out back and crab apple trees are blooming at the same time this year, which is rather unusual. Your trees look gorgeous, I can hardly wait to see the cottage garden.

    1. Hi Eva, Thank goodness that winter is behind us and I’m really enjoying the beauty of spring. We are in the process of getting the cottage opened. I’m looking forward to spending the summer in Maine and spending time working in the gardens there.

  54. Hi Karen! Thank you for sharing such cheerful and beautiful pictures of spring blossoms! Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve seen apple blossom before… Lucky enough to see cherry ones, but the apple ones are equally beautiful and I love it! Love the pictures of apple tree with the houses. Quite different from scene in California and love the view!

    1. Thank you Nami, for your nice comment…I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing our orchard in bloom. Yes, our home and barn surrounded by the orchard is very different from what you see in California.

    1. Hi Hannah, It is a beautiful time of the year…my favorite. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

    1. Hi Jeannee, I’m happy you enjoyed the post…it is a lovely time of the year in our orchard. I love whenever you get a chance to stop by…don’t give it a second thought. We all need a little break for time to time. 🙂

    1. Hi Jane, Thank goodness that spring seems to have finally arrived everywhere. I’m happy that there appears to be many of us that like dandelions. 🙂

    1. Hi Maria, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed my blog and the photos.

    1. Hi Betsy, The orchard really is pretty this time of the year…I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. We really do have happy bees around here. 🙂

  55. Hello Karen, I am so in luck as I just took out of the refrigerator beef and peppers and was thinking about making a stirfry for dinner. Well now I will just leave my computer open and use your recipe. It sounds delicious. You have so many beautiful fruit trees on your property. Will you have someone come help you went it time to harvest the fruit? I can’t wait to see your recipes this fall when it is time to harvest! I think dandelions are sweet too, it reminds me of when my boys were little and they would pick them for mom. Have a super week.

    1. Hi Bam, I’m glad that I could inspire you with my “stir-fried beef with broccoli” post…I hope you enjoyed it. We do have a lot of trees. Last year we ended up not getting any apples because of a killing frost but this year it looks like the trees will be loaded. I don’t sell my apples anymore but let all of our friends come and pick…everyone has a good time. I hope you have a great week as well…thanks.

  56. I also love blossoms but they are late this year in Belgium. They only lasted 1 week because of the rather colder climate & we have had a lot of rain lately! Georgous pics! 🙂

    1. Hi Sophie, I’m glad that you enjoyed the blossoms. I’m happy that I took the photos when I did because we got a lot of wind and rain for several days that made a lot of the blossoms fall. Sounds like our weather has been similar to yours.

    1. Hi Simply Life, Spring is probably the most beautiful time of the year in New England even though it is probably best known for its fall color.

  57. Hi Karen, I’ve since decided that you must live in paradise! What a welcoming sight to wake up & see those beautiful blooms and revel in the joy that they’ll be something delicious one day.

    When I was a kid, growing up we had three apple trees, two Snow (crabb) apples and one Fuji apple tree. Going out to pick those apples & having to make gigantic batches of strudel was constant.
    Now as an adult living away in the city, I long for that apple season and imagine all the delicious things at hand, (if only) I had those buckets (& buckets) of apples again!

    Can’t wait to see your delicious fruit and all the varieties of treats you make with them!

    1. Hi Allie, I think that you are right, we do live in a wonderful spot. We have had homes in a many of places…my mother-in-law used to call us gypsies but I think that this is one of the prettiest places we have ever lived. I wish we were neighbors so that I would be able to give you all the apples you could ever use. 🙂

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