Was It Love At First Sight?

Was It Love At First Sight? When it is number 12 or is it 13…I’ve lost count, love isn’t that important. Wait a moment, I hope you don’t think I’m talking about my marriage. Heavens no! I haven’t been married a dozen times and my marriage to my husband is perfect.  No, I’m talking about buying a new home. And not a home in the same town or even state but over 1400 miles away.

Buying A New Home, Was It Love At First Sight
Buying A New Home, Was It Love At First Sight

After living 20 years in a restored 1730’s home with a 250 tree apple orchard in a small town in New Hampshire, we were contemplating moving back to Florida where we once lived and raised our children. Considering this would be a major move, we took our time weighing all the decisions. We looked at the pros and cons of staying in our home in New England or relocating south somewhere in Florida. I thought that sharing our experience might be of help if you are thinking of buying a new home in another area of the country.

Last year’s weather in New England was brutal. In the month of February, we had more than a 100 inches of snow on the ground and the temperatures were 10 to 15 degrees below normal. While Florida’s hot and humid climate will take some getting used to, not having to deal with snow and ice for extended periods is a real plus.

New Hampshire doesn’t have a state or sales taxes but has very high property taxes. Florida has a 7% sales tax but property taxes are low. While food and gasoline prices are higher in Florida, in the long run our cost of living will be a lot less in Florida.

Our home in New Hampshire had 13 acres of land with 250 apple trees that needed to be cared for throughout the year. When I wasn’t pruning trees or picking apples, I was on my tractor mowing for days at a time. In the community we were considering in Florida, landscapers takes care of everything for you.

As you might guess, Florida won out. We found a builder that had one lot left in a gated community of 48 homes in Vero Beach, a small beachfront city on the Atlantic Ocean. While I would have loved to have built a new home where I could have been involved with all the design choices, I believed I could work with the options we were given by the builder. The process was kind of like ordering from a Chinese restaurant where you chose one from column A and two from column B. Some of the choices weren’t ones I would have considered but were certainly ones that I could easily live with in the home.

The new house was finished in April, we put our New England home up for sale in June and it sold in September. The biggest difference between our historic home and the new home is size. Downsizing from about 6500 sq. ft. to just under 2400 sq. ft. was one of the decisions we made to simplify our life but figuring out what we would take with us was daunting as the style of the two homes were so different.

The Fully Restored 1730 Georgian Colonial Farmhouse
Fully Restored 1730 Georgian Colonial Farmhouse

We sold our truck and tractors to friends, most of our furniture to the new buyers, gave lots of our treasures to friends and charity then pack up all the rest. My husband stopped counting after 72 boxes were packed. It was hard to believe how much still got loaded into the moving van. We then packed our car and drove south to Florida.

Moving Boxes Waiting To Be Unloaded…Oh No, Where Will It All Go!
Moving Boxes Waiting To Be Unpacked…Oh No, Where Will It All Go
Moving Boxes For The Kitchen Waiting To Be Opened
Moving Boxes With Items For The Kitchen Waiting To Be Opened

In the past, I’ve fallen in love with homes that I’ve just had to have no matter how much work was needed before my husband and I could even move into them. I just knew that if we could buy the house, I could turn it into the perfect home for us. This time was totally different as we were looking to simplify our life and decided on buying a newly built house for practical reasons.

We have moved in now and are in the process of unpacking boxes each day and buying new furniture. While it was not love at first sight, the house is slowly evolving into a home where we will feel comfortable and secure. Entertaining new friends, having family get togethers and making memories over the years will make our new home one we will love over the years.

I know that we are not the only ones who has been in this situation or will be someday in the future. Sometimes in life, we have to be practical and let our head rule and forget about love.

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199 thoughts on “Was It Love At First Sight?

  1. Well done Karen.That’s a huge move! Look forward to hearing about your new neighborhood. Those lovely palm trees are a huge contrast to the NE snow. Florida is a part of the States we’ve never been to, but it’s on the list, especially Miami beach and all that amazing Art Deco; oh and Disney World! All the very best settling in.

    1. Thank you Saskia, it was a big move. As soon as we are settled, I introduce everyone to our new neighborhood…it is definitely different from New England.

  2. Congratulations on moving into your new home. I’ve seen the photos of your previous home and you have a true decorator’s eye. Your new digs will be gorgeous when you’re done.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Maureen. The house is slowly coming together…it is fun but challenging as my style isn’t going to be beachy which is very popular here. 🙂

  3. We moved from our 1921 home to a new home in June. For us, it was love at first sight!! After making the decision to downsize, we chose the community and started to look. The first house we walked into we purchased the next day! We’ve never done anything like that–especially a house! Fortunately, our old home sold in one day and we’ve never looked back. Oh those boxes to be emptied! We still need to pare down a bit.


    1. Hi Bonnie, You were so lucky with selling and buying your homes. Paring down is hard but I think we will all be happy once it is complete. It is such a challenge finding a place for all the things in those boxes but they are slowly getting emptied. 😀

  4. We made a major move from the Midwest to NH about 12 years ago and downsized at that time. During the transition, we lived an entire year with nothing but our clothes. So, I chuckled when we bought an entertainment center for the smaller place and realized I had nothing to put on the shelves because I had gotten rid of all that ‘stuff.’ 🙂 The process caused me to become a minimalist and I haven’t looked back. I wish you and your family all the best in your new location. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your wishes, Judy. From the looks of all my boxes, you have more willpower than I do. Although with no basement or barn for storage, I did have to get rid of lots of “stuff” before the move to our open concept house.

  5. Having just moved myself, I know what it’s like. Most things are organised now, but I still have more than a dozen boxes to sort out. It looks like you have a beautiful new home 🙂

    1. Hi Mad Dog, It sounds like you know what I’m going through. My huge pile of boxes in the house have mostly been emptied but our garage is still full. Those are the boxes that I dread going through as the house is filling up quickly. Thank you for your nice compliment about our new home.

  6. I love your new house, Karen, but I bet you will miss snow after a while. Look forward to more pictures of your new home.

    1. Hi Angie, I’m glad you like our new home. Once we have unpacked everything, paintings are hung and we get some more furniture, I’ll definitely give everyone a tour. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  7. Home is where you hang your hat and now that you have endured 100 inches of snow last year Florida is looking quite good…Love your new beautiful house and I know with a few of your artistic touches, it will feel like home soon.

    1. So true Bobbie. Your right about Florida looking good as they are already suggesting that winter in New England will be as bad or worse than last year. Snow aside, I do think we will grow to love our new home. I’m glad to know you like it, thanks.

  8. Karen,
    I’m sure when you turn on the news and see all the “feets” of snow this winter you’ll be practically hugging your new warm Florida home. At least you have the move behind you, the fun part is decorating the new home to make it your HOME.
    Hope your foot is all heeled up and didn’t give you too much grief during your move.

    1. You really made me smile Debbie, I’ll definitely be giggling when I’m not shoveling snow this winter. The decorating is always fun, I’m looking forward to making this house into a welcoming home. Thank you for your sweet thoughts about my foot, it is much better. I’m out of the cast shoe for two weeks now but still can wear girly shoes. 🙂

  9. Karen, I’m glad you’re finally finished you move and are settling down in your new home. Even though it wasn’t love at first sight it will become your home and you will make it beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I was in my twenties when I moved from Germany to the States. It was a heart breaking move, I left everything behind . After living in Massachusetts for two years I moved to California. My husband and I have lived in our current home for almost 30 years . I wish you happiness and lots of sunshine in your new beautiful home.

    1. Thank you Gerlinde for your nice wish and comment, it is very much appreciated. We are very happy to have the move behind us and are looking forward to our new life.

  10. I’m sure you’ll be very happy in your new home, Karen. That first photo looks so like the house which hubby is busy remodeling, and two of the renovated bedrooms are now packed with all the boxes and furniture which arrived from South Africa a few weeks ago. There’s still so much work to do there, but in the New Year, we’ll be able to sell our present home and move in. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia, I’ve thought about you often as I’ve packed and unpacked. My move was a piece of cake compared you yours and I know that you left lots behind including your family. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  11. Congratulations Karen! And yes, envy here. The new Fla home looks nice from the outside, albeit not the charm of the north…enjoy your new stress free life with NO snow…look forward to more photos of the fully decorated house in Vero.

    1. So true, Diane…our historic home was full of charm. Loved our years there but we are going to enjoy a less stressful life in our new home. I’ll definitely share more photos in the future.

  12. Congratulations and well done! I am so glad that you’ve finally found a home to your liking and that you’re now settled! I have full confidence that you will adapt to your new surroundings and that you’ll be making new friends and memories for the future in no time at all. Enjoy the good weather and look after that foot! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind wish, Fatima…it is very much appreciated. The boxes are getting unpacked and it is starting to feel a little more like home and we are definitely looking forward to making new friends. My foot is getting better everyday but I still have to baby it for another month.

  13. I’m sure you will make this home just as beautiful as your last. I love how you have simplified your life but know all too well how difficult that can be when you have to make tough decisions about what to keep. After a year in our new/old house I still have many boxes to go through and once again decide if I really need the contents. I have gotten rid of so much but need to do much more.

    1. Thank you Karen, for your lovely comment. Yes, getting rid of things is difficult. As I’m trying to place some of what I kept, I’ve found they don’t fit in our new house. Thankfully our gated community is having their annual garage sale at the end of the month. Perhaps I can get rid of some things that never should have made the move. 😀

  14. As it happens in many arranged marriages, I do believe you will fall in love. New plumbing, new electrical, 90° angles in corners, and leak-free roofs are only several of the things that helped us fall in love when moving into a late 20-century home in Tucson. Nothing is perfect, but you will make its os, as did we. Congratulations, Karen – you will be happy!

    1. We have both left beautiful New England for a new life elsewhere and I know you are right. While nothing is prefect, new certainly has its advantages especially when it comes to a house. As each day passes, I know I will grow to love our house as we turn it into our home. Thank you for your kind thoughts David, they are much appreciated.

  15. Enjoy making the place “home”. We just helped daughter move 1,000 miles (from Denver to Phoenix) and any move is exhausting. I look forward to seeing your finished results and I know you’ll enjoy a snow free winter as do we.

    1. Thank you for your wish, Ingrid. As I watch the weather reports this winter, I know that I’ll be very happy with our move. I’ll definitely share photos when we’ve got our home decorated.

  16. I loved your old house, (and your orchard), but I also love your new one. You have such a nice decorator’s eye, so I am sure it will all come together in time. If it makes you feel better where I live we have 10% sales tax and the real estate tax is high also. We do have low humidity and the National Guard does not have to dig me out of any snow banks. 🙂

    Hope your foot has healed.

    1. I appreciate your nice compliment, Madonna about our homes…that is so nice. It seems you have some of both the pros and cons that we weighed when deciding to move. What you really have going for you is not having to be dug out of snow banks. 😀

    1. I agree with you on both counts, Ray. I tried not to dwell on leaving and I’m looking forward to the new adventures that lie ahead. Thank you for your nice wish.

  17. Congrats!!!

    We moved to Florida, Tampa Bay area, back in May and will be in temporary housing until Spring 2016. Hoping to buy a house here and make it a home. Finally unpack and settle down for a while. I know I am home where ever Mr. Craves is, however; it feels good to have a nest too.

    Happy Weekend – Enjoy 🙂

    1. Thank you Renee. We are both Floridians now, just on opposite coasts about 2 1/2 hours apart. We will have to compare notes this time next year…I’m sure we will both be enjoying our new homes.

  18. Aww..you may grow to love it..
    I am getting started on putting all the beds to bed..and I don’t feel like it this year..hope to get my mojo back for this next yr..but cutting a summer’s growth on all the beds seems a tad overwhelming right now..fall is late this year..
    Enjoy the less work and close to family.
    Looks like things are moving along nicely:)
    PS that round table w/ the 8 chairs? Perfect set up:)

    1. Hi Monique, My husband loves the house already and it is growing on me. Less work will indeed give us more opportunities to be with our family…we are getting together for a birthday this weekend. Your gardens are always so beautiful but I do know that requires lots of work on your part…hang in there and enjoy your pretty fall season.

  19. Congratulations on getting the move made – a very daunting task from my few. Now I know why we haven’t heard much from you. Hope you’ll be happy in the new digs.

    1. Hi Larry, I so missed blogging but needed to concentrate on getting this move behind us…it really was a daunting task. Once we are unpacked, I think we will be very happy and are looking forward to new adventures. Thank you for your nice wish.

  20. I moved so many times in my life that just the photos of the boxes make me cringe, but on the other hand, it’s still invigorating as well and makes life interesting…
    Best of luck in your new home. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your wish, Ronit. I agree that moving does keep your life interesting…now if there was an easy way to deal with all those boxes. 😀

  21. I am sorry to see you leave and head south. I have always enjoyed reading of your adventures and experiences…. Hopefully you will explore, discover and share your Florida experiences.

    1. Hi Bishop, We had very mixed emotions but in the end heading south won out. Even though we lived in Florida for years, this area is new to us. I’ll definitely be exploring and sharing my discoveries with all my readers. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  22. I have faith that you’ll transform your new home into the perfect space for you and your husband. Looking forward to seeing the transition! Good luck with the unpacking 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words and wish, Liz…they are much appreciated. I’ll definitely be sharing photos of our new home when we get settled.

  23. My moves/locations were determined by my parents’ job requirements and I’m still living in our last home now that they’ve passed on. I won’t be moving in the future but it’s lovely to have the chance to start over. I love the arched entry and roof of your newest home.

    1. Hi Boleyn, You must have lots of nice memories living in your parent’s home. We are looking forward to the new adventures that await us. Thank you for your compliment about our home…it is very different than any we have had in the past. 🙂

  24. Great to hear you sold the NH home…I didn’t think it would stay on the market for long. Lucky new owners!
    Enjoy your new home and life venture, Karen

    1. Hi Marigene, We were pleased that our home sold quickly and that the new buyers love it. I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as we did. Yes, we are looking forward to our new adventure and thank you for your nice wish.

  25. There are so many positives with your move, Karen. First of all, you once lived in Florida so are familiar with the climate, the surroundings and, if you still have family there, even better. Secondly, as we get a little older, not having all of the work and care that goes into a home with a huge property will be a huge burden lifted – not to mention the financial benefits. Sounds like a good situation all around!

    1. Hi Susan, I totally agree with you on all counts. We are already enjoying the benefits as we are visiting with our children this weekend…they are only a two hour drive away. 🙂

  26. Oh Karen – it’s so much for you to deal with, I hope you are fully recovered now. We too have bought places that sort of fitted the bill but weren’t perfect, but you have such a talent for making a house a home that you will soon fall gradually in love and who knows…it may last a lifetime! Wishing you both every happiness in your new home and this new chapter of your lives x

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Tanya. Trying to pack up and move with a broken foot was indeed challenging. My foot has almost healed and I’m now in real shoes which makes life much easier. I do think that we will truly love our house as time passes.

  27. Welcome home Karen! I’m so happy to hear from you. Are you all healed up now? Congratulations on the house selling and moving. I’m sure leaving was hard. I also know the feeling of not loving your new home. When we moved from MN (a house I LOVED) back to Chicago to be closer to family, we definitely sacrificed on the house. I know your feeling well, but yes, sometimes we have to be practical. And you will make many, many new fabulous memories in the new house. I look forward to sharing them virtually through your writing!

    1. Thank you Kristy, for your nice wish and thoughts. I’ve really missed blogging and I’m slowly trying to catch up. It is a slow process while we are still unpacking but life will settle down soon. Yes, my foot is almost healed. I’m looking forward to sharing all that we discover as we tour the areas around our new home and I appreciate that you have followed along over the years. 🙂

  28. Good luck with your new home. We have moved houses so many times (and countries) that I have lost count. Five houses ago I swore I was never going to move house again and this was where I was going to end my days. Now in France I really mean that,, never again!.
    Have a good weekend and enjoy your new home. Diane

    1. Your comment gave me a real smile, Diane as it seems we have had similar experiences. We built a home in Key Largo, Florida years back and at the time I said it was going to be the home I died in. That was four homes ago. 😀 Thank you for your nice wish.

  29. Wow. Your new house is beautiful. Congrats. It really is such a stressful thing to move. You’ll make it home soon. My parents just recently downsized in both land and house size and they’ve never been happier. I just made your sausage and cannelloni bean recipe again last night and I cannot thank you enough 🙂 May you have many happy years in the new place.

    1. Thank you Amanda for your sweet wish and compliment. I think we will be just like your parents and enjoy our new way of life. I’m so happy to know that you continue to enjoy one of my recipes.:D

  30. Congratulations on your move, Karen! I’ve never made a major move and I have a feeling it takes a fair amount of perseverance and flexibility. I’m sure your new home will feel like home soon!

    1. Thank you for your wish, Laura. You are so correct about flexibility and perseverance when moving. As we finish unpacking, our new house is starting to feel like home.

  31. Your new home is as beautiful I it’s newness as your former one was in it’s historical – ness, I know it was a huge job and then with your injury – it probably took what seems like 2 lifetimes to get done. I cannot wait to see how you decorate for Christmas! I love your decorations last year so I know you will have spectacular decorations this one as well!

    1. I appreciate your nice compliment, Kelli. Our former home and this new one couldn’t be more different but I think that will be part of our new adventure as we turn it into a welcoming home. You made me smile thinking about Christmas. I sold almost all of my Christmas decorations to a dealer…I kept just a few of my favorite things. Christmas will definitely have a different feel here in Florida where is stays green and warm. 🙂

    1. Hi Lorraine, Thank you for your compliment on our home. We’ve thankfully opened and put away about 60 of those boxes. It gets more challenging to find places for everything with each box that is left.

      1. I get ants in my pants pretty easily. The longest I’ve ever stayed put is four years. We moved June of last year and if we weren’t expecting another kiddo in the spring, I may be house shopping again…

  32. Happy New Home, Karen! It sounds like you made a very wise decision! Decorating for the holidays and making new memories with family and friends will help you feel ‘at home’ quickly. You will feel so happy when the snow falls in New England, while you are enjoying the warm, Florida sunshine! It has been so nice to follow your journey. Can’t wait to peek in again when all of the unpacking is finished! ♡

    1. I really do think we made the right decision Dawn. Even though there will be much that we will miss about New England, feet upon feet of snow will not be one of them. I’ll be very pleased to share photos with you when our new home has been turned into a home. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  33. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with your own things to make a house your home. I myself hate the extremes in weather, but as you’ve lived in Florida before and raised children there, you’re not likely to have any problems. Enjoy your new home, Karen.

    1. Hi Mary, I agree with you. The little things that we bring with us to each house we furnish definitely help create that warm familiarity that changes the house into a welcoming home. Thank you for your nice wish.

  34. I really admire your decision-making, Karen. It just makes so much sense to at least live in a climate that doesn’t present really harsh realities! It takes a little courage to walk away from such a beautiful historic home and property, though, and I don’t think for one minute this has been altogether easy. I hope you and your husband have many, many years of happiness in your new home and it will be a wonderful decision worth all the work sometime around February! LOL! I also hope you’re now walking with confidence and no pain! ox

    1. Thank you so much Debra for your kind thoughts. It was hard leaving our New England home but I do think we will be very happy in Vero Beach, especially after we start making new friends. You are so right, I think February might become our favorite month of the year. 😀 My foot is much better but I do still have to be careful for another month or so as it is still tender…thanks for asking.

  35. As a person who has moved regularly and steadily throughout her life, your full boxes are my own personal nightmare. On the other hand, it’s fun to find places for the treasures you did decide would make the cut. Best wishes for a long and happy life in your new home, Karen!

    1. Hi Stacy, You do know where I’m coming from. I hated leaving so many of my treasures behind but the ones we brought with us are all the more special now. Thank you for your nice wish.

  36. Congratulations Karen. You’ve really accomplished A LOT in a short period of time and I’m so pleased for you. We are right in the middle of doing what you’ve already done – our house in the mountains sold several weeks ago and we’re in the midst of packing and getting down to one house in Florida. The blending of two homes will be a big challenge, but I’m going to take it slow and make it work. Hope to get together one day with you when we both get settled.

    1. I appreciate your kind wish, Sam. It is a big challenge when you are trying to blend two homes into one, especially when the styles are different so my thoughts are with you as you pack. I too hope that we will be able to get together in the near future…we have so much in common. Thank you.

  37. “the house is slowly evolving into a home where we will feel comfortable and secure” — I’m glad to hear that, Karen.

    While it will take some adjustment, as you say, I’m sure it will be wonderful not to have to worry about the harsh New England winters and cope with freezing temperatures.

    Congratulations on your new home!

    1. Hi Grace, After last year’s brutal winter, we decided it was time to head south. As each day passes and more of the boxes are unpacked, our new house is starting to feel like home. Thank you for your wish.

  38. It’s only property, Karen. It’s the love you take with you to fill the house with that’s the important part. It sounds like a really good move you’ve made, and I’m sure the love is there already. 🙂

  39. That is such a huge move, Karen and I do hope you’ve been able to make your way through all those boxes. It is such a change for you, in terms of style of home, climate, land size, etc but I’m sure it will be easier being in Florida. I think your new home looks gorgeous and clearly there’s no work to be done so once those boxes are unpacked, you should be able to relax. I hope all is well with your foot now, too xx

    1. Hi Charlie, We are doing real well with the boxes…only about a dozen left. Our new home couldn’t be more different but I think we will enjoy the change. My foot is much better, thank you so much for asking.

  40. So pleased you are all moved into your new home. It looks lovely. We moved 96 boxes to Spain last year. Moved from 1350 square feet to 750 square feet. I had to get very creative in finding places for things. (This is our second downsize) Has your foot healed well?

    1. Hi Darlene, Finding places for everything you bring with you is hard and I know your downsizing move to Spain was way more challenging than mine. My foot is still tender but is healing well, thank you.

  41. Your new home is beautiful Karen but I can see how it’s a bit of an adjustment. Such different a world you’re having to transition into. You’re right, it’s family and friends though that matter in the big scheme and they will make that house a home!

    1. Hi Chris, Our move has given us lots of changes to adjust to but I think in the long run we will be very happy. Thank you for your nice compliment about our home.

    1. Hi Jane, We are making progress…each day some boxes disappear and the rooms are coming together. Thank you for your confidence, it is appreciated.

  42. Dear Karen, how nice that you found a beautiful new home and that your move went smoothly and that you have started to settle in by now! Your new house looks like a beautiful new home and I can only imagine that you will transform it into one amazing place to live in!
    Good luck with everything and a smashing start to a new chapter in your life!

    1. Thank you Andrea, I appreciate your kind wish and compliment. I’m looking forward to when our home is decorated and I can share it with our friends and of course, my blogging friends through photos. 🙂

    1. Hi Aletta, It sounds like we have a lot in common. Let’s hope we both have a lot of happy moments in our new homes. I appreciate your nice compliment, thank you.

  43. Hi Karen, I have been following your down-sizing story with great interest, as Bill and I are preparing to do the same. It has been —and will continue to be—quite the process. We plan to stay in Nashville and build our smaller home. It has taken a long time, but our architect has created a wonderful design and detailed drawings; we have finally arrived at the right price with the right contractor; and the bank is plowing through the process for the construction loan, until we sell our house. Whew. At some point, the actual building will begin. In the meantime, we have found that it is liberating to get rid of stuff and prepare to live simpler. Best to you in making this Vero Beach residence your own. Nancy

    1. Thank you Nancy, I’m happy to know that you have enjoyed reading about our downsizing to a smaller home. I wish you all the best as you and Bill go through the same process.

  44. We have many friends who now own a second home in Florida or Arizona, we’ll definitely be taking advantage of some warm weather breaks with them. Will you have a small garden in Florida? My friends from Illinois sold their house and will summer in Wisconsin and winter in Arizona, they have some potted citrus trees which I can hardly wait to see in February. I am not looking forward to winter this year.
    I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your place, you have a lovely decorating style.

    1. Hi Eva, I’m sure you will enjoy the visits with your friends when you want to escape the cold. I’ll plant herbs in a small section of our back yard once our gutters are in place…not much room for anything else. Thank you for your lovely compliment about my decorating style. I’ll definitely share photos of our home once we are a little more settled.

  45. Karen,

    It was so interesting reading this post about making different decisions as the stages in our lives change! As I have recently turned 60, I realize my working days (for someone else at least) will end in 6 years and thus our income will change. We are making decisions now that will help us be able to make smart decisions down the road and not desperate decisions. But I am not ready to leave our acreage yet, and am hoping to stay for a minimum of 10 more years. I do know that we won’t return to Iowa or Ohio where my husband and I are from, and God willing, we’ll stay in the warmer southeastern region that we’ve fallen in love with 20 years ago.

    Looking forward to seeing everything that you do with your lovely new home!


    1. Exactly Roz, Our orchard was a lot of work and winters were very harsh to say the least. We want to spend more traveling and with our new home, we can lock the door and not worry. I’ll definitely share more photos of our home once we get it decorated with art work on the walls, etc. Thank you for your lovely comment.

    1. Thank you for your wish, Ksenia. You are right, winter in New England is something I won’t miss but spring and fall is something else. The nice thing is that we can always go back for a visit.

  46. A lovely post. In a few years, we’ll be making the same decision. Downsizing isn’t easy (especially when you start with such a huge house – wow!) but I’m sure it will all be worth it once you’ve moved it.

    1. Thank you Beth, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. Each day that we are in our new home, we are happy with our decision to downsize…it’s so much easier to take care of.

    1. I appreciate your wish, Cheri. We really did put a lot of thought into our decision to move south. You are right, no snow shoveling, plowing, worrying about freezing pipes will make winters a piece of cake. 😀

    1. Thank you Tandy, Decorating a home is always the fun part. I think we are making great progress with the boxes, only about a dozen left now. Although the last ones will be the hardest…trying to find places for everything can be a real challenge.

  47. Wow! That’s a really brave decision. I’m sure your new home will soon be all the things you want from it once you’ve unpacked and added your own touches. Congratulations and I hope you’ll be very happy there. GG

    1. Thank you GG, for your nice wish. Moving to a town where you don’t know anyone is a little hard but we think we will be very happy with our move once we are settled in and have our home decorated.

    1. Hi Julie, I’m happy to have you stop by for a visit and appreciate your nice comment. We thought about this move for several years but last winter did it for us. We enjoy traveling and wanted the freedom that our new house will give us. A gated community where the landscaping is taken care of and best of all…no worries about frozen pipes and being snowed in. 🙂

  48. I know you will make your new home a lovely place. Vero Beach is a great area. We have loved living in Florida part time for the past 10 years. Even though we will be selling our house, we will still return each winter and rent somewhere. Love the way your house looks with all of the landscaping.

    1. Hi Penny, We really do like Vero Beach and think we will be very happy here. We joke that we are too old to have little plants and wait for them to grow so we paid extra and went to the landscaper’s farm and picked out large palms. Thank you for your nice compliment. 😀

  49. Congrats, dear karen on your move to another state & home! Well done you! When you are properly settled in, we love to hear more about it & your neighborhood! x

    1. Thank you Sophie, for your nice wish. Of course, I will be very happy to share our new town and state with my readers. I know there will be lots of back roads to discover. 🙂

  50. I was smiling as I was reading this, Karen, because I’ve gone through all those emotions as well. When you’re a true nester and your surroundings are really important to you, there is so much to consider when moving. It really is best to let the head rule sometimes though and congratulations on a great move and easier lifestyle. Florida is so beautiful!
    Thanks for your visit. Those forks were my mom’s, too 🙂

    1. Hi Robyn, I can’t believe how much we have in common both in our lives and cooking…even our mother’s silverware. Yes, I do think that our surroundings play a big role in our happiness. We wanted to make sure that wherever we decided to settle that we would feel comfortable and I believe Vero Beach was the right decision for us. Thank you so much for stopping by and sweet comment.

  51. I’m late getting to this — been on vacation the last month. Anyway, congrats on the move! Lotta stress, I know. We’ve moved a bunch, too — just counted up, and we’re on our 13th address since we’ve been married. Longest we stayed at any one address was 11 years. And we ended up moving 3 times in ~2 years before we landed at our current location!

    1. Don’t feel bad John, I’m late in answering your comment as well. I’m sure you had a lovely vacation in New England…would have loved to have been able to meet with you two somewhere before we moved. It sounds like our moving habits are another of our things we have in common. 🙂

  52. Karen, congratulations on you new home…it sure looks gorgeous…yes, it is sure a lot of work moving…but you are a super great decorator, so no matter what house you get, you will make it a lovely home…
    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    1. Thank you Juliana for your very lovely compliment…it is much appreciated. This house will be decorated very differently from our last home. I’ll share photos in the coming months of our new look.

  53. Wishing you all the very best in your new home. with your decorating skills, once you have unpacked and everything is in its place I know your home will be just gorgeous, I am looking forward to seeing photos.

    1. Thank you for your nice wish, Norma and your lovely compliment. I’ll be happy to share photos once we have settled in…be prepared for a totally new look. 🙂

  54. Congratulations on the move as well as the sale of your NH home. You’re NH home was so lovely and unique but you have such a wonderful eye for style that I’m betting your new home will be stunning. Oh, the unpacking part…I do hope that’s going well.

    I keep looking at homes – not a distance move but something smaller and maybe a little closer to the city but seriously, I just have not been very impressed with what’s on the market in the Boston area for smaller homes.

    I haven’t been tracking the hurricane that closely but I certainly hoping that you weren’t affected.

    1. Hi Diane, We were happy that our home sold quickly as our new one in Florida was patiently waiting for us to move in. I believe we are going to be very happy, we certainly didn’t need such a large home for just two people. Thank you for your nice wish. We were lucky that the hurricane stayed off the coast and didn’t affect us.

  55. Congratulations on your move and new home in Florida, Karen! Since you once lived there you and your husband will adjust quickly to the weather and lifestyle. You can always travel during the hot humid weather in the middle summer months. A friend of mine that lives in Coral Gardens, FL, rents a house upstate NY during the summer to escape the heat.
    As you know, my husband and I made the move west from NYC to live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado three years ago. We have been enjoying the scenery of Colorado and the proximity of living near our children and grandchildren very much so it was a very worthwhile move. We did not downsize–in fact our house is larger than our NY house, but it suits us well now. Perhaps in 10 –15 years we will be ready to finally downsize. It will be another new adventure1

    1. Thank you Pat, for your wish. I think adjusting to the lifestyle won’t be much of a problem. Getting used to the humidity in summer will be a little harder but as you say, we can always travel to cooler locations then. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your new life in Colorado and I know that being close to your family has to be so nice.

  56. Karen, congratulations on your move and new home in Florida. I have a feeling you will be loving the move once the February winter weather makes headlines on the Today Show. LOL

    Wishing you the best in your new home!

    1. Hi Debbie, I totally agree with you. February will probably become our favorite month of the year now that we are living in Florida. 😀 Thank you for your nice wish.

  57. Home is where the heart is, and I know you will make this one as warm and welcoming as your last. My, but what a change. It really sounds like you made some smart and well thought-out decisions. We’ve been dealing with a beast of a remodel for over a year now, and so I do envy you your home! Enjoy the sunshine and get those boxes unpacked!

    1. Hi Adri, I appreciate your sweet comment…thank you. Your remodel has been more like a total rebuild. Hang in there as the end result will make it all worthwhile, I’m sure.

  58. Our home is like a second ‘skin’, a friend of mine once said. And we are not snakes, and thus not used to shedding skins, say I. Our skin needs to make us feel safe, and healthy, and attractive all at the same time … and our bones and muscles underneath the skin need to work properly too. It requires work, for sure, changing homes. And I am sure that you are super qualified to make this new home of yours just perfect, now, for you and your family. You have the knack ! Best of luck and much happiness in your new home 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words and wish, Jo. I like both yours and your friends thoughts about our home. Each day that passes, our house is feeling more like home as it slowly comes together.

  59. Congratulations to you and your husband! What a beautiful home! I can understand why it was so hard to move from your lovely home, but 100 inches of snow would be sending me south that’s for sure.

    1. Thank you MJ, for your nice compliment about our home. You are right, last winter’s snow has many New Englanders thinking about heading south.

  60. Congratulations on your new home and your decision to move! I actually always somewhat secretly dream of living on a apple orchard, but I probably wouldn’t want to do it forever! It sounds like you made a very good decision.

    1. Hi Amy, We do think we made the right decision for the two of us. Thank you for your wish. I know that you’ve mentioned before of a desire to own an apple orchard some day. They do provide lots of pleasure not only to the owners but also for the people who buy the apples. They are a lot of work if you have hundreds of trees like we did…perhaps a small orchard could fulfill your dreams. 🙂

  61. I’m so excited for you!! Your new home looks beautiful and, with your decorating abilities, you’re going to turn this house in something spectacular! As you may know, I ‘took the summer off’ (although I hadn’t planned to…) from both blogging and ‘following’ – but I’m back now and so happy to ‘hear’ about your news!!! Wishing you all the best!!

    1. Thank you so much Cecile, for your kind words…they are much appreciated. Welcome back to the blogging world…I’ve been missing a lot as well with this move.

  62. The rule of thumb in our family is that when you get the last box from your previous move unpacked, it is time to move again. Your new home looks beautiful, but I am sure you will miss your yellow farmhouse.

    1. Your comment made me laugh Darryl. When we were packing up our basement, I had boxes from our previous move that had never been opened. 😀 We will indeed miss our pretty yellow farmhouse, we thought it was very special. Thank you for your nice compliment.

  63. Wow! What a post! We have been thinking of downsizing and moving to a place without such a huge yard (no apple orchard though!). We bought a new home many years ago and later sold it to move into this rambling, late 50’s ranch style home. We often reminisce about the new home and how easy it was to maintain. I can tell that you are already settling in and will be so very happy to experience a Florida winter!

    1. Hi Deb, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post…thank you. There really is something to be said about a new home. We can lock up our house, travel and never worry about frozen pipes again. The association even takes care of all the landscaping, including the sprinkler systems so no worries.

  64. Life is like that…so many choices and sometimes the voice of reason must win over in a situation. I know you will make your new home into one you enjoy and love as you have a clear gift with it. Enjoy the warmth and new opportunities and cherish the memories you carry with you ❤

    1. Hi Laila, Yes…sometimes the voice of reason needs to be heeded and in the end it makes perfect sense. Thank you for your lovely thoughts, they are much appreciated.

  65. Congratulations, Karen! You are so right, “Sometimes in life, we have to be practical and let our head rule… ” Enjoy the beach and warm weather. 🙂

    1. Thank you Amy, for your kind wish. I’m glad that you like my thinking. My husband and I believe we will be very happy in Florida even though we will miss New England.

  66. You made a good choice and now that winter is approaching I think you’ll be so happy to be in Florida! I’m enjoying Virginia very much and the weather is great – I hope you start making progress on those boxes soon… 🙂

    1. Hi Meg, Yes as each day passes we know we have made the right choice with our move. We have been making terrific progress on the boxes. We’ve got a good incentive as there is going to be a community yard sale at the end of the month and anything we packed that really doesn’t work in our new house will go into the sale. I think we will enjoy Florida the way you enjoy Virginia. 😀

  67. Congratulations on that big move! And the big lifestyle change. I’ll really look forward to hearing about getting settled. We did that last year, downsized from our home of 25 years and I love everything about our new place. So much fun starting over.

    1. Hi Lea Ann, It is nice to hear that many of my blogging friends have made similar changes and are enjoying their downsized lifestyle. Thank you for your nice wish. 🙂

  68. Wherever you go, you bring the beauties dear Karen, 🙂 Congratulations to you both for your new home and best wishes for new Florida days… I know it is not easy to open the boxes, it will take time, Good Luck. Thanks and Love, nia

  69. I appreciate your kind words, Nia…they are so sweet. The boxes are slowly getting opened but it is a challenge to find a place for many of the pretty things I brought with me. You are right, it will take time. 🙂

  70. Congratulations on your new home, Katen! Aren’t you glad that the hardest part is over? In no time, you will get used to the size, and be glad how you are relieved of physically strenuous maintenance work you were involved in. Now it is time to take dance classes to keep your energy going. 😀 )))

  71. It’s soooo cheesy to say ‘home is where the heart is’ but it’s so true! All changes appear daunting and then have so many silver linings it’s amazing. All the best with your new home and your new sunny humid life!

  72. Moving is such an emotional journey. Getting from A to B is never easy, but how wonderful is a fresh change & a clean start. I remember your wonderful home & beautiful details. I’ve no doubt that your Florida home will bring a new wave of freshness & creativity with it too.

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