Carolina Inspired Pulled Pork Sandwich

Juicy, melt in your mouth pork is wonderful served as part of a main meal but it also makes a great sandwich. Inspired by the pulled pork sandwiches I enjoyed in South Carolina during a road trip two years ago, I used pork shoulder that was braised with beer and onions in a slow cooker, then shredded to make my version of a Carolina pulled pork sandwich.

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich With Coleslaw And Beans
Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich With Coleslaw And Beans

If you travel between North and South Carolina or even east to west in either state, you will come across different versions of pulled pork sandwiches. In some areas, the whole pig is slowly smoked, then chopped and mixed together. In other areas, just the pork shoulder is smoked for sandwiches. Even the sauce varies from region to region.

In some parts of the Carolinas, pulled pork sandwiches will be made with a very thin vinegar and red chili flake sauce. In other sections of the states, the sandwiches will be prepared with a tomato and mustard based sauce. If you travel in other parts of the US and order a pulled pork sandwich, you will probably encounter one prepared with a thick, sweet sauce.

The sandwich I enjoyed the most while traveling in South Carolina was prepared with a thin vinegary mustard and brown sugar sauce that was full of flavor but still let the taste of the pork come through.

Carolina Inspired Pulled Pork Sandwich

Serves 4, adjust the recipe accordingly

Carolina Style BBQ Sauce (makes about 1 cup sauce)

  • 1/2 c. mustard
  • 3 Tbsp. cider vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. water
  • 1 Tbsp. butter
  • 3 Tbsp. brown sugar
  • 3 Tbsp. sugar
  • 1 tsp. ancho chili powder
  • 1 tsp. chipotle chili powder
  • 1 tsp. smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp. black pepper
  • 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 1/4 tsp. soy sauce
  • Optional ingredient – a tsp. or two of liquid smoke can be added for a smoky flavor but I don’t think it is necessary

Mix all the ingredients together in a small sauce pan and simmer for about 10 minutes.

  •  pulled pork (Recipe for beer braised pork can be found here)                                        I used about 4 cups of the shredded pork to prepare four sandwiches
  • buttered and toasted buns

Add the pulled pork to the BBQ sauce in the pan and simmer until heated through.

Place meat on a buttered and toasted bun and serve.


A lot of people in the Carolinas like their pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw. Since I grew up in Texas where a sandwich is all about the meat, I served the coleslaw on the side along with a slice of sweet red onion, dill pickle chips and spicy ranch beans. While on the subject of Texas, if you order a BBQ sandwich there it is often prepared with smoked beef brisket that is sliced or chopped. The meat is usually served plain on the bun with a choice of sauces served on the side.

Whether you like a pulled pork sandwich with a tangy vinegar and mustard based sauce or prefer one that is prepared with a thick sweet sauce, one thing I believe we can all agree on is that slowly braised pork makes for a mouthwatering dish. A pork shoulder is usually large enough to provide enough meat for more than one meal. I cooked a four pound pork shoulder for two people. There was enough meat to not only prepare the sandwiches but pork tacos as well. I also had  plenty of pork left to create a third dish which I will share with you at a later date.

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196 thoughts on “Carolina Inspired Pulled Pork Sandwich

    1. Thank you Kay, I’m glad you like the recipe. I prefer my sandwiches on the simple side but it will be interesting to see what most people prefer. 🙂

    1. Hi Maureen, I’m happy to know that you like the pulled pork sandwich. So you are one of the people who like the slaw on your sandwich…I know it is very popular served that way. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mandy, I’m glad like the pulled pork sandwich…it was delicious. We had them for dinner and then again for lunch the next day so we think alike. 🙂

  1. When we moved to Texas, we were introduced to the pulled beef brisket sandwich. In fact, our city wasn’t exactly a mecca for fine dining but the barbecue was wonderful. From there, we moved to Charleston, S.C. and found yet another form of delicious barbecue. I now do both on occasion and your version is making me very hungry.


    1. Hi Bonnie, Isn’t it interesting how different parts of the country cook barbecue so differently. I’M glad you like my version,it was very good. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  2. On a smaller scale than all the barbecue joints in the Carolinas, I love putting a small pork sirloin roast in the pressure cooker, cooking it to oblivion before shredding it and dousing it in a sweet, lemony ketchup based sauce. My son would drive 100 miles for a sandwich. I love your sauce here. I can’t wait to change things up and try your recipe.

    1. Hi Karen, I haven’t used my pressure cooker in a long time but it certainly would be a quick way to make pulled pork. I think you will enjoy the sauce…I’ll be making it this summer in a larger quantity for grilling. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  3. That does look absolutely mouth watering Karen. I’m intrigued with the sauce, that you call it vinegary, I adore vinegar so I’m sure I would live this sauce. Even though I’m from Ontario, I also prefer my slaw on the side.

    1. Hi John, I’m glad you like the sauce recipe. My husband and I really enjoyed the savory sauce…it went very well with the richness of the pork.

  4. I was surprised to see soy sauce listed as one of the ingredients in the BBQ sauce, very interesting. Your cole slaw looks healthy and colorful. Hope you post the recipe.

    1. Hi Norma, I like using soy sauce in lots of dishes as I think it adds a nice depth of flavor. I’ll be using this sauce a lot when we are grilling this summer. I’ll be happy to do the coleslaw recipe in the future. 🙂

    1. Hi David, Thank you for your nice compliment. Sorry to have made you hungry again, I guess I should post closer to lunchtime for you. You will have to have an early lunch. 🙂

  5. Delicious – I go more for savoury than sweet, but I have had some great barbecue pork from roadside stalls in Georgia with a good spicy sauce that wasn’t over sweet 🙂

  6. I am actually salivating as I read this, remembering my mother’s own mustard sauce for grilled pork. Lovely, lovely recipe.

    1. Thank you Vicki, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it brought back nice memories of your mother’s cooking. I really think the mustard sauce goes very well with pork.

  7. This sounds delicious Karen! I remember when we made BBQ from each of the Carolinas. Both were equally good, but so different. I like the combo of mustard, vinegar and brown sugar you’ve done here. It sounds delicious!

    1. Thank you Kristy, for your nice compliment. I’m glad you like the recipe. Isn’t it funny how the BBQ is different in the two states. I really like this savory mustard sauce.

    1. Thank you Seana, for your nice compliment, we thought the sandwiches were really good. I hope you will enjoy the recipe if you get the chance to make the pork.

    1. Hi Jovina, I was pleased with the way the pork turned out cooking it in the beer and the Carolina sauce was perfect with it. I know a lot of people like the coleslaw on top…I’m glad I’m not the only one that likes it on the side. 🙂

  8. I love pulled pork! But hold the coleslaw on my sandwich, please — it just tastes better to me as a side, rather than part of the sandwich. Although I’m most often drawn to tomato-based sauces (although not too sweet — I like mine spicy, with a nice vinegar kick), when it comes to pulled pork the best sauce really may be the thin vinegary type. With loads of red pepper flakes! Or other spicy stuff. Good sauce recipe, good sandwich. Thanks.

    1. Hi John, I’m glad you are in my camp about having the coleslaw on the side. I like a spicy sauce too, actually I like most BBQ sauces except really sweet ones. I was pleased with this mustard sauce as I think it goes well with the succulent flavor of the pork. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Thank you Madonna, I’m happy to know you like the recipe. I think a toasted bun really adds to the overall goodness of the sandwich…I’m glad you agree.

    1. Hi Phil, I too found it interesting about all the regional variations. I hope you enjoy the recipe when you get a chance to prepare it. Thank you for nice compliment.

    1. Thank you Liz, for your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that you like the recipe. I hope you enjoy the pulled pork when you get a chance to try it.

  9. I’ve only had Carolina style pork sandwiches in a restaurant and fell in love. Wonder why I’ve never tried making this at home? Thanks for the recipe Karen.

  10. Hey Karen, This post is looking so good and Amazing! A very well made post with beautiful pictures. I’ve bookmarked this special recipe of yours and would love to give it a shot soon. Thanks for sharing your well prepared and presented posts. Shall look forward to your next post.
    Have a wonderful week ahead. we are eagerly waiting for sun :)) Take care.
    Thanks & Regards, Sonia!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sonia. I appreciate your lovely compliment…I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.

  11. This sounds so wonderful. Have cooked pulled pork but never with this sort of sauce. I have 2 joints left from our Berkshire pigs in the freezer and very tempted to use one in this way, yum.

    1. Thank you Andrea, I’m happy to know you like the sandwich. I think you would enjoy the mustard sauce…it really adds to the flavor of the pork.

  12. I don’t know of anywhere you can go and find such a diversity of BBQ in such a short distance and they are all rabid about theirs Mustard fan that I am, I’ve yet to find a mustard sauce that really turns me on (that may be an age issue :-), so I may have to give yours a try.

    1. I have to agree with you, Larry. Everyone in the Carolinas seem to be stanch supporters of a their own version of sauce. I was pleased with the mustard sauce and I hope you will like it if you give it a try. 🙂

  13. I knew I saw pulled pork on your blog recently! This sandwich looks even more fabulous than the tacos! A vinegary sauce sounds so intriguing too… Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!

    1. Hi Sissi, I know you are like me about not liking food that is too sweet so I think you would enjoy the mustard sauce. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Hi Suzanne, You are right, the pulled pork is a nice dish to make for a family as you get so many servings out of the shoulder. As you can see from my other posts, there are so many different dishes you can make with the pork. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  14. Gosh, I’m trying to think of the name of this place in Chapel Hill, NC that had the best pulled pork ever. They also served up a pretty hefty breakfast too. It was in this little house off on a side street … Hmmm, if it had been in NH I would have thought it was your house!

    1. Hi Diane, There really are some great little places to get pulled pork in the Carolinas. Wish you had been in our neighborhood when I made the pulled pork, I’d loved to see how my pork and the sandwich compared.

    1. Hi Kelli, I’m glad you like the photo and appreciate your compliment. If you get a chance to make the Carolina pulled pork this weekend, I hope you will enjoy it.

    1. Hi Tandy, I hope you will enjoy the recipe. If you can’t find ancho chili powder, you could either leave it out or substitute with another chili powder that you like.

  15. Karen, this looks so delicious – we love pulled pork sandwiches, especially with a nice coleslaw on the side – your version sounds wonderful and your presentation is just fabulous! What a fantastic recipe – certainly a meal that my family would adore! And the perefect kind of food to enjoy at this time of year when the weather outside inspires us to prepare wonderful comfort food like this!

    1. Thank you Andrea, for your kind words. I appreciate your lovely compliment. I agree with you about the pork sandwiches being comfort food. We hardly ever have a sandwich for our dinner but we certainly did enjoy this meal. 🙂

  16. I’m determined to buy myself a slow-cooker if only so I can make pulled pork! I love the look of this and I would agree that liquid smoke isn’t necessary – sometimes it’s so overwhelming it totally takes over from the flavour of the pork. This looks amazing xx

    1. Hi Charlie, Thank you for your nice compliment. I think you would really enjoy having a slow cooker. It is great for anyone with a busy schedule like yours. It works so well with a piece of meat that needs low and slow cooking to make it fork tender.

    1. Thank you Ray, for your nice compliment. My husband and I really enjoyed this meal. I appreciate your nice wish, this is a travel day for us. If we are able to get home today with a snowstorm going on, I think it will be a very good week. Hope you have a great week as well. 🙂

  17. I must admit to loving the coleslaw inside the bun, but would never refuse it outside either. The weather is warming up but we still crave comfort foods in crock pots.

  18. This looks really delicious. I, too, wouldn’t imagine putting cole slaw on top of my sandwich. I like to let the meat shine. I’m originally from Maryland and I’ve never even heard of people doing this!

    1. Thank you Famished, I’m glad you like the recipe. Coleslaw on this sandwich is very popular but I’m with you, I think I’ll keep mine on the side for the time being. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sonia, for your sweet wish. We did have a wonderful time in Florida celebrating our anniversary and seeing our family. Now we are at the airport hopeful that our flight won’t be canceled as we try to make our way back home to New Hampshire. 🙂

    1. Hi Lisa, I really liked this vinegary mustard sauce on the pork…it went very well. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thank you. I think you would love the Carolina’s. 🙂

    1. I’m with you, I do enjoy BBQ. The only thing I don’t really care for is a very sweet sauce. It appears that several people agree with you about having the sandwich with or without the coleslaw.

    1. Hi Afra, You really had me giggling with your oohs and aaahhhs. I’m glad that you like the looks of the sandwich…I thought it was terrific. 🙂

    1. Thank you Megan, for your nice compliment. I’m happy that you liked the post…I agree with you about pulled pork. It was delicious in this sandwich.

  19. I always come away hungry after looking at your photos! After you posted the pulled pork tacos, I made a big pulled pork and seasoned it so it could be made into barbecue sandwiches or tacos. It was gone in no time! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Jan, I’m happy to know that you enjoy my posts and that they have inspired you. I appreciate you letting me know that you made pulled pork and enjoyed it…thank you. 🙂

  20. Would you believe that I had almost this exact same dish a few nights ago?! Well, the pork was no doubt cooked differently, but it was a pulled pork sandwich, slaw, lovely sauce… the flavours are still fresh in my mind and are, along with this photo, making me salivate again!

    The people I was with served the pulled pork with fried mushrooms which thought was a bit… weird… I just ate them separately as a “side snack” and kept them out of my delicious sandwich! 😀

    1. Hi Charles, I’m glad you got to enjoy a pulled pork sandwich recently…they are so good. I think I would have eaten the fried mushrooms on the side as well.

    1. Thank you Juliana, for your nice compliment. I agree that crunchy slaw goes very well with the very tender pulled pork sandwich. I hope you have a nice week as well.

  21. Funny. We are in NC and just stopped at a BBQ place. I asked the owner why the BBQ didn’t taste as sweet as I remember from living in western NC. She went through a long explanation similar to your description. She said it was one of the SC variations I remembered. Fun stuff! While I love all of it, I definitely have some favorites. Hoping to do a post about the version we had tonight (she gave me a general description of the process). Of course, that might be a while!

    1. Hi Jeannee, I hope you are enjoying your time in North Carolina. Isn’t it funny how different the BBQ is in such a small area. I bet you could eat a pork sandwich every day during your travels and the sauce would be very different. 🙂

  22. Hi Karen, we love pulled pork, and it’s an especially hearty sandwich on a cold winters day – when you have snow up to your eyeballs! LOL! Thanks for the recipe I can’t wait to try it!

    1. Hi Mary, I’m glad you like the recipe. Hearty food helps combat the cold weather which we have certainly had our share of. Let’s all think warm thoughts and maybe all this snow will start to melt. 🙂

  23. Karen, you reached my foodie soul. Who doesn’t love pulled pork?! Crazy people!! Isn’t it awesome when you travel and you eat something amazing, and it sticks with you? You remember where, when, the experience, the tastes, the smells….seems you understand! I’m gonna have to try this one, I actually need a good bbq sauce. Who even buys bbq from a bottle?! Not this girl! Thanks for the recipe 😉

    1. H Kelly, Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I appreciate your lovely compliment about the pulled pork sandwich. I hope you will enjoy the Carolina mustard sauce.

  24. You are right about different sauces Karen. I am a NC gal and like my vinegary red sauce. But I too like my slaw on the side. Beautiful photos. Really made me hungry.

    1. Hi Penny, I have really enjoyed hearing from my Carolina friends in regards to the various versions of sauce for a pulled pork sandwich. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and photo…thank you for your nice compliment.

  25. It is interesting how this preparation changes with the territory, but I think it is pretty darn good no matter how it is done. I will have to give this version a go. It sounds delicious!

    1. Hi Adri, I agree with you about how good a pulled pork sandwich is. It really is interesting as to the many variations of sauces and whether coleslaw goes on the sandwich or is served on the side. I hope you will enjoy this version and thank you for your compliment.

    1. Hi Sandra, I’m glad to know that pulled pork is popular at your home as well. Thank you for your nice compliment and I hope you will enjoy this version but topped with the coleslaw. 🙂

  26. I am really enjoying your pork recipes, Karen. There has been a lot of conversation about pork in our family lately. While with family at our latest get-away this topic came up because about half the group won’t eat pork and the other half craves it. This made for some interesting conversations, and my conclusion was that we need to serve it more often so that those who enjoy can get their fill, and all others can do their own thing. 🙂 I am wondering about the regional aspect, since you bring up the Carolinas. Also, when we were at a family reunion in Mississippi a few years ago the “highlight” (for some) was the whole roast pig, ribs and I don’t know what else. I could be completely wrong on this, because my knowledge is such a small sample, but I don’t really think pork is “big” in California. I don’t see it widely served, except for ham, and now I’m so curious. The slow-cooked method would be very appealing, and I’m really quite genuine in saying I’m appreciative of the recipes. My son-in-law is one who loves pulled pork, yet my daughter and his very own mother won’t eat it. LOL! I think it’s going to be me. 🙂

    1. Hi Debra, I’m happy that you enjoyed this and my other posts on pork recipes. Since pork is “considered the other white meat”, I tend to use it often. I think it has lots of flavor but you do have to know how to cook it to avoid it becoming dry as it tends to be very lean. I do think you will find pork dishes to be very regional but the Carolina’s seems to be the most diverse that I have ever encountered. I believe that anyone in your family that tries this sandwich would enjoy it…the mustard sauce goes very well with the pulled pork. 🙂

    1. Hi Raymund, I do think you will enjoy the pulled pork with the mustard sauce. I can’t wait to try it with meats that I grill this summer…it is so good. I hope you enjoy the recipe…thank you for our nice compliment.

  27. This looks like a delicious recipe, Karen, that i will try the next time I make this dish! I made pulled pork in a crock pot for sandwiches for Superbowl Sunday. Like you, I served coleslaw on the side. It really was a fun party meal, as everyone made their own sandwich and as many as they liked!

    1. Hi Pat, Pulled pork is perfect when you are having a crowd and a slow cooker makes it so easy. I’m glad you like my version and hope you will enjoy it the next time you serve this dish.

    1. Thank you Christin, for your nice compliment. I’m happy to know that someone that lived in both North and South Carolina approves of my version of pulled pork. It seems that most people from the Carolinas do like the coleslaw as part of the sandwich. 🙂

    1. Hi Carolyn, It seems that everyone in the Carolinas has their own favorite pulled pork dish. Perhaps your husband might enjoy this recipe…my husband and I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    1. Hi Jess, Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I appreciate your nice compliment and I’m glad you like my photos. I hope you will enjoy the recipe…I think it really compliments the pulled pork.

    1. Hi Carolyn, It sounds like my post was perfect timing for you with your experiments with pulled pork. You can try this recipe, the one for tacos and I’ll be posting a third way that I used pulled pork in the future. Thank you for your nice comment. 🙂

  28. I keep looking for a pulled pork sandwich that’s gonna ‘do it for me’ – and this looks like it! Great recipe !! I plan to be heading ‘down south’ soon – do you have any ‘gotta see’ places in South Carolina?? ; o )

    1. Hi Cecile, I’m happy to know that you like m recipe for a pulled pork sandwich…my husband and I thought it was delicious. I’ll get back to you with a couple of suggestions…what towns do you plan to visit.

  29. PS – I think you’re smart to have your blog’s name listed for when people ‘Pin’ one of your recipes. I’ve been trying to do that as well… Before, they used to have something like ‘use this one – No. 4’ !! ; o )

    1. Hi Cecile, I appreciate you nice compliment but please don’t give me credit for anything on how to “Pin” my recipes. I’m not techie and I can’t tell you what to do. What you see is what you get…everything is accidental. 🙂

    1. Thank you Carolyn, for your nice compliment. It seems that any of us who have tasted the pulled pork served in the Carolinas have wonderful memories of its delicious taste. I hope you and your husband enjoy my version if you get a chance to give it a try.

    1. Thank you Katerina, for your nice compliment. I think you would enjoy pulled pork. Cooking pork or beef until it is so tender that it pulls apart with a fork is very delicious and can be used in many dishes.

    1. Hi Michael, Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I’m happy to know that you enjoy my blog and recipes. Oh yes, a pork shoulder cooked low and slow in a smoker is absolutely the best. I appreciate you nice compliment about my plate…it really was good.

      1. Good evening Karen, thanks for visiting my site. Where in England are you located? My wife and I have been trying to decide to either vacation in England, France or Germany but we are having a hard time deciding. I have spent a lot of time in Germany, Sweden, France but she has never been to Europe.

        Michael 🙂

      2. I don’t live in England, Michael. I live in New England…New Hampshire to be exact. My husband and I travel to Europe most every year. The last couple of years we have been to France, Germany and Austria. Three years ago, Italy was also part of the itinerary. If you check back to my posts during the months of September and October since I’ve been blogging, you can read about where we have traveled. They might be helpful in planning a trip to Europe.

    1. Thank you Betsy, for your nice compliment. I thought the sauce was a real winner and will be making it again this summer when we are grilling up at the lake.

    1. Thank you Greg, for your nice compliment. We would think we talked on the phone about what we were planning on cooking. I won’t be doing any outdoor cooking until May so I’m jealous of you being able to use your smoker this time of the year.

  30. My husband and son would be in heaven if this landed on their plates for dinner. I like the idea of the thinner sauce allowing for the flavor of the pork to shine through as opposed to smothering it in bbq sauce.

    1. Hi Kristi, It sounds like your guys are like my husband…he loved this meal. I really liked the sauce because it didn’t overpower the pork. Thank you for your nice compliment.

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Nancy. I’m happy to know that you like the meal I prepared. It is indeed interesting that there are so many versions of a pulled pork sandwiches in the south with various sauces to accompany them. It seems that you are one of many that like the slaw piled on the sandwich itself. I guess I’m going to have to try it some day. 🙂

    1. Hi Liz, I’m glad you like the pulled pork sandwich. I love cooking a pork shoulder…we get a lot of delicious meat and it usually can be bought for a very good price.

  31. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that my husband is from South Carolina. He’s had many a pulled pork sandwich in his time, of course, having married me, we don’t eat pork anymore but I make this with beef and chicken.
    I sure love the recipe for your BBQ sauce and I’ll be sure to try this homemade one out. Love the look of your plate! Yummy!

    1. Hi Nazneen, I don’t remember your mentioning that you husband was from South Carolina. I do think you both will like this sauce…I’m going to be making a larger quantity when we go up to Maine for the summer. I think it will be good on a lot of the things I grill. I appreciate your nice compliment, I’m glad you like the looks of the plate of food.

  32. Be still my heart! As a resident of South Carolina and a fanatic about mustard-based pulled pork, I am in heaven having found a tried and true recipe to make at home! We love this yellow stuff so much that we had it for our daughter’s wedding reception. Although it was purchased from the famous SC eatery in Columbia, and not home-made, all of our Northern wedding guests went crazy over it. We have to have bottles of the stuff to take to relatives now! I’m so glad that you shared your recipe Karen! I can’t wait to make it! YUM-MO!

    1. Thank you Roz, I appreciate you kind words. I really like the mustard sauce much more than the sweet barbecue sauces. It doesn’t overpower the flavor of the meat like some tomato based sauces can do. I hope you will like my version. 🙂

  33. A great “ode” to Carolina BBQ Karen. I have traveled many highways and bi-ways of both Carolinas and had much BBQ along the way and think it is some of the best don’t you? I have never made it but I think I am getting inspired by your mouth-watering photo.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Teresa. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I do have to agree with you about how much I like this Carolina style BBQ. You definitely need to make this someday…it is super easy.

    1. Hi Bobbie, I’m glad you like the sauce…I thought it was terrific. I can just imagine your boys eating these sandwiches, I bet they would want the meat piled high. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  34. I was sure that I had commented on this post as I love pulled pork even though I’ve only made it once, as a filling for tamales. It had to force myself to actually use it for the tamales after filling a few buns with the tasty meat.

    1. Hi Boleyn, I thought you had too. I went back through all the comments, even checking spam. I think we are both thinking about your comment on the pulled pork tacos. Anyway, thank you very much for your visit and comment today. Tamales are a great way to use pulled pork. I made them a couple of times but it was years ago.

    1. Hi Susan, I do hope you get a chance to try the Carolina version, my husband and I loved it. I agree with you about cole slaw going so well with pulled pork.

  35. Just love Pulled pork, but nothing I would cook for me as a lonely diner. Living in UK is was found on nearly every pub … but now it has taken on over here too – I buy mine ready made, comes from Denmark. Very good product, but I have to freeze half of it. I will eat it as tacos next time ..
    At times I wish I had a big family to cook for .. so I could try out all fantastic dishes .. being served by you and others.

    1. Hi Viveka, I know what you mean about some things being too much to cook for just one person. Even cooking for the two of us, I made three different meals from the pork.

  36. I’m currently going through your back catalogue, pretty much drooling over EVERYTHING! I am obsessed with slow cooking and I’m loving your braised, saucy and delicious meat dishes. Pulled pork is a new favourite of mine. I’ve made it a few times this summer but I’ve been limited by the heat over here and the fact that our little apartment heats up quickly. I’m definitely bookmarking your version for later in Autumn, I want to make the whole monty with the beans and coleslaw! Yummm. Seriously good food Karen! xx

    1. Hi Laura, I thank you for taking the time to go through my posts and I appreciate your nice compliment about them. Slow cooking is a wonderful way to get achieve tender meat with lots of good flavor. When your weather cools down, I hope you will enjoy this meal as much as my husband and I did.

    1. Hi Ducky, This has to be one of my favorite sauces yet. I’ll be making a larger quantity this summer as I think it will go great with lots of meats cooked on the grill.

    1. Thank you Southern, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post and recipe. I think this may be my favorite sauce for barbecue.

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