Prayers For Paris

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the terrible tragedy in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe
Paris, France (Arc de Triomphe)

Words cannot even begin to express the sorrow caused by the terrorists that have affected so many, you are in my prayers. May the love of those from around the world help you through this difficult time.

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37 thoughts on “Prayers For Paris

  1. I agree, Karen. Words are just inadequate to express the horror and dismay over this series of events. Tragic and heart-breaking.

  2. Hi Karen, I read several blogs from France. One by one they are reporting in that they are okay, but extremely sad. Although I do not personally know them I feel close to them since I have started blogging. I think of them as my pen pals. I just don’t understand the craziness and the violence and what does it accomplish. So sad.

  3. It is truly horrifying. 😦 I went to bed early last night and woke up to the news this morning — the first I heard was when I checked an order on my Amazon account and saw the French flag and Solidarité on the home page. I knew something really awful had happened, and quickly Googled to find out.

    Paris and all the victims have been in my thoughts all day.

  4. This tragedy has me feeling at such a loss…what can we do? How can we stop this insanity? Thank you for posting. It shows we care and support our peacekeeping nations. Standing together is a start.

    Jane x

  5. I can understand some of the factors which have led to this, even be they but ‘perceived’ reasons. What totally fails my thinking is what the perpetrators hope to gain by their sick actions against the innocent in our society . . . surely they make their own situation just that much worse . . . methinks we all are whispering the words of the ‘:Marseillaise’ at the moment . . .

  6. Words can’t express the sorrow caused by terrorists all the way back to the collapse of the world trade centre. Millions of words have been spoken over fourteen years to no avail. I’m fed up with words.

  7. I really cannot comprehend the evil that lies behind this, Karen. This has nothing to do with any religion in the world. And to not know if your child is still alive or not- what greater hurt can you inflict on anyone? Hard not to hate, but to love is so hard at times. Hugs to you!

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