Peppers With Lamb And Rice Stuffing

Peppers With Lamb And Rice Stuffing flavored with aromatic spices and fresh herbs may bring back memories of a treasured recipe your family has passed down from one generation to the next. With stuffed vegetables being found in many ethnic cuisines, you may have had something similar at restaurant in your neighborhood or while traveling in exotic regions of the world.

Peppers With A Lamb And Rice Stuffing Served With Oven Roasted Tomatoes
Peppers With A Lamb And Rice Stuffing Served With Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Many different versions of my recipe can be found throughout countries bordering the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The spicy rice and lamb stuffing may remind you of the flavors found in Morocco, Turkey or Tunisia with its fragrant spices of cinnamon and cumin along with the heat coming from Harissa. What it is NOT is what you may have been served at a typical American diner. A bland green bell pepper stuffed with ground beef, covered with canned tomato sauce and then baked until the pepper is mush and the beef is hard and dry has given stuffed peppers a bad name.

You can see that I served my stuffed peppers with oven roasted tomatoes and I suggest you do so as well. The juices of the tomatoes roasted with fresh mint, oregano and drizzled with olive oil mingle with the stuffing once the two vegetables have been sliced opened. The flavors are a match made in heaven. If you decide to roast the tomatoes, you can prepare and roast them first and then place the peppers in the same roasting dish to bake while the tomatoes are resting.

Peppers With A Lamb And Rice Stuffing

Recipe serves four, adjust accordingly

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

  • 3/4 to 1 lb. of ground lamb
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1/2 large onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 c. cooked rice
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. smoked paprika
  • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp. salt or to taste
  • 1/4 tsp. allspice
  • 3 Tbsp. fresh mint, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. fresh oregano, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. flat leafed parsley, chopped
  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. Harissa* or to taste (I suggest adding the Harissa 1 tsp. at a time until you get the spicy heat you like, I used 3 tsp. as I like spicy food)
  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 4 yellow or red peppers, tops sliced off and saved, seeds and membranes removed, par cooked (I microwaved the peppers for 3 minutes until they just had a little give)
  • A couple Tbsp. each of olive oil and white wine added to casserole dish before baking

*Harissa is a hot North African condiment often used as a rub, in curries and stews. The fiery paste is made from hot red chilies, oil, garlic and spices. It can be found in cans, jars and tubes in most food markets. If unable to find, you could substitute the paste with Sriracha but the flavor will be a little different.

Add the lamb to a nonstick skillet and cook over medium heat until brown and just cooked through. Remove lamb with a slotted spoon and place in a large bowl, drain lamb fat from the skillet and add 1 Tbsp. of olive oil. Add the onion and sauté until translucent then add the garlic, cook for one minute and then add to the bowl with the lamb. Add the cooked rice to the lamb and onion mixture and combine. Add the remaining ingredients except the peppers and mix well. Taste and adjust the seasonings to suit your taste. Divide the mixture between the peppers and cover with the pepper tops. Place the peppers in small casserole dish where they will fix snugly. Add a little olive oil and white wine to cover the bottom of the casserole dish. Bake the peppers until the stuffing is heated through and they have just started to get a little brown, about 30 minutes. Plate the peppers and spoon any accumulated juices over the peppers.

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Wash tomatoes and dry. Slice the tops off the tomatoes and reserve. Place tomatoes and tops in a casserole dish. Season with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and chopped mint and oregano. Drizzle with olive oil and bake in a 350 oven until soft. Remove from the oven and let rest. The tomatoes are good warm or at room temperature. Just before serving you might want to drizzle with a little olive oil and some additional fresh mint.

If serving the roasted tomatoes with the stuffed peppers, mash the roasted tomato tops and add them to the lamb and rice mixture.


The peppers with lamb and rice stuffing are a flavorful and aromatic dish that I believe  you will enjoy.  Some people don’t care for lamb and if you are one of them, you can substitute ground beef or pork in this dish. You can also prepare a vegetarian version just using rice, perhaps adding some raisins or chopped apricots. For a little crunch, you might want to add some toasted pine nuts or slivered almonds.

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210 thoughts on “Peppers With Lamb And Rice Stuffing

  1. I grew up with the bland ground beef stuffed in a bell pepper and then covered with commercial pasta sauce. It’s what everyone ate. I haven’t had those since I was a kid and I don’t miss them. However, I would LOVE your peppers with lamb and rice. I can almost taste it from here.

    1. Hi Maureen, I also grew up with the bland peppers but these are outstanding. I’m glad you like them, thank you. My husband is still talking about how good they were..

  2. Karen, this looks so delicious! I love the spices & flavorings in this dish. I love anything North African. And – I just got a beautiful blue & white tangine for Christmas. I can’t wait to use it.
    I might be able to find lamb around here but it isn’t featured at the local grocery stores or even at the butcher I frequent. My mom used to serve lamb a lot when we we growing up. I bet some people don’t like lamb ’cause they never had it when they were young. Again – great dish and presentation!

    1. Thank you Cecile, for your very nice compliment. The seasonings in this recipe really create a wonderful flavor. Using your tangine would be a perfect way to cook the peppers. I think the lamb we buy now is much different from years ago. It used to be mutton which was older and stronger tasting, now it is mild flavored.

      1. That makes sense Karen. Mutton is mentioned so many times in books by Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen – I bet people used to get really, really sick of mutton!

    1. Hi Sam, The roasted tomatoes go so well with the stuffed peppers. I agree with you…my mother’s stuffed green peppers were a far cry from this recipe. I’m glad that you like the dish. Thank you for your compliment.

  3. Would you believe I never had a stuffed pepper? Yours sound, as you say, outstanding. Looking at your oven roasted tomatoes make me long for summer to arrive quickly especially since temp will be dropping to the single digit and lower tonight and into tomorrow.

    1. Hi Norma, it may be a good thing that you didn’t have the green peppers that some of us are familiar with. 🙂 As much as you like vegetable, I think you would really enjoy this recipe…it is very flavorful. I know what you mean about looking forward to summer as this winter is terrible so far. I was shoveling snow yesterday and thought it felt warm because it was 20 instead of being below zero.

    1. Thank you Kay, for your nice compliment…I’m glad you like the recipe. Yes, Turkey is definitely one of the countries known for their delicious lamb stuffed vegetables. Stuffed aubergine is very popular.

    1. Thank you Prudy, for your lovely compliment. Wish I could have shared them with you. I hope you will enjoy the recipe when you get the chance to make them.

  4. I really like the ingredients that you put in your peppers. It’s been years since I had a stuffed pepper…I would love to try this recipe!

    1. Hi Tessa, I’m glad you like the recipe. All the seasonings used in the stuffing really make the peppers delicious. Thank you for your compliment.

    1. Thank you Larry, for your nice compliment. Yes, some restaurants really don’t know what a good stuffed pepper should taste like. 🙂

    1. Hi Judy, I have to agree with you about lamb being a better choice than beef as it does have more flavor. I’m glad you like the recipe, thank you.

  5. I love stuffed bell peppers. I guess I like them so much because they remind me of my dad. They were probably his favorite supper. His were very good. Yours look like a recipe that he would really go for.

    1. Hi Karen, I’m happy to know that this recipe reminded you of your father’s love for stuffed peppers. This is a flavorful dish that I think he would have enjoyed. 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comment.

  6. What a perfect way to warm up a winter’s evening! For the longest time, I avoided stuffed pepper because of the reason you state – green bell peppers stuffed with no flavor or imagination. Upon moving to the Southwest, I realized the plethora of possibilities for stuffing peppers, and also the type of pepper! Maybe your recipe will be on our plates this week! (If I can get the ground lamb… otherwise, this weekend at the farmers market!)

    1. Hi David, Yes, those infamous green peppers stuffed with bland meat left a lot to be desired. I’m glad that you like the recipe and are going to be making them. You definitely have lots of different kinds of peppers to choose from when preparing this dish. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Jovina, I’m glad that you like the recipe. I hope your husband enjoys them as much as mine did…he is still talking about how good they were. 🙂

    1. Hi Louise, I’m happy that you like lamb and rice stuffed peppers. I really do think that all the seasonings used in this recipe gives them a wonderful taste. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  7. Beautiful meal, Karen. I can imagine the aroma and the flavors. I love stuffed bell peppers and these are top notch. I also love the pairing with the roasted tomatoes, another one of my favorites. Now, my mouth is watering, I’m hungry and it’s just after breakfast.

    1. Hi Richard, Sorry to have made you hungry early in the day but I’m glad you like the dish I prepared. The stuffed peppers and roasted tomatoes were perfect together. You are right about how good the meal smelled while it was cooking. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  8. This transports me in such a lovely way to my years spent in the Middle East, where I ate something similar often. Thank you for posting. Thinking of you with all this snow and cold and hoping you are toasty warm and snuggled in your lovely home.

    1. Hi Vicki, I can just imagine all the wonderful food you have enjoyed during your travels to the Middle East. I haven’t been out much in this winter weather…it is going to be a long, cold winter for many of us. Thank you for your nice comment, it is much appreciated.

    1. Hi Seana, I love roasting tomatoes…it is a nice way to bring out their flavor during the winter months when they aren’t perfectly ripe like a vine ripe summer tomato. Thank you for your nice compliment about the recipe and photo. 🙂

      1. I agree. Winter time is perfect for roasting tomatoes. We are fortunate enough to get them year round in this country so we should take advantage of the harvest from Canada! 🙂

  9. Love the sound of this spicie stuffing for the peppers. I’ve never seen minced lamb in the Limousin / France where I’s always leg,or,rack of lamb. What about minced pork or veal. I know with all those spices it wouldn’t be the same ,We have friends coming for lunch on Thursday think I’ll try it. . Thanks Karen for a new idea.

    1. Thank you Barbara, for your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you like the recipe and will be preparing it. One of the things I enjoy about blogging is all the things you learn about food in other parts of the world. I wouldn’t have thought finding minced lamb would be a problem in France. If you can’t find minced lamb, pork or veal will work…the flavor will just be different. I hope you enjoy the dish. 🙂

    1. Hi Christin, I appreciate your visit and lovely compliment…thank you! The herbs and spices do add a lot of flavor to this lamb stuffing.

  10. You’ve taken stuffed peppers to a new — and wonderful! — level. These look terrific — I love spicy food. And I don’t use enough lamb in my cooking. Odd, because it’s my favorite red meat. Terrific recipe. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, John…I’m glad you like the recipe. Lamb has so much flavor but unfortunately a lot of people have never tried it. One of my favorite dishes is a perfectly cooked rack of lamb.

  11. Oh my, but this brings back memories of the most divine stuffed vegetables that my grandmother used to make. I always remember thinking, when I would have them at other kids’ homes that my grandmother’s were so much better! Yours also sound great. I bet the Harissa just puts them over the top. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Hi Adri, I’m happy to know that my dish reminded you of the delicious stuffed vegetables that your grandmother used to make. My grandmother used to make me stuffed cabbage rolls for my birthday each year, they were outstanding. 🙂 You are right, the Harissa really makes the stuffing spicy and delicious.

  12. I keep telling myself I’m going to make stuffed peppers and I never do, but this recipe has all of the ingredients that I love and that truly seem perfect…and more interesting…than other recipes I’ve seen. This would make such a lovely dish for these very cold nights we’re having right now. Happy 2014, Karen!

    1. Hi Betsy, I’m happy to know that you like my stuffed pepper recipe. I agree that it is different and delicious. Thank you for your wish, I hope you will have a great year as well.

    1. Thank you Dedy, for your nice compliment. I know how you enjoy lots of spices in your cooking…I think you would like theses stuffed peppers.

    1. Thank you Anne, for your kind words…I’m happy to know that you like this dish. I think it really was a delicious meal. Your homemade Harrisa will be wonderful in this recipe. I hope you have a lovely year as well.

    1. Thank you Penny, for your nice compliment. I hope you will enjoy the recipe. I do remember when you had that meal with your friends. I enjoyed all those posts about your motorcycle trip. I rode on the back of my husband’s Harley for years and have great memories of our travels.

  13. That’s a good idea for my next lamb leftovers. I’ve made a more Italian type stuffed pepper with beef before, but lamb with harissa would be delicious 😉

    1. Hi Mad Dog, Knowing the foods that you like eating and cooking, I think this is a recipe you will enjoy a lot. Thank you for your nice comment.

  14. Oh these take me right back to my childhood – my mum used to make peppers stuffed with rice and mince (beef usually) . Really like the idea of adding harissa!

    1. Hi Afra, I’m happy that this dish brought back memories of the good stuffed peppers that your mother prepared for you. I think you would enjoy the addition of Harissa…it adds spiciness and flavor.

  15. Hi Karen, happy new year! I adore stuffed peppers, as my mother made them in the Hungarian way and they were sweet and succulent, stuffed with pork and veal mince, and rice, and cooked in a tomato broth. Your recipe sounds wonderful and the images are making my mouth water!

    1. Thank you Lizzy for your wish and lovely compliment. I know your mother’s Hungarian stuffed peppers must have been wonderful. My Polish grandmother made wonderful stuffed cabbage rolls that were memorable. I love all the ethnic recipes that our families have passed down to us.

    1. Thank you Boleyn, for your nice compliment. I do think you will enjoy the stuffed peppers…the Harissa adds a lovely spiciness and flavor.

    1. Thank you Shanna, for your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you like the recipe. The sweet yellow peppers and red roasted tomatoes did make for a colorful and delicious meal.

  16. You’re absolutely right Karen, this recipe does remind me of Moroccan flavours and aromas. My friend Barb gave me Harrisa for Christmas and I’ve been looking for something to with it! I bet your home smelled wonderful as you were baking these beauties!

    1. Hi Eva, The peppers are made with all the seasonings that I love in Moroccan dishes and throughout many other parts of North Africa. I think you will like adding Harrisa to a lot of recipes. It not only adds spiciness but flavor. You are correct about the aromas that filled the kitchen while this meal was in the oven. 🙂

  17. An old-time favourite of mine is the spiced up version that you made! I love the smoked paprika & the harissa in here the most,…yum Yum, of course! xx

    1. Hi Sophie, I’m happy that you like my stuffed peppers. You are right…the smoked paprika and Harissa add so much flavor to the dish. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Thank you Conor, for your compliment…I glad you like this meal. The flavors of the two dishes go very well together and their colors make for a nice looking plate of food. 🙂

    1. Hi Christina, If you enjoy stuffed peppers then I think you will really enjoy making them with lamb, the flavor is so good. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  18. As you know this is made in probably every Greek home and is one of my favourites. My only sorrow is that to buy the really large beef tomatoes over here in England costs a fortune and I have yet to find any really good ones. I have tried growing them myself but no real luck. I shall have to come over to you!!!

    1. Hi Maria, Yes, Stuffed vegetables are indeed very prevalent in Greek homes, especially using peppers and aubergines. The tomatoes I used were only about two inches in size…the ones they grow in hothouses during the winter. The tomatoes are not that great in flavor but roasting with olive oil and herbs brings out their flavor. Come summer, I’ll have delicious tomatoes from our garden in Maine. Wish you were a neighbor and then I could share some over the fence. 🙂

    1. Hi Lea Ann, I’m happy to know that you like the recipe. The flavors in this dish are so good and the Harrisa really adds to the overall goodness of the stuffing. Thank you for your compliment and pin, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  19. Sure, they’re not the focal point of the dish, but you’ve just reminded me how much I love roasted tomatoes. What a great way to concentrate flavors and sweetness. I always roast mine with a mixture of pesto and breadcrumbs on top and they’re SO good.

  20. How did you know? Have just come from the kitchen and the peppers in the fridge gave me the evil eye: ‘Get a move on, lady’!! And there is lamb mince there ~ so thank you for a wonderful recipe and I promise to make the tomatoes too 🙂 ! I learned to appreciate stuffed vegetables on my trips thru’ Italy as they so oft appeared as primo piatti at lunchtime. Actually made a vegetarian stuffed aubergine yesterday, but can more than bear two similar dishes in a week!!

    1. Hi Eha, I’m happy that my post seems to arrived into your email box just in time. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy the peppers and yes, do make the tomatoes to go with them. My husband and I loved this meal, I hope you will as well. Thank you for your nice comment.

    1. Hi Suzanne, I’m happy to know that I have created a dish that you are able to enjoy…that put a smile on my face. I know how hard it is for you to find dishes that you can eat without bad side effects.

  21. Lamb is one of my favorite meats – such a treat and I am loving all of the spices in these ground peppers. I will have to pick up some ground lamb next time I am at the store – I want to try these!

    1. Hi Becki, I’m happy to know that you enjoy lamb and want to try this recipe. The spices and fresh herbs really made this a winner. Thank you for your nice compliment and enjoy the dish.

    1. Thank you Meg, I thought t was a pretty dish too.I use red peppers a lot but with the tomatoes, I thought the yellow ones would be better. They were so sweet, I’m glad I used them.

  22. I think this looks delicious. I am not a fan of lamb. That said, it may be my fault since I am not familiar with how to cook it. It has always tasted gamey to me, but with these spices I am going to give it another try and if I still feel that way I am going to try italian sausage. Also what a great way to fix tomatoes when not in season.

    To Suzanne that can’t have onions or garlic I heard Mario Batali suggest fennel and extra celery to kick up the flavor. I don’t have that issue, but it may help her.

    1. Hi Madonna, Some of people think lamb can be gamey but young lamb isn’t strong tasting compared to what people refer to as mutton. There are some tricks to cooking it as well. If you are cooking a piece of meat, you should trim it well because most of the taste you are referring to comes from the fat. In this dish using ground lamb, I drained the lamb fat off after browning and used a little olive oil for the rest of the recipe. 🙂

      1. I agree about the gamey/muttony taste of lamb being in the fat. My favourite leg of lamb dish involves removing the bone and as much of the fat as possible and shaping the meat into a rectangle. Then I spread a pesto made with equal parts parsley and basil, ground walnuts instead of pine nuts and garlic, salt and pepper over the meat. (Lamb can stand up to the stronger flavour of walnuts rather than the milder tasting and more expensive, pine nuts.) I reroll the leg, tie it with twine and roast it over a bed of potato wedges seasoned with salt,pepper, dried rosemary and drizzled with just a bit of olive oil.

        The drippings from the lamb leg will further flavour the potatoes. It’s delicious.

      2. I’m glad you agree with me about the fat…well trimmed meat won’t have that gamey taste. I know your lamb leg must be delicious.

    1. Hi Sandra, I’m happy to know that you are going to try the stuffed peppers. Thank you for your compliment. Believe me, there is nothing bland about this recipe. Enjoy!

  23. Even when I was quite young I enjoyed stuffed peppers. My mother made them with really simple ingredients and they weren’t at all “elevated” with creative spices, but they just tasted good! I think the lamb would be a very nice taste and I like the spices you’ve added, too. I’ve not previously worked with Harissa, but we eat at several Middle Eastern restaurants, and I’ve probably tasted it. Thank you for the warnings…we’ll go easy at first! 🙂 My mom always just used green peppers…I love the colors. That would be my first choice, too! Lovely warm dish!

    1. Hi Debra, If you have eaten any spicy dishes at the Middle Eastern restaurants, then they probably used some Harissa. I thought I should put the note in about starting with just a little and then taste. I try to do that with all my recipes…you can always add more seasonings but it is hard to fix something that has too much. Thank you for your compliment, I hope you will enjoy the peppers.

    1. Hi Kathryn, I’m glad the recipe sounds good to you. It is funny about lamb, I never had it growing up. The first time I had lamb was after I was married.

    1. Hi Fae, Yes, I would imagine that my peppers would be just to your liking. Thank you for your compliment. No I haven’t used fenugreek on its own but it is in some of my spice blends. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Greg…I’m glad you like the recipe. Knowing that you enjoy lamb, I believe you will really like these.

  24. I stopped ordering stuffed peppers in restaurants years ago for the same reason you described Karen – green pepper with minimal stuffing and flavouring. Your recipe bursts with flavour!

    1. Hi Claire, I’m happy that you like the recipe…these peppers are definitely flavorful. It seems that bland stuffed green peppers aren’t limited to just the US.

    1. Thank you Southern, for your nice compliment and wish. You are right…this was a nice meal to enjoy on a cold night and boy it has been cold so far this winter. 🙂

  25. My mother made stuffed peppers all the time when we were growing up and I loved them. For some reason I don’t really make them now, but I’ll start again with this recipe. Love the idea of using ground lamb!

    1. Hi Agi, I think we all grew up with dishes that were handed down from generation to generation…I think stuffed peppers and other stuffed vegetables were some of those. I’m happy to know that you like this recipe using the lamb. I hope you will enjoy the peppers as much as my husband and I did.

    1. Thank you Carolyn, I’m happy to know that you like the stuffed pepper recipe. I agree that when winter weather gives us cold and gray days that we need a nice comforting dish lithe the stuffed peppers.

    1. Thank you Teresa, for your nice compliment. I do have to agree with you that this dish has a lot going for it. I appreciate your kind words about the recipe and the photo. 🙂

  26. Exquisite presentation and recipe as usual my friend! I adore lamb!! Growing up we used the freshest of sauces for our stuffed veggies as I am Greek. Canned sauce on top of ground beef is not for me either!! ♥

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Didi…I’m happy to know that you like the peppers. They are so much better than what I have had in restaurants.

    1. Thank you Jessica, for your nice compliment. Using lamb instead of beef in the stuffed peppers really adds so much taste to the dish.

  27. A great reminder of our time in Turkey, thank you Karen! They are so delicious and easy to make though I’m yet to try now that I’m back home and don’t have a lack of kitchen as an excuse! I think Turkey should be in your travel plans in the not too distant future. I know you’d love it!

    1. Hi Jenny, I’m glad this meal brought back memories of your trip to Turkey. I hope you get a chance to make these and see if they remind you of what you had during your visit. I think Turkey would be an interesting country to visit some day. 🙂

    1. Thank you Anneli, for your nice compliment and wish. I’m glad to know that you like all the spices and fresh herbs I used in the stuffed peppers. They really do give great flavor to the dish. I’m sure that you will have lots of peppers growing in your garden this summer. 🙂

    1. Hi Paula, I grew up with tuna stuffed tomatoes too. My mother never cooked lamb, I never had it until after I got married. 🙂 I’m happy to know that you like the lamb stuffing, I think it has a terrific taste. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Thank you Asmita, for your lovely compliment. I’m very happy to know that you like this meal…I was very happy with the way it turned out. 🙂

  28. How right you are about those hideous peppers you often get in restaurants. This looks really delicious, I can almost smell the sweetness of the onions and spices. great to make us all relook at this dish that’s so often abused. GG

    1. Thank you GG, I appreciate your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you agree with me about the questionable peppers served in many restaurants. I’m even happier to know that you like my lamb stuffed peppers. You are so right about the wonderful aroma and taste of these peppers…they were delicious. 🙂

    1. Hi Kelli, I’m glad you like the looks of the stuffed peppers. They are very flavorful made with lamb, I think you would enjoy them.

    1. Hi Tanya, I’m happy to know that you want to make the peppers…they do have the flavors found in North African cooking. I am still intrigued with the recipes that you and everyone else are talking about from the Ottolenghi cookbooks.

    1. Thank you Georgina, I’m happy to know that you like the meal. You are right about it not only being a tasty meal but a colorful one as well. 🙂

  29. I loved my mother’s stuffed peppers although I don’t know how she made them. I know it wasn’t with rice and certainly not anything like this. I think back on them as comfort food but these look like a wonderful new taste experience. You have a way of describing the flavors that makes my mouth water.

    1. Hi Diane, Isn’t it a shame that we remember wonderful dishes that were made by our families but don’t have the recipes. Actually, so many of them were prepared with “a little of this and a pinch of that” but all were made with love and that was the best ingredient of all. 🙂 I appreciate your very nice compliment…thank you!

      1. How true that is Karen. I only saw my mother refer to recipes for some things that she baked & when she went on a spree of trying recipes from Women’s Day magazine. I doubt there really was a recipe for her stuffed peppers but I do remember everyone looking forward to them being served.

      2. I know our families would be so please to know how much their recipes are still in our memories. We just have to try and recreate the flavors that we remember. 🙂

    1. Hi Celia, I’m happy to know that you like the recipe and want to make it with squash from your garden…I think it will be excellent.

  30. Leaving a comment is going to make me feel ever so slightly guilty. After the last couple of days of hectic goings on because of my last post I’m amazed at how you keep up with all of your comments/responses. I do love comments on my posts – but glad they only come through occasionally! 🙂
    Anyway, now I appreciate your taking the time to leave comments with my posts even more. This dish is so good. Even though I’m still not eating meat. However, Spring lamb will start to show up here in the South quite soon. So, when I start craving meat again I know what I’ll be starting off with! And love the inclusion of a little bit of allspice.

    1. Hi Johnny, Your comment made my smile. I love the interaction of commenting and replying to my readers. I think it is what I love most about blogging…I feel like I’m having a conversation with close friends. 🙂 When the day comes that you want to eat meat again, I think you will enjoy the peppers.

    1. Hi Raymund, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and that it reminded to to prepare some stuffed peppers. Thank you for your nice compliment…the lamb, spices and fresh herbs make these peppers very tasty.

  31. Stuffed tomatoes and peppers are very popular around the Mediterranean Sea. We also stuff them with rice, ground meat and raisins! You made one fine dish Karen!

    1. Hi Katerina, I appreciate your nice compliment. I know that stuffed vegetables are very popular in the Mediterranean countries. I had used all my raisins during the holidays but they are great to use in the stuffing mixture. 🙂

  32. Oh, they both look fabulous Karen! My dad used to make the BEST stuffed peppers ever. I’ve tried to recreate them, but without success. I even had my little one, Emma, make them last winter and although they were delish, they weren’t my dad’s. My brother thinks I’m chasing a fantasy, a memory. We’ll see, I haven’t given up yet!

    1. Hi Lidia, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post and two recipes. Never give up…our memories of good food is what makes us strive to create good food and recipes that hopefully others will remember once they have eaten our dishes. 🙂

    1. Hi Darryl, You made me smile with your comment. I’m glad that you agree the combination reflects everything that that we love about Mediterranean cooking. Thank you for your nice compliment. 🙂

  33. I know I you will be shocked to hear this….I like the bland green bell pepper stuffed with rice and covered in a sickly sweet tomato sauce 😉 But I also like all those other stuffed vegetables of the other cuisines you mentioned. Kousa mahshi is a favourite in our house, oooh and the wara einab, the stuffed grape leaves.
    Karen, your vegetables look absolutely wonderful. I love their colour and the stuffing has all those lovely crispy bits on top and those juicy tomatoes. I particularly love the Harissa, as you know I’m a bit of a fan of that 🙂

    1. Oh Nazneen, you gave me such a laugh! I’m glad you like my version of stuffed peppers even though they are not bland. 🙂 I would love to sit at your table and eat all your favorite stuffed vegetables, I know they must be delicious. The Harissa is a terrific addition, I think. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Hola, Gracias, le agradezco su buen compliement. Estoy feliz de que te haya gustado la receta. I want to thank you for your visit and your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you like the recipe.

  34. Karen, it’s such a pleasure to see a bit of summer in the middle of winter. I sometimes buy typically summer vegetables only to forget the cold weather. Your stuffed peppers look gorgeous!

    1. Hi Sissi, With all the cold gray days we have been having and lots of snow on the ground, I wanted a colorful and flavorful meal. I’m glad you like the peppers, they were terrific. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  35. What a fabulous meal Karen! Being a huge lamb lover I love the idea of a lamb stuffing, especialy with ALL of those wonderful spices! The lamb and rice look quite scrumptious stuffed into that bell pepper. And Roasted tomatoes – what a great side!! What a meal!

    1. Thank you MJ, for your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you like the meal I prepared. It was absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself. 🙂

    1. Hi Amy, I’m glad that you like the peppers stuffed with lamb. The spices and fresh herbs really made for a flavorful meal. Thank you for your compliment.

  36. Yup, these stuffed veggies definitely look anything but bland, Karen! I can just smell the spices and herbs, mmm mmm mmm! I’m kind of excited about the tomato and mint combination. I’ve never tried that before and I love both ingredients.

    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment Ruth, I’m glad you like this meal. It was as good as it looks. I believe you will really like fresh mint with tomatoes. In the summer when I have tomatoes from my garden, I like to make a salad using the tomatoes, cucumbers, crumbled feta, and black olives along with lots of fresh mint. I’ll make these peppers again this summer, using my grill as an oven. 🙂

  37. I actually never had stuffed peppers before (if we don’t count the typical Hungarian stuffed -yellow- peppers, that is a completely other thing), your version looks delicious and I particularly like the tomatoes! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you “While he was out”, for stopping by for a visit. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post and photo. The roasted tomatoes are very good and were a great compliment to the peppers. 🙂

    1. Hi Julie, Thank you for your nice wish and compliment. I’m glad you like the stuffed peppers. I think anyone that live where it is cold and snowy like we do needs a colorful and comforting meal like this.

    1. Hi Wendy, Peppers are such a great vessel for holding savory stuffings. I’m glad you like the recipe…the peppers were very good with the lamb and rice filling.

  38. I really need to get on board with harissa spice mixture as I know my boys would love it. It makes originally stuffed peppers into extraordinary stuffed peppers. Take Care, BAM

    1. Hi Bobbie, I keep a tube of harissa in the refrigerator and use it often. It not only adds spice but a lot of flavor to a dish. These peppers really were good, I’m glad that you like them.

  39. Mmm, I love stuffed peppers and your lamb version looks particularly delicious. I especially love the roasted tomatoes on the side!

    1. Hi Amy, If you like stuffed peppers, then I believe you would really enjoy this recipe. The roasted tomatoes were the perfect accompaniment. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Thank you for the link Andrea. I’m happy to know that you and your family enjoyed the stuffed peppers. It is always nice when someone takes the time to let me know that they prepared one of my recipes.

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