Tart With Shortbread Crust…As Easy As Pie

With Thanksgiving just days ahead and Christmas next month, if a pumpkin, pecan or apple pie is one of the desserts you will be serving during the holidays, then your pie making is probably in full swing by now.

Apple Tart With Lattice Crust

Apple Tart With A Lattice Crust

On the other hand, does the thought of making a pie crust have you questioning the old saying, “easy as pie“. If you are one of those people who think a golden, flaky crust like the one pictured above is unobtainable, then you should try preparing a fruit tart with a shortbread crust that my husband enjoys making.

Caramelized Apple Tart With Shortbread Crust

Caramelized Apple Tart With Shortbread Crust

You don’t have to worry about the dough sticking to the rolling pin or to your counter. Actually, you can forget about having to roll the dough at all. There is also no worrying about if the dough will hold together or crack when you transfer it to the pan as this crust is simply pressed into a tart pan. The dough itself is sweeter, softer and less flaky than a dough you would roll. I would describe the dough as being a cross between a pie crust and a sugar cookie with its crumbly, light and tender texture. The dough is very similar to pâte sucrée which is the base for many of the sweet tarts made throughout the world. This quick and easy  shortbread crust will definitely make your holiday pie and tart baking much easier if you have had problems with rolling dough in the past.

While my husband often makes double crust and lattice top pies with apples or pears from our orchard, a pear tart with a shortbread crust is one of my favorites. I can give you his exact recipe for the crust because baking requires some precision. Unfortunately, he doesn’t usually measure when it comes to the filling, instead letting his creative side rule. Each time he makes one, it looks and tastes a little different but it is always delicious.

Pear And Ginger Tart With Shortbread Crust

Pear And Ginger Tart With Shortbread Crust

Sweet Shortbread Crust

This recipe makes enough dough for a single crust that will fit an 11 inch tart pan, adjust the recipe accordingly.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

  • 1 1/2 c. all purpose flour
  • 3/4 c. confectioner sugar
  • 1 1/2 sticks cold butter (3/4 c.) cubed
  • a pinch of salt

Combine the flour, confectioner sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl and mix until combined. Add in the butter and using your hands, work the cubes into the flour and sugar until you end up with a fine, crumbly mixture. Continue working the mixture between your fingers until it clumps together and forms a soft dough. Form the dough into a disc and wrap in plastic wrap. Place the dough in the refrigerator for at least 15 minutes to rest and firm up.

Lightly spray an 11-inch tart pan (with a removable bottom) with cooking spray and dust lightly with flour. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and take a little bit of the dough at a time and using your fingertips, pat it into the bottom of the tart pan and evenly up the sides about an 1/8 inch thick. Let the dough extend about a 1/4 inch over the rim, trimming if necessary, to make it even. Place in the freezer for 15 minutes. This will help keep the crust from shrinking once it is in the oven. After 15 minutes, remove from the freezer and prick the bottom of the dough all over with a fork. Bake the crust in a preheated 375 degree oven  for 15 minutes or until light golden brown. Remove from oven and place on a rack to cool. Add your favorite fruit filling and bake for about 30 minutes or until the juices start to bubble. Remove from the oven and let cool on a rack before cutting.


When my husband was a young boy, he used to like to sit on a stool at the edge of the kitchen counter and watch his grandmother cook. He constantly reminisces about all the wonderful food she made without having to check a cookbook for exact amounts or temperatures…it was just part of her daily cooking routine. By watching his grandmother, he developed an appreciation of good food and enjoys cooking as much as I do. I would share more of his dishes but I just can’t get him to measure. Instead, when he prepares a dish he goes by instinct much as his grandmother did.


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I travel the back roads of New England and beyond, sharing great food and interesting places.
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182 Responses to Tart With Shortbread Crust…As Easy As Pie

  1. Wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here in South Africa. Such a wonderful holiday.
    Lovely pastry and tart Karen.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mandy, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that we share with friends each year. The tarts really are pretty, I’m lucky that my husband likes to bake. Thank you for your wish and I hope you have a nice week as well.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Delicious – I wish I was coming to your house for Thanksgiving 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mad Dog, It would be great fun to share a meal with you. Actually, for Thanksgiving we would take you to our friends home where we all contribute to the meal much like you and your friends often do. The pear tart will be one of the desserts as our hostess says she has been dreaming about it since she had it at our home last week. 😀

  3. Karen, this looks amazing! Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  4. Cecile says:

    Great recipe!! I love the idea of a shortbread crust ’cause 1. it’s delicious 2. NO ROLLING !! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Karen !

    • Karen says:

      Hi Cecile, My husband really thinks this is an easy crust to prepare. I can testify to it being delicious. 🙂 Thank you for your wish, I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving as well.

  5. Madonna says:

    I am a little envious of people that can just bake/cook by instinct. It makes me wonder how many pies did grandmother cook before she acquired these skills.

    Hope you, and yours have a happy holiday.


    • Karen says:

      Hi Madonna, I agree with you about people who can bake without a recipe…that is one place I always measure. I have a feeling that my husband’s grandmother was taught at an early age by her mother or grandmother. I appreciate your wish and hope you have a nice Thanksgiving as well.

  6. Barbara says:

    Your pies look divine, Karen! The lattice crust on the apple pie is gorgeous. Going to compare with my mother’s recipe and see how similar.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Barbara, I wish I could take credit for those delicious tarts but they were all my husband’s creation. 🙂 I was just the lucky person that got to share in enjoying them. He is making the pear tart again for Thanksgiving…our friend requested it after having a slice at our house recently. I hope you enjoy the holiday as well.

  7. Mélanie says:

    looks sooo yummy, it’s already rainin’ in my mouth… 🙂 I love the word “shortbread” = “pain court” = tarte sablée… 🙂

  8. I spent a lot of time sitting on a counter turning the mixer bowl when I was little ‘helping’ my grandmother cook – great memories. And, please thank your husband for this recipe because I will be one of your readers trying it because I don’t have good luck with regular pie crust and my husband LOVES pie. Happy Thanksgiving Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Judy, I will definitely tell my husband that you will be trying his recipe and that you have similar memories of “helping” your grandmother. Thank you for your wish, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

  9. Ema Jones says:

    Can I add in some grated coconut?

  10. I always make Pate Brisee crusts…easy too.
    Happy, safe holidays Karen!

  11. Your lattice top amazing Karen. Very artistic. I don’t have a good recipe for a sweet dough, so this will come in handy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sam, Wasn’t the lattice top pretty, I’ll pass the compliment on to my husband. I believe you will enjoy this sweet dough, I think it is delicious. I hope your vertigo has gotten better and that you and Meakin will have a nice Thanksgiving.

  12. I love apple tart and many other tarts as well, especially pecan. I have never been sure of the difference between a tart and a pie, maybe there is none and it is just that different words to describe the same thing are used in diffferent countries. Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

    • Karen says:

      Hi B, I’m with you…I love pies and tarts. I grew up on a ranch in Texas with pecan trees in our front yard so pecan pie is an all time favorite. 🙂 I think the main difference between a tart and pie is the pan it is that it is baked in. Pie pans have sloped sides while tart pans have straight sides. Most tart pans have a removable bottom as well. Thank you for your nice wish.

  13. Monique says:

    I bet the crust is lovely Karen..Jacques loves pies..I’ll try one day:)

  14. I love the look of your pies and the crust looks absolutely delicious.

  15. Sarah says:

    Looks like a winner! Your pastry sounds nice and easy to make, and I especially like your idea of pears and ginger as a filling. Definitely one to try at home!

  16. Dear Karen, I love tarts, especially the ones with fruit filling such as apples and pears and your three tarts all look so enticing to me – the lattice top is my personal favorite, I just adore the pretty look – how wonderful that your husband has all these fabulous “food memories” of his grandma cooking – my grandmother never wrote any recipe down either and I so wish she had, she was a fabulous cook and baker. Tell your hubby, his pies look wonderful!
    I will take this opportunity to wish you and your husband a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Andrea, Didn’t my husband do a great job with the lattice top on the caramel apple tart. I wish I could have met his grandmother, the conversations about her have always revolved around the food she made. I will pass on your lovely compliment. Thank you for your wish for our Thanksgiving holiday, we will be spending it with friends.

  17. cheri says:

    Hi Karen, my mom and grandmother never measured either it was always by feel. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. Happy Holidays!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Cheri, I think many good cooks grew up learning from their mothers and grandmothers. A pinch of this, a handful of that…just knowing by feel or taste when something was just right. 🙂 Enjoy your Thanksgiving as well.

  18. What a lovely base for a tart and how nice your husband shares your love of cooking.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kay, It is fun having a husband that enjoys cooking like I do…he is a pleasure to have hanging around in the kitchen with me. 😀 You are right, the shortbread is a great base for so many delicious tarts.

  19. Agi says:

    So nice that your husband is in the kitchen with you, makes it special!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agi, I agree…my husband loves joining me in the kitchen. When not cooking a full meal himself, he will often be at my side mincing and dicing. I’m a lucky girl. 😀

  20. Three beautiful tarts at one sitting! Amazing! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Darryl, I’m glad you like that I included photos of more than one tart…the baking was done over the last few weeks. 🙂 I hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well.

  21. Sue says:

    I’ve always admired those that can cook by “feel”. I’m a measuring type. I’m scared to try it without a recipe. My mom never measured. And she’d get flustered when I tried to get recipes from her. A lot of great meals are lost forever because of that. It’s a shame.

    That tart recipe is similar to what I use for strawberry pie. It’s delicious—nice and buttery.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Karen.
    Hubby and I will have a day out skiing after the BIG meal hopefully– Then back home for pie and coffee. Perfect!!

    • Sue says:

      Also forgot to say that I saw the article in Country Woman. Loved it! And yes–even hubby said “Gosh, she looks EXACTLY like Lorna” (my friend). So –you have a twin out in the world!!!

      • Karen says:

        I’m glad you got to see the article in the magazine and enjoyed it, thank you Sue. They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world…you seem to know mine. 😀

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sue, I hope you and your husband have a nice Thanksgiving meal and an enjoyable day of skiing. A lot of skiers will be happy here in New Hampshire as they are predicting we might get about 6 inches of snow on Wednesday. I know what you mean about loosing family recipes, my mother-in-law made a cookie that I kept wanting to know how to make. I’m glad you have a similar shortbread crust recipe, it would be perfect for a fresh strawberry pie.

  22. Karen, I love the Caramelized Apple pie above all the others, but what a wonderful trio..your lattice is so lovely and something for me to strive for…mine is always a bit wonky! I have a bag of apples left over from a photo shoot last week…very good crispy small Braeburns…you have inspired me to make a pie or two or three…..lovely post and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Teresa, I’ll pass on your compliment to my husband about the caramelized apple tart. It was as delicious as it was pretty. Thank you for you wish, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

  23. I was just browsing recipes for something to make with our Honeycrisp apples for Thanksgiving dessert — this one is definitely in the running (a crust that even I could handle :-))! Gobble, gobble — Happy Thanksgiving week!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kat, My husband thinks this is a very easy crust to make. I believe you would enjoy it, I know I certainly do. 🙂 I hope you have a lovely week and a great Thanksgiving as well.

  24. Jane says:

    This sounds heavenly! I would love to try my hand at making a pear filling with this recipe. Your husband is a sweet man, I love those sort of memories!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you for you lovely compliment, Jane. I think I’m very lucky to have such a sweet husband. The pear tart was delicious, he is making another one to take with us for Thanksgiving with friends. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving day too and hopefully your hand will feel much better.

  25. kitchenriffs says:

    I’m with your husband — so many of the nonblog dishes I make aren’t measured. It’s a good skill to have, but can be maddening when you’re trying to share recipes — figuring out those measurements can be a pain at times! Anyway, terrific looking crust. Easy as pie indeed!

    • Karen says:

      Hi John, You are right, measuring can be a pain. I think it is the hardest part of creating a recipe for our blogs…they have to be perfect and exact. It is nice when we can just create something for ourselves…adding a pinch of this and tasting as we go without lots of measuring spoons. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I passed on your comment to my husband. 🙂

  26. This is such a great idea for an alternative crust!!


    • Karen says:

      Thank you Sues, I’m glad that you like having another recipe to use for crusts when making tarts and pies. I thought everyone would enjoy my husband’s shortbread crust…I think it is a good one.

  27. Marigene says:

    Pie crust isn’t one of my strong points…this one sounds like something I could handle. I recognize the BP Geranium plate under the lattice pie! Anyone looking at my shelves would know how much I ♥ BP china!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…looks like it may end up white for New England…

    • Karen says:

      Hi Marigene, I believe you will find this crust not only easy to prepare but delicious. You have a good eye with spotting the plate. 🙂 I love the beautiful collection of dishes that you have to set your lovely tables. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and yes, it looks like we will have a white one. They are talking about 6 inches on Wednesday…hope they are wrong.

  28. A_Boleyn says:

    Those are some beautiful fruit tarts. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you Boleyn, I’ll pass on the compliment to my husband. I can tell you they were as good as they look. Thank you for the wish, we are looking forward to spending the holiday at our friends home.

  29. Wonderful post, Karen! I am having a hard timing picking a favorite 🙂 the lattice crust is beautiful, but I wish someone would make me a pear and ginger tart!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ksenia, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post. I agree with you…the lattice crust makes for a beautiful tart but the flavor of a pear and ginger tart is absolutely delicious. Wish you were a neighbor so that you could share a slice with us but I know you have some delicious tarts in your own repertoire. 😀

  30. barbaralilian says:

    Your husbands lattice tart looks delicious. It’s just reminded me of an old recipe of my mothers she used for mince pies, Mr France & I along with my daughter & her family are joining our son in Denmark for Christmas so I’ll take the recipe with me. It can be my English tradition contribution, as we will be French, English and Danish. Lots of festive food traditions will be shared.
    I’m sure everyone will enjoy your Pear & Ginger tart..Have a wonderful Thanks giving.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Barbara, My husband will be pleased that his shortbread crust has reminded you of your mother’s recipe for mince pies and that you will be making her recipe for Christmas. I know that you and your family will throughly enjoy you visit with your son and his family in Denmark. I’ll be looking forward to your posts from there. Thank you for your kind words and wishes. 😀

  31. Sophie33 says:

    What your husband experienced, I experienced too with my paternal grandma! We would cook & bake together!!! What appetizing lovely apple tarts!!! Waw! Looks very inviting too! x
    Yummm! I wish you, your husband & family a lovely Thanksgiving! xxx

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sophie, I’m glad that you got to experience the fun and learning experience of cooking with your grandmother too…that is so nice. The apple tarts were as yummy as they look. Thank you for your lovely wish for Thanksgiving. 🙂

  32. I need to make pie! And I love that your husband bakes and does it like his grandmother – wonderful 🙂

  33. Pam says:

    Oh, they all sound and look delicious! Decisions, decisions! Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. You said shortbread and my mouth began watering! What a delicious recipe 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  35. They all look very inviting! Love buttery melt-in-mouth shortbread crust.
    Happy Holidays!

  36. Gerlinde says:

    Your deserts look fantastic, especially the pear tart. I’m in Berlin and they just opened their Christmas market with music, craft booths and lots of different foods, the apple strudel looked fantastic. If you ever get a chance visit Germany during this time. Happy Thanksgiving .

    • Karen says:

      Hi Gerlinde, The tarts were all delicious but I think the pear and ginger one was my husband’s and my favorite. I envy you being in Germany now, this is the first year in a long time that we haven’t made a trip there. You are right about the wonderful Christmas markets, we have spent Christmas in both Baden Baden and Munich and had marvelous times.

  37. Saskia (1=2) says:

    Love the sound of the dough being a cross between a pie crust and a cookie. I don’t think I’d be able to keep myself from polishing it all off before adding the filling though! 😉 Perhaps a double quantity of the dough might be advisable for moi, one for snacking on whilst preparing the apples.
    This truly looks delicious and I loved hearing about your husband’s grandma and her instinctive cooking. My mum cooked instinctively too, and it was fascinating to watch!

    • Karen says:

      You gave me a chuckle, Saskia about making a double quantity so you could snack on one while preparing the apples. 😀 I’m glad that you enjoyed the post about my husband and his grandmother and that it brought back memories of watching your mother cook the same way.

  38. What a wonder your husband is, Karen. Thanks so much for the pastry recipe. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sylvia, I am indeed lucky to have such a good husband but I think you have a real winner as well. I hope you both enjoy this Thanksgiving and that perhaps next year you will be enjoying it in your “new home”.

  39. Penny says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a husband who loves to cook also? I love your husband’s shortbread crust and the beautiful pies that he made with it. Reminds me that it is so important to teach our male children to cook as well as our girls. When my Son went to college I put together a cookbook for him of all of his favorite recipes from home and he enjoyed making them in his apartment. My best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Penny, Yes, we are both very lucky to have husbands that enjoy cooking. You are right, boys as well as our girls should learn to cook. I’m sure your son loved the cookbook that you made for him for his time at college. Have a wonderful time on your trip to Savannah…hope it is a memorable Thanksgiving.

  40. lizzygoodthings says:

    Dear Karen, what a beautiful recipe and story! I’m with Mandy… I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Australia too! Thanks for your kind words on my Thanksgiving post too xo

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lizzy, I do wish all countries had a Thanksgiving day celebration to share with friends and family. It is such a lovely day of good food and remembering what we are thankful for. I’m happy that you enjoyed the post.

  41. Larry says:

    Looks delicious Karen and I like the shortbread crust

  42. I’m wishing I was a neighbour! Especially as both of you cook. How wonderful is that. I’ve been making something similar to this. It’s probably more British, if that’s possible. More like original shortbread. And, like your husband, not using liquid. I’ve never been a fan of anything pastry, until I’ve been making this particular one. Delicious. Anyway, I’ll take the opportunity of wishing you both well for Thanksgiving.

    • Karen says:

      Oh how I wish we were neighbors as well, Johnny. It would be such fun to spend time in our kitchen cooking together. I have seen photos of the delicious tarts that you are selling, they look yummy. Thank you for your lovely comment and wish, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving day…we will be spending it with friends.

  43. Karen your pie looks stunning and absolutely perfect!!! I can only imagine how wonderful it tastes.

  44. Eva Taylor says:

    I do love a pastry like this, the apples looks delicious. Have a happy Thanksgiving Karen.

  45. You know what would go well with that apple tart? Ice cream lol. I wish I could have a slice of that right about now. Delish

  46. Gorgeous pies. Just gorgeous, Karen! 🙂

  47. lulu says:

    Karen, you blow me away time after time with your very makeable recipes. This is no exception and would be a winner any time.🍏

    • Karen says:

      I appreciate your kind words Linda, I’m happy you like the shortbread crust recipe…it is an easy one indeed. I do try to have recipes that beginner cooks or old pros will enjoy making.

  48. Liz says:

    Yum! I’ve always wondered about the phrase “easy as pie” myself. Not so easy I’ve found, especially blind baking. Your crust looks fantastic and your husband is a keeper 😉

    • Karen says:

      I agree with you about my husband being a keeper, Liz. 😀 This crust will help all those who have had problems making a good pie crust and it is so good. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  49. I love how your hubby uses his instinct to cook. The lattice topping looks fantastic 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tandy, I’m really lucky that my husband is such a good cook. The lattice topped caramelized apple tart was a good as it looks. I’ll pass on your compliment.

  50. That is so amazing and I think I can do it…So grateful for the tips and tricks.

  51. reggiorif says:

    I’m not a fan of rolling pastry so this is a perfect recipe for me. I looks really delicious!

  52. donna213 says:

    All three look so good, Karen. Today I am making an apple slab pie. It looks a little like your pear tart.

  53. Joanne says:

    I love shortbread crust! This way you feel like you’re eating a pie and a cookie at the same time.

  54. coarol says:

    For some reason, WordPress isn’t allowing me to comment on your delicious post.

    Best, Bonnie

    • Karen says:

      Hi Bonnie, I’m sorry to hear that WordPress is giving you a hard time today. I’ve had to pull some of my readers from spam in the last two days and I have a couple of bloggers that I can’t comment on as well. Thank you for preserving and letting me know. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post.

  55. wok with ray says:

    What a beautiful pie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Karen! 🙂

  56. All those tarts look delicious and I am glad your husband learned to cook with his grandmother, thus developing his love for home cooking. I am kind of partial to the wonderful French apple tart, as it reminds me of home. One of my older brothers was doing a cookery course and he always made those whenever one of us had a birthday (10 kids at home). Happy memories! Enjoy your pies and I hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Fatima, I’m happy to know that this post about my husband’s tarts has brought back nice memories of home. I appreciate your nice comment and wish…thank you!

  57. now this is divine! I want this on my thanksgiving table this year. WOW

    • Karen says:

      I’m happy that you like the recipe for the shortbread crust, Jessica. BTW, I’ve been unable to comment on your blog lately but your green bean skillet recipe looks like a perfect Thanksgiving dish. I hope you and your family enjoy your holiday.

  58. chrisscheuer says:

    I love that your husband bakes Karen. How fun that he was so influenced by his grandmother. His tarts look wonderful. She would be proud!

  59. Rachel says:

    Pear and ginger? Mmmmmmmm! Ginger *anything* makes me happy and this is so pretty…

    • Karen says:

      I agree with you Rachel, pear and ginger do go so well together. We love ginger and usually have a nice piece in our veggie crisper. Thank you for your nice compliment. 🙂

  60. Conor Bofin says:

    Top tarts. Very nice indeed Karen. You have to be very patient to place all the pear so precisely.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you Conor, I’m glad that you like the tarts, they were delicious. Unfortunately, I can’t take the credit for them and the patience to place all those pears so perfectly…that goes to my husband. I will pass on your compliment.

  61. aFrankAngle says:

    Save me a piece as I’m on my way!

  62. Perfection! And isn’t it wonderful how the two of you love being in the kitchen! My husband and I are the same, and funny enough he is also the one who never measures (that part drives me a little crazy). Those pies look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe Karen. I’ll have to give that a try for something different. 🙂 Dana

    • Karen says:

      Hi Dana, It really is nice that my husband enjoys working in the kitchen as much as I do. It sounds like our husbands are similar. I’m glad you liked the recipe…it is nice to have a choice of crusts when making tarts and pies and this one is easy.

  63. hotlyspiced says:

    How lovely your husband has all those wonderful memories of being in the kitchen with his grandmother. Grandmothers back then certainly were very enterprising, thrifty and clever cooks. I love the plates your tarts and pies are sitting on. Your pastry sounds lovely and I just love the look of your latticed apple pie. Happy Thanksgiving xx

    • Karen says:

      Hi Charlie, I do think it is nice that my husband got to enjoy watching his grandmother as she worked in the kitchen. You are right about them being thrifty and enterprising cooks…I think they really had to be. Thank you for your nice compliment and wish.

  64. Louise says:

    I’m so bad Karen. I had every intention of baking at least one pie for tomorrow and I haven’t even started it yet. I do love shortbread crust. I prefer it over regular pie crust for it’s flakiness and how it tends to hold up better to the flow of juices.

    I think it’s adorable that your husband doesn’t measure. I wish I could do that. I admire those who can. I use to go around the kitchen with measuring spoons and cups when my grandmother use to bake. It never worked though because she always changed something. She also only spoke Italian, lol…

    If I ever get around to baking that Apple Pie, I just may need to try this Shortbread Crust. It sounds so good and I stink at pie crust, lol…

    Thank you so much for sharing Karen. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Louise, Life happens and things we plan sometimes can’t get done when we want them to. I agree with you about a shortbread crust…it works really well with fruits. I think you will find that this is an easy crust to master from the very first time you make it. I appreciate your nice comment and wish…I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well.

  65. I love thinking of you in that gorgeous kitchen, paring your own apples, rolling the dough and then pulling this outstanding pie out of the oven. In my mind, your kitchen is never messy and there’s never flour anywhere.

    Have a marvelous Thanksgiving.

    • Karen says:

      You are so sweet Maureen. Since my last post about our kitchen, readers do have an image of what it is like being in my kitchen. Thankfully my husband, who not only is a good cook, always cleans up after me as I’m cooking. If not, I would definitely have a messy kitchen. He says I use almost every spoon in my kitchen. 😀 Thank you for your nice comment and wish.

  66. ladyfi says:

    This looks so good!

  67. naleśniki says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and recipe looks delish!

  68. lvaletutto says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year Karen! A shortbread pie crust can be very rewarding and less time intensive than a typical pie crust for sure. It’s great that your husband loves to bake and what a sweet anecdote about him watching his grandmother cook when he was a child.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Laura, We did have a nice Thanksgiving…even though it was a white one with a half a foot of snow on the ground. Thank you for your nice wish. You are right about a shortbread crust being so easy compared to a typical pie crust. I truly think that my husband was very lucky to have such a loving grandmother that enjoyed sharing her knowledge of cooking with my husband.

  69. What a lovely apple tart and it brought back memories to us as well with grandma in the kitchen!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Judit and Corina, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post and that it brought back nice memories of your grandmothers cooking in the kitchen.

  70. It’s wonderful that your husband has such special memories from his grandmother’s cooking. It would be fun to at least see photos of some of his dishes, even if you can’t share a precise recipe. 🙂 I find pie crust challenging enough that I don’t really like to prepare a pie for a special occasion. I do think I’d be thrilled with the apple tart! The pear and ginger looks really intriguing, too. Too late for Thanksgiving, but just in time for a busy December! I do hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Karen.

  71. Suzanne says:

    That’s an ideal pie crust. When the crust is gluten-free, it can be difficult to have it all hold together while uncooked so I always press the pastry into the pie tin. When it is cooked, it holds together beautifully though. It takes away the anxiety of the rolling out part of pastry.

  72. Looks great Karen. It’s posts like yours that remind me I must learn to bake a little more. Enjoy the holidays.

  73. Your tart and crust looks gorgeous. I love having a great recipe in your recipe index as this is the season to make pies. Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday season.

  74. David says:

    Wow – this crust looks (and I bet it tastes) fantastic! It reminds me of a French «pâte sablé» – but it sounds more tender. I love the use of confectioner’s sugar. I will definitely try this for the Christmas holidays! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    • Karen says:

      Hi David, You are right, this recipe is similar to pâte sablé although it doesn’t have egg like lots of recipes do. The other thing is that it is very easy to work with. We had a lovely but white Thanksgiving with friends…I hope yours was as well.

  75. I love this recipe! It’s going to help me make a couple of pies I have planned to make – much more special! Pinning!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelli, I’m glad that you like the recipe. My husband loves how easy this crust is and it holds up very well to the juices in fruit pies. Thank you for the pine.

  76. mjskit says:

    I made an apple pie for Thanksgiving but cheated on the pie crust and bought one. Wish I had seen this recipe. It does look easy as pie as well as 100 times better than store bought. Actually, no comparison! Thanks! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • Karen says:

      Hi MJ, Sometimes we just don’t have the time or inclination to make something from scratch. I believe you would really enjoy this shortbread crust…my friends and I who have tried it certainly do. We did have a nice Thanksgiving and I hope you did as well.

  77. I’ve been on an apple pie kick – think I will need to try this one. A friend brought one over last night with caramel topping. Perhaps I’ll try your crust with apple and caramel??

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jeannee, So nice to have you stop by…I’ve missed you in the blogging world. I think an apple and caramel pie would be delicious using the shortbread crust.

  78. I do like shortbread crusts, and the pear-ginger tart really appeals to me! good for your husband exercising his creativity!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nancy, I’m glad that you like using shortbread crusts for pies and tarts as well. I’ll pass on your comment to my husband about his creativity…it will give him a smile. Thank you!

  79. Wow – not just a husband who cooks, but a husband who makes pastries! Those pies look marvelous Karen and as a born & raised New Englander, apple pie makes a perfect breakfast.
    It’s funny that I was just mentioning how amazing it was to watch my mother makes pies (she was know for them). She would peel the apples in a continuous curl, quarter the apple & remove the cores without breaking any of the quarters, then slice the apple over the bottom crust so fast you couldn’t believe it – every slice the exact same thickness and as she made a circular motion slicing over the crust, she never had to re-arrange a slice. Each slice landed exactly where it belonged.

    • Karen says:

      Aren’t I lucky Diane, I think my husband is a keeper. Best part when he is in the kitchen, he always does the dishes for me. 😀 I would have enjoyed watching your mother make a pie, it sounds like she was a wonderful cook.

      • You really do have a keeper Karen. I do appreciate that my husband does the drying while I do the washing but I guess that’s because I would just leave a teetering stack in the drainer waiting for everything to air dry (yes, that would drive my husband nuts!).
        Hard as I try, I’ve never been able to get quite the rhythm going with the apple slicing that my mother achieved. The only slices she had to rearrange was after I stuck my fingers in to pull out some cinnamon apple slices.

  80. I must try that pear and ginger tart!

  81. I am making an apple tart this week to bring to a Christmas party this weekend, so I will try this crust, Karen. It sounds so easy and delicious.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Pat, I’m glad that my post was timely. I believe you will enjoy an apple tart made with this crust. Everyone who has tried my husband’s tarts have said how much they like the shortbread crust. Enjoy!

  82. A wonderful story about your husband watching his grandmother cook. Looks like he learned a few things 🙂 The pie and crust look so delicious!

    • Karen says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Susan. I do think that my husband enjoyed every moment spent with his grandmother in the kitchen…he certainly learned a lot. Each of those tarts were so good.

  83. Hi Karen, a belated happy thanksgivinng! And the pie and crusts look absolutely delicious. I sometimes use a Jamie Oliver recipe, that is very similar to your husbands – it doesn’t need rolling and comes out great!

    • Karen says:

      Nice to see you out and about in the blogging world Claire. 🙂 Thank you for your compliment about the crust. I’m familiar with Jamie’s crust and you are right, it is similar except that my husband doesn’t use any egg in his recipe.

  84. Hi, Karen — Yes, I am one of those who’s perpetually intimidated by pie crusts. I’ll give it a go.

  85. What a great idea…thanks for sharing!

  86. Oh my husband would love this yummy treat!!

  87. They all sound and look incredible but I especially like the idea of a shortbread crust!

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