Wine and Cheese Tasting In The Cellar

I love inviting friends over on short notice for a casual evening together. Since we were getting ready to  head up to our summer cottage in Maine, I thought an impromptu wine and cheese tasting in our wine cellar would be a lot of fun and require very little work. Follow me downstairs…I can always open up another bottle of wine.

Our Wine Cellar...Let's Do A Wine Tasting
Our Wine Cellar…Let’s Do A Wine Tasting
Let's Select Some Wine
Let’s Select Some Wine

Our cellar is divided pretty evenly between red wines which seem to be a favorite of our friends, white wines which I enjoy a glass of while preparing dinner, and hard apple cider which my husband has made from apples in our orchard.

For the wine tasting, I pulled five bottles of Pinot Noir that I had purchased over the last several years because of reviews from the Wine Enthusiast. Out of the five, I narrowed the choice to three wines, a 2010 Bernard Bertrand Reserve Special, a 2009 La Follette (Van Der Kamp Vineyard) Sonoma Mountain and a 2010 HandCraft Artisan Collection.

The reason I chose all Pinot Noir was that I had just received new Pinot Noir wine glasses from the Wine Enthusiast and thought this would be the perfect time to try them. The Fusion Whirl glasses are designed with a tapered bowl so that you can whirl wine to aerate it and bring the wine’s aromas directly to your nose. They have the look and feel of fine crystal but are highly resistant to breaking and chipping which I think is a real plus. I know I will be using them a lot because they can be put in the dishwasher which is always a good thing as far as I am concerned.

Three Excellent Pinot Noirs To Taste
Three Excellent Pinot Noirs To Taste
HandCraft Pinot Noir In Whirl Wine Glass
HandCraft Pinot Noir In Whirl Wine Glass
Wine And Cheese Tasting In The Cellar
Wine And Cheese Tasting In The Cellar

Since this was going to be a cheese tasting as well, my husband and I drove over to the New Hampshire seacoast town of North Hampton to visit our favorite cheese shop, C’est Cheese. Since cheese can be expensive, we like to seek the advice of Nancy, the owner. She is always very helpful, letting you taste the cheeses that you might not be familiar with, giving you explanations concerning country of origin, the kind of milk they are made from and even the order in which the cheeses should be eaten…from mild to strong. We decided on Whitestone Windsor Blue, a cow’s milk cheese from New Zealand, Moliterno a sheep’s milk pecorino cheese studded with truffles that is from Sardinia, Ewephoria, a sheep’s milk Gouda style cheese from Holland,  and Berthaut Epoisses, a soft cow’s milk cheese, from the burgundy region of France.

The only thing else that was needed for the tasting was some crackers, bread sticks, and a baguette of bread to put the cheese on for tasting. We often like to add some fruit, a fig jam or a sweet and spicy chutney, and perhaps a little honey to be tasted with certain  cheeses. Of course if you want to plan a more formal wine and cheese tasting, you could prepare small appetizers that you think would pair well with the wines you are tasting.

This impromptu wine and cheese tasting in our cellar was a fun, tasty evening that required almost no work to put together. The three Pinot Noir wines that we tried were all different but had the complex, intense aromas and flavors of dark red fruits and berries that went very well with the outstanding cheeses that we tried. They would also go well with lamb or beef, duck, salmon and a dish featuring mushrooms. Pinot Noir is a grape varietal that we enjoy drinking not only at home and at local restaurants but also when traveling to Germany, Austria and France where we have found some wonderful examples of this wine where it is called Burgunder or Burgundy.

Perhaps later this year, I’ll take you down to the cellar again and we can pick a bottle of the hard apple cider to try with a robust fall dinner. In the meantime, try putting together a  wine a cheese tasting for a couple of your friends…it is a fun evening.

Disclosure: The Wine Enthusiast sent me a gift of Fusion Whirl wine glasses several months ago but I was under no obligation to write about the glasses or company nor was I compensated in any way.

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227 thoughts on “Wine and Cheese Tasting In The Cellar

    1. Hi Pamela, This was a lot of fun…I think everyone enjoys trying new cheeses. Fig jam goes great as does a sweet chutney or honey.

  1. Boy, would we have loved to be in on this evening and I assure you we would have done justice to all your choices! Lucky you to have a wine cellar. That is one thing we haven’t yet managed. Hmmm, wonder if the basement could be converted.

    1. We we were closer, Lulu…you would have enjoyed the selection of wines and cheeses. One nice thing about living in New England is having a basement that stays cool all year. 🙂

    1. Hi Helen, My husband and I love an impromptu gathering of friends…casual and always fun. Spending summer at our cottage in Maine is something we always enjoy…we are just getting settled in. I hope you have a nice summer as well.

  2. Don’t mean to whine…I am so jealous of that cellar! Loved this blog. Please do more on wine……even though we can’t get these in Mexico, as room temperature here does not work. Today it’s 30 degrees Celsius in the house. That’s 86 F.

    1. Clever comment, Reg. 🙂 I know the feeling of having to deal with hot weather after all the years living in Florida. We had a small wine cooler there and an air conditioned closet, but our basement wine cellar in New Hampshire is great. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post, I’ll try to do more about wine in the future.

  3. I do love wine but I am all about the hard cider. I became an enthusiast when I lived in England. What a beautiful place to share a glass and some great cheese with friends.

    1. Hi Karen, I enjoy hard cider as well and my husband has made some really good ones. Most of the 100 varieties of apples growing in our orchard were originally planted for cider making. I’m glad you like the wine cellar…it turned out to be a nice room.

    1. Hi Kay, I think we all love an impromptu gathering…easy to do and no one is expecting anything fancy. I wish we were neighbors as well…I think you would have enjoyed the wines and cheeses we had that evening.

  4. What a set up you have there..I do love all the wine boxes:)

    You just put a new meaning to Boxed Wine Karen:)
    And the glasses are pretty also..

    1. Hi Monique, You gave me a real smile about the “boxed wine”. It seems that more and more wine comes in cardboard boxes now. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think the glasses are terrific…beautiful but not fragile.

    1. Hi Mary, A wine and cheese tasting is so much fun to do and of course, delicious. Don’t you love the glasses…you can really whirl the wine in them.

    1. Thank you Donna, for your nice compliment. Our basement was so large, that taking a portion and building the wine cellar was great. I’ve never had such a nice place to store my wine. I fell in love with that table…it is from when we lived in Florida and I think it goes perfectly in the wine cellar.

  5. Oh Karen, what sheer delight! Love the shape of the stemware, your wine cellar is so quaint and inviting. Pinning this to my Hospitality Articles board, great inspiration for having friends over. 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy, for your lovely compliment. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and really appreciate your pinning it to your Hospitality Articles.

  6. Yes, thank you, we’d love to attend your wine tasting. It all looks and sounds delicious. It’s also one of our favorite things to do.


    1. Thank you Ann, I was very pleased with the way our wine cellar turned out. Most of the three hundred apple trees in our orchard are varieties that make wonderful hard cider.

  7. We have some of the Fusion champagne flutes, and they’re quite nice. And they are pretty break-resistant — we’ve had several instance where someone has knocked one over, and they’re fine. Nice wine cellar, and fun time! Wine and cheese tastings are such a nice thing to do. I definitely want to see a hard cider tasting! Fun post – thanks.

    1. Hi John, I think the Fusion glasses are terrific. I believe that part of the pleasure of drinking wine is the glass itself and these are beautiful but not fragile. A wine and cheese tasting is a fun and tasty way to spend time with friends. I’m glad you enjoyed the post…thank you.

  8. Hi Karen, what a great idea, get together spur of the moment evenings are always good fun. Please can I come to the next one? I can bring my own glass as I was given it at the last wine tasting I went to in Limoges.

    1. Hi Barbara, I’m glad to know you like spur of the moment gatherings, as well. It would be fun to do a tasting with my blogging friends. Perhaps you could bring a bit of French cheese along with your special glass. 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth, It was a good time. I hope the weather turns nicer. We had two very hot days and now it is cold and windy here at the lake.

    1. Hi Anneli, I’m happy you enjoyed the post. A tasting of wine and cheese is a nice way to spend an evening with friends. I do think the wine cellar is nice. I’m glad you like it…thanks. Oh, you are right, I am a very lucky lady indeed. 🙂

  9. Ooooh, your cellar is MUCH prettier than mine! We had plans to make a tasting room, but never got that far…
    Great selections on the wine and the cheese…the Best Burger I Ever Ate was smothered in Epoisses, at a little restaurant in Dijon…hard to find around here, though!

    1. Thank you Marie, I’m glad that you like our cellar. I’m happy that we used part of our basement to put it in. I think that Epoisses is one of my husband’s and my favorite cheese…it is outstanding.

    1. Thank you Mad Dog, Pack some sweaters…it is a little cool down in the cellar. The good news is that the kitchen is right up the stairs and I know how well you cook. 🙂

  10. Boy would I love to come to your cellar for a wine tasting! What a beautiful cellar, selection of Pinot Noir and cheeses…my weakness. 🙂 No rose in your cellar? Not that it needs to be cellared but just curious as to whether or not you like it? Looking forward to a cider tasting…we just recently discovered ciders.

    1. Thank you Betsy, for your nice compliment. Pinots are some of my favorite wines. I do have a couple of bottles of rose…actually I love rosé champagne. I’ll definitely do a cider post this fall.

  11. Am I too late?…I’m the one clattering down the cellar stairs in inappropriate heels but I have a glass in my hand! What a stunning cellar and what an amazing experience for your pals 🙂

    1. Hi Tanya, You had me laughing out loud with your comment. Make sure you hold onto the rail going down the stairs in your inappropriate heels. I hope Big Man will be joining us…I know he would like us to open a bottle of the hard cider. 🙂 Loved your comment and compliment…thank you.

    1. Thank you Lizzy…I’m happy that you enjoyed the wine and cheese tasting. I’ll definitely have to look into an Australian cheese for the next tasting…the wee round from Bruny Island sounds great. Thanks for the link. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kenley, for your nice compliment…I’m glad that you like our cellar. We were very pleased with the way it turned out. The tasting was a fun evening.

    1. Thank you Tiny, for your nice compliment. I really like the Fusion Whirl glasses…they have a wonderful feel in your hand and the shape is perfect to whirl the wine. We all enjoyed the HandCraft, it was a nice wine and went well with the cheese.

  12. You have more wine in your ‘cellar’ than I’ve drunk in my entire life. I WOULD like to come to a wine tasting. I’ll bring the cheese assortment, fruit, bread and crackers.

    1. Hi Boleyn, you gave me a chuckle…I guess I do have a lot of wine in the cellar. Your offer sounds great and I’ll let you pick the wine from the cellar that you would like to try. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and sorry the invitation didn’t reach you. I’ll have to have another tasting soon. 🙂

  13. Having my own wine cellar is one of the biggest dreams I have… so I am completely hypnotised by this post! Pinot Noir is my favourite varietal, by far. Your friends must have been thrilled!

    1. Hi Sissi, I know what you mean…I always wanted a wine cellar too. I had a very small refrigerated wine cellar in Florida but the basement in New Hampshire was perfect to build a nice cellar. I agree that Pinot Noir is a delicious varietal. Thank you for your nice comment.

  14. Hi, Karen. Love the wine cellar and the spread. 🙂 I have to keep all of mine wine in cellar refrigerators. Some are bulk stacked while others are on a single shelf to get the greatest storage. It does make a headache when trying to find that particular bottle that I hid – right now I’m looking for 6. Nevertheless, in Texas ,with its shifting soils, a just cellar isn’t a good idea.
    Baby Lady and I love wine and cheese nights with fruits, bread and crackers. They are so delightful and relaxing. 🙂

    1. Thank you Richard, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. After living in Texas and Florida, I know that your only choice for wine storage is cellar refrigerators. We were lucky that we had the perfect space in our basement for our cellar. It doesn’t get much better than a nice glass of wine, cheese and a little fruit. 🙂

  15. What a lovely thing to have in your cellar, you are indeed fortunate! I’d love to attend one of your wine and cheese tastings, this one looks so lovely and civilized. The cheese look wonderful too.

    1. Thank you Eva, for your nice compliment. What appears civilized is more like giddy fun, I think. 🙂 The cheese was indeed wonderful.

  16. How fabulous to have such a great space for your wines. I love the fact there is a table close by perfect for impromptu tasting. Looking forward to the next visit to your cellar. GG

    1. Hi GG, I love finally having a proper place for storing wines. Our table came from our home in Florida. When we moved to New Hampshire it seemed to be a perfect match for the wine cellar. Everyone seems to have enjoyed this post…I’ll have to to another this fall. thank you for your nice comment.

    1. Hi B, A wine and cheese tasting is a nice way to entertain friends. I’m glad you agree with me about Pinot Noir…there are some wonderful ones made in many countries.

    1. Hi Rachel, It sounds like we have a lot in common. 🙂 I really like the wine glasses…especially since they are chip resistant and anything that can go into the dishwasher is a girls best friend.

  17. Beautiful wine cellar & I love the sound of those glasses (says she who manages to break every glass in the house). Perfect meal/snack for this heat wave we just had – I did a cheese & fruit platter myself since the thought of cooking or eating anything hot was not an option. So you’re finally heading up to Maine? Excellent!

    1. Thank you Diane, for your nice compliment. A wine a cheese night is perfect when it is too hot to cook. Yes, we finally made it to Maine during the hot weather but now it is windy and in the 60’s. I can’t complain though with a lovely view across the lake. 🙂

  18. What a wonderful wine cellar! Living on Texas rock, our cellar is above ground. There is nothing I enjoy more that have a few friends over and sitting amongst the wine and reaching over to open another bottle to enjoy! Your cheese selection is delightful!

    1. Hi Tin Man, I’m glad you like my wine cellar…thank you. I have seen your lovely wine collection which I’m sure your guests enjoy with you. The cheese we had at the tasting were outstanding…they were worth the drive over to the seacoast to get them.

  19. What a fun gathering! I love impromptu get together, relaxing and informal, everyone always have a great time.
    I am looking forward to reading about your hard cider. Will your husband write a how to post? Not that I will be making hard cider but I would love to know how it is made.

    1. Hi Norma, I do think impromptu gatherings are fun. Every time I call friends at the last minute, usually they aren’t doing anything and look forward to coming over. I’ll talk to my husband about the hard cider.

  20. Good Grief Karen – that’s the most beautiful home wine cellar I have ever seen and it’s better than many commercial ones! Thanks for inviting me over. But now, I’m like that kid who can’t wait for summer vacation. It’s time to go to Maine and I loved last year’s visit. Can’t wait for this one too!

    1. Thank you so much Kelli, for your lovely compliment about our cellar. I’m glad that you are looking forward to tagging along for our summer in Maine. We will try to do a couple of day trips along the coast…how knows where the adventures will take us. 🙂

    1. You gave me a laugh, Carol. I thought the wine cellar would be a surprise to my readers that know I live in such an old house. Thank you as always for your nice compliment.

    1. Hi Laura, I’m glad that you like our cellar…thank you. Our basement is quite large, so I had plenty of space for the wine cellar.

  21. Here’s another wine tasting party fan! Back when the family was growing up we too had a Spanish bodega style wine cellar in our basement and I loved inviting other wine lovers whenever we received some shipment to compare and contrast: as you say a brilliantly easy way to entertain – wish I could find that genie of mine when next you have a gathering: would come with some special Australian and New Zealand picks and gatecrash the night . . . . ,) !

    1. Hi Eha, I wish I had the same genie. I’d head your way and we would choose those Australian and New Zealand picks together, grab a few blogging friends from your area and head back to my cellar. 🙂

  22. My husband is going to faint dead away when he sees this. He will probably put a hit out on you for rekindling my quest to get a wine cellar installed here at home!!!!!! 😉 Yours is gorgeous, and you have some lovely wines! I had never heard of fusion wine glasses! I am happy to have learned something today! 🙂

    1. Hi Alycia, I’ll keep a lookout over my shoulder just in case. 🙂 I’m happy to know that you like the cellar. Our basement is very large and it seemed like the perfect thing to do with some of the space as it is right below our kitchen. I really like the fusion glasses as they as are beautiful but are much less easy for break…that is a good thing.

    1. Hi Donalyn, I know what you mean…my white wine disappears pretty fast. 🙂 This particular cheese selection was really good.

  23. How lovely to have a cellar. If we had one I think my husband would live down there. He loves red wines, particularly Pinot. And of course, you can’t have a bottle of Pinot without a good cheese platter xx

    1. Hi Charlie, We do enjoy having the cellar, especially since it is right below our kitchen. I agree with your husband, Pinot is one of my favorite wines. A cheese platter and a good bottle of wine are like a match made in heaven. 🙂

    1. Hi Jasline, A wine and cheese tasting is a fun experience. I’m sure you will get a chance to experience it one day and I hope you will enjoy it when you do.

  24. What an amazing impromptu tasting ! Lucky friends ! And I extra love your chip resistant wine glasses – my hubby and I made the error of buying Riedel glasses and almost every time we use them one breaks.

    1. Hi Carolyn, I’m glad you enjoyed the post about our wine and cheese tasting. Riedel are wonderful glasses but they are so fragile. I really love that the Fusion glasses are beautiful looking but are chip resistant. The added bonus is that I can put them in my dishwasher. 🙂

    1. Hi David, I’m happy that you like our house. I think most people would be very surprised that a home that is almost three hundred years old has been adapted to modern life but still keeps all its history and character. You are right about the cheeses, I could have been in Europe enjoying them…they were wonderful.

  25. That would be a lovely place to sample wine and cheese. It is quite a bonus area in your home. I am looking forward to your summer months in Maine.

    1. Hi Suzanne, I have to agree with you that adding the wine cellar to our home was a nice way to use part of the space in our basement. Hopefully, summer will be a nice this year. I’m happy to know that you enjoy my posts about our Maine summers and I appreciate you for following along.

  26. Those glasses are gorgeous! And your cellar….I’m still in awe. What a treasure! Looking forward to your upcoming visit to Maine and the cottage. 🙂

    1. Hi Kristy, Don’t you just love the design of the glasses…they are so pretty. I’m happy that you enjoyed the visit to our cellar. I know how much you and your family enjoy Maine and I’m glad you are looking forward to our summer at the cottage…thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post. Wish you were a neighbor and could have shared the evening with us…the wine and cheese were delicious.

    1. Hi Dedy, I appreciate your nice comment. I know that there are many places where it would be hard to have this experience. I know that if you were having friends over, your evening would be different and I would be wishing that I could share your experiences. It is what makes our world so interesting. 🙂

    1. Thank you Keith, for your lovely compliment. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post. I wish you were a neighbor as well…we would have a good time sharing recipes and food. 🙂

    1. Hi Matthew, I have to agree with you. We used to live in south Florida where all homes were built on a slab. I don’t know how I would get along without a basement now. 🙂

      1. Where I live now, my basement is “Just a hole in the ground”, but it holds a lot of “stuff!!” Hard to imagine not having a basement.

  27. Hmm, I wish I lived near you Karen… I’d be over every other weekend to partake in your wine and cheese tastings and help you empty out your cellars 😀

    1. Hi Charles, I wish you and your family were our neighbors as well. We could definitely have some good times sharing delicious food and wine together.

  28. Such an incredible way to spend that evening before your holiday home getaway! I can’t decide if I love the wines more, or the cheeses, (so hard when they are equally delicious together!)

    1. Hi Alli, I have to agree with you on all counts. It was a fun and tasty evening. I think if I had to choose between having only the wine or the cheese, the cheese would win…they were great. But as you say, having them together is delicious.

      1. Yes indeed, there needs to be on a eighth & ninth day…invented cheese & wine, because even if we run out of basic ingredients or the like at home, there’s always crackers, cheese and a bottle of vino somewhere! True!!!

    1. Hi Kat, Even though you have a century old basement, I’m sure it has possibilities. If you think about some of the wine cellars in Europe, they were and some of them still are dungeon like. All things are possible…just keep dreaming. 🙂

    1. Hi Danny, I do have to say that life is good. 🙂 I wish you were living nearby as well…thank you for your nice comment.

  29. What a beautiful cellar! We had a cellar at our old place but it was big enough for a fridge and 1000 bottles of wine and nothing else. (we had a lot of empty spots)

    Your wine and cheese tasting sounds like great fun.

    1. Thank you Maureen, for your nice compliment. It was nice working with a blank slate in the basement. I got the chance to have it made just the way I wanted it. I think everyone enjoys wine and cheese and the tasting was fun.

  30. Karen, you have the most amazing looking wine cellar and what a wonderful post about a wine and cheese tasting – I love the way you present your selection of the different wines, cheeses and savory crackers. Very impressive and elegant!
    Thank you also for taking the time to alert me about the “comment problem” – I appreciate you telling me about this but we are still at a loss as to why that happens sometimes. I hope it will not happen again.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Karen!

    1. Thank you Andrea, for your nice compliment. I’m glad that you like our cellar and enjoyed the post. I don’t know what the problem is but it appears that sometimes Blogspot and Blogger don’t play well with WordPress. I write comments on blogs that I follow and sometimes they seem to disappear in thin air…other days they go through without a problem. I wish I knew how to fix the problem. 🙂

  31. What a great cellar Karen – we regret not doing that when we built our home. The wines and cheeses all look outstanding and if this was a little impromptu affair, I can’t wait to see what the full monty is like. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your visit and nice compliment. When we bought our centuries old house, the basement was horrible but full of possibilities…I’m glad we decided to use some of the space for the cellar.

    1. Hi Juliana, The cellar is a nice place for a wine and cheese tasting. It has been a nice week…I hope yours has been, as well.

  32. Karen that is amazing!! So cosy and what a great host you are!! Even though we don’t have that mush space in our home, If you ever come to Rome, we will take you to a good enoteca for some good Italian wine tasting..

    1. Thank you Ambrosiana, for your lovely compliment. Hopefully, some day we will have the opportunity to get together…I would love to meet your wonderful family. A tasting of some of Italy’s fine wines with you would be memorable. 🙂

    1. You are right, Jeannee. It seems like all my readers would like to join in on a wine and cheese tasting. 🙂 I’m glad you like the cellar…thanks.

      1. When we lived in Florida, I had a closet for mine as well. And I know all too well about keeping it full. 🙂

  33. I LOVE it! Our wine cellar is dank and dingy and floods occasionally, but yours is absolutely stunning! If mine was so lovely, I’d be serving dinners in there! Thanks for sharing it with us, Karen! (Did you know that over here, all my friends named Karen are known as “Kaz”? Little Aussie trivia for you! :))

    1. Thank you Celia, for your nice compliment. “Dark and dingy”, that sounds like many of the famous European wine cellars I have visited. 🙂 If it wasn’t for the long staircase to go up and down carrying food, I guess I could do something more in the cellar as it is right under own kitchen. Thanks for the bit of Aussie trivia…if someone calls me “Kaz”, I’ll know where they are from.

  34. The last time I had wine and cheese tasting was like a year ago and it was more of a sake and cheese tasting. Hoping I can do this soon, I envy you 🙂

  35. Hubby is the wine enthusiast in our family, but that homemade hard cider has my interest! Love your wine cellar- it is perfect for impromptu gatherings! 🙂

    1. Hi Betty, I think my cellar has a little something that most anyone would enjoy. Thank you for your nice compliment and visit.

  36. What a delightful affair this must have been. My son has a similar setup in his basement, but unfortunately I’ve never been there when they’ve had a wine and cheese tasting. 😦

    1. Hi Sylvia, The wine and cheese tasting was a lot of fun…thank you. You will have to make plans with you son to do a tasting in his cellar.

    1. Hi Angelia, If you get the opportunity, I believe you would enjoy a wine and cheese tasting. I think we find certain wines or cheeses that we like and stick to them. There are so many wonderful ones just waiting to be tried.

  37. Karen, why have you been holding out, this looks like one of the best rooms in the house, complete with all of your favourite wines. Of course we live in apartment in humid and hot HK so this is not possible. However, have you heard of wine bars where you insert your card and electronically you can choose your own wines. That is the hip and growing trend here but personally having your hubby cork and pour would be the best service ever. Have a super weekend. BAM

    1. Thank you Bobbi, I’m glad you like our wine cellar. I haven’t heard about the HK wine bars…sounds interesting. I hope you have a nice weekend as well.

  38. Thank you for the grand tour, Karen! I don’t know why your posts haven’t come to my reader for a while… I may have to re-do the “subscription”.

    1. Hi Amy, I’m glad that you enjoyed the tour of the wine cellar. I think there has been a glitch lately as I have had problems with the reader as well. Thank you for your nice comment.

    1. Hi Joanne, You are right…a wine and cheese tasting is a lot of fun. I always dreamed of having a wine cellar and perhaps in the future you will have one as well. 🙂

  39. You have a great set up for your wine cellar. Is it usual for people there to have cellars? A simple tasting as you describe is a great way to spend time with friends, thanks for sharing your fun evening. Christina

    1. Thank you Christina, for your nice compliment…I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. As to your question, it is typical for people in New England to have a basement but I would say it is not that typical to have a dedicated wine cellar such as this one. We had the space on our basement that stays cool all year and I love wine. 🙂

  40. You have a lovely & great looking wine cellar! Very cosy too! 🙂 The wines you presented here look so interesting & I must taste them! I would happily be invited” chez vous! ” That cheese platter looks amazing too! I love the pairing of good or fab cheeses with the perfect wines! MMMMMM! A grand post, dear Karen! I would happily fly over any time! x

    1. Hi Sophie, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post about the wine cellar and tasting. I wish we were neighbors instead of being thousands of miles away. 🙂

    1. Hi Donna, I’m happy you enjoyed the cellar and tasting. I will definitely do a posting involving the apple cider during the fall.

  41. Wow, amazing cellar! That’s something to aspire to. At least in the meantime I can console myself that for me Whitestone Cheeses are probably a little easier to buy and cheaper, given that I’m in New Zealand! Looking forward to tasting some French cheeses and wines in 2 months when I go to Europe for a trip.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your nice compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The Whitestone Blue from NZ was delicious…I know you would enjoy it. Have a great trip to Europe where I know you will have some wonderful cheeses and wines.

    1. Thank you very much Phil…I’m glad you like our wine cellar. In New Hampshire, I purchase all my wine in state owned liquor stores after reading about them through reviews.

  42. How fun is this? Felt like I was right there in the cellar at the wine tasting. Exquisite! Please pass some more of the Pinot Noir. *grin*

  43. What a fun get together to enjoy wine and cheese. I love your wine cellar. So beautiful and it’ll be my dream to have one in the house. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. Those wine glasses are beautiful too. I’m going to check that out soon.

    1. Hi Amy, I’m glad that you enjoyed the wine and cheese tasting in the cellar. Aren’t the glasses lovely…I think you would like them.

  44. That’s an awesome looking wine cellar, Karen! We tend to buy half a dozen bottles at a time and before we know it, they’ve gone! No chance of stockpiling enough to fill one shelf. 🙂

    1. Thank you Jo, for your nice compliment. I know what you mean…when we go to Maine for the summer, I take a case of wine with me and I seems to disappear very fast.

  45. I love cheese and wine nights. just had one last week and the most difficult thing is really to stop eating and drinking… so good and addictive both cheese and wine. so jealous for your Sardinian cheese, never saw it in Sweden. and what a beautiful cellar…

    1. You are right Barbara…it is hard to stop enjoying a wine and cheese night. The pecorino with truffles from Sardinia was outstanding. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post about the wine cellar. Thank you as always for your nice compliment.

    1. Hi Nami, I hope that your husband gets the wine cellar that he dreams about some day. When I lived in Florida, my wine cellar would never have been possible.

  46. I LOVE wine tastings! There’s just something about getting to enjoy a few wines instead of just one 🙂 I can’t believe we’ve never see your wine cellar before,too!

    1. Hello my friend, I guess I should have given everyone a tour of my wine cellar before. I’m glad you enjoyed the post about the tasting…it is a fun way to experience new wines.

  47. Very, very envious of your wine cellar! What a wonderful place to relax and spend time with friends! Wine and cheese – my favorite thing to serve and be serve when hanging out. Need to check out those wines. Thanks for the recommendations!

    1. Thank you MJ, for your lovely compliment. I think we all enjoy wine and cheese and they do make for easy entertaining. I believe you will enjoy the wines we tried.

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