Home Decor, It’s All In The Details

We all can appreciate a home that is decorated well and, if you are like me, you love going on house tours. While spending a week with good friends at their summer home on Nantucket recently, I mentioned to my girlfriend how photogenic her house was and asked if I might photograph and share their lovely home with my readers. I held my breath as I waited for her answer and was delighted when she said “yes”.

A Beautifully Decorated Nantucket Home
A Beautifully Decorated Nantucket Home

My friends purchased their house located on a cliff road above downtown Nantucket some years ago. Even though the old house needed to be completely renovated to suit their family’s needs, they had a clear vision of what it could become. They designed the house with a nod to the past, keeping the best of the old features but added modern conveniences throughout.

The home is decorated with easy summer living in mind. Soft neutrals and shades of green seem to bring the outdoors in on the first floor living areas. Large windows on all sides of the house let in lots of natural light as well as the cooling breezes the island is known for during the summer.

The core of their house is their family room, a large, comfortable and welcoming room where family and guests like to gather. There is a relaxed but stylish mixture of upholstered furniture that is perfect for watching a movie in the evening or reclining with a book on a lazy afternoon. Every corner features charming vignettes…do you see the two little children’s wing chairs at a small table ready for games located next to the fireplace?

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Bigger is not necessarily better and that can be seen in the pretty parlor. While on the small side compared to the family room, the parlor is bathed in natural light and the green tones give it a restful feeling. Small touches such as the writing desk and chair on the right side of the fireplace give the formal room a personal touch.

The bright and airy dining area is divided into two sections and has a mix of vintage and designer pieces of furniture. The white painted beadboard walls are a perfect background for the botanical prints that line them.

One Of Two Dining Areas
One Of Two Dining Areas

The room is casual yet chic, a pretty wire and crystal light chandelier hangs over a white painted antique dining table with rush seat chairs.  My girlfriend can serve sandwiches and salad as easily as a three course dinner in the room. While always entertaining with style, making her family and friends comfortable is very important to her. She will tone down the formality of a multi course dinner with casual table settings and wild flowers (pokeweed and queen ann’s lace in these photos) in tall, decorative handblown vases on the table. It’s again, the small details that give the room an inviting feel.

They are both collectors of antiques and art, having a sure eye and a great sense of style and it’s their attention to the details that has filled their home with warmth and reflects both of their tastes and personalities. They love to hunt for antique treasures and art and that can be seen throughout the home with collections that have been gathered over time, piece by piece, and displayed in interesting ways.

Even the halls offer visual appeal, dark wood floors, a beautiful wide staircase with a seat before reaching the second floor, all showcasing their collections.

The bedrooms have each been decorated in a style that makes any guest feel welcomed. Here again, it is the details that make each room enjoyable. A special lamp, shell encrusted keepsakes, chenille covered wicker or an antique ship diorama give each room a special feeling.

Even the bathrooms have special little features that give them a wonderful charm. Antique claw foot tubs and sinks remind you of the history of the house but they are accompanied by modern showers and toilets.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek inside one of Nantucket’s most beautiful homes. I think you will agree with me that where home decor is concerned, it is all in the details. They are what give an overall impression of comfort and charm to the homes we live in.


I want to thank my dear friends for not only inviting my husband and I to their Nantucket home over the years, I also want to thank them for opening up their home to my readers. My girlfriend kindly gave me permission to show you her lovely home and who among us wouldn’t want to while away the summer hours there if we had the chance.


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88 thoughts on “Home Decor, It’s All In The Details

  1. Karen, what a lovely home your friends have. Like the nautical theme, the drawing room and especially the dining room – what a great place to entertain friends like you 🙂 I just love love the wild flower arrangement on the table – so effective. Please thank her for allowing us to see this.

  2. Wow, spectacular looking home! How nice to live — or visit! — there. And how kind of you and your friend to share this with us. Thanks!

  3. Your friend’s house is really beautiful. I love all the attention to detail, as well as the artwork and antiques. The child’s painted chair is so delightful. I’m sure it was a real pleasure to be a guest in her lovely home, Karen.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely house/home. I do love a peek at what others are doing. I love the botanicals.

    And, thanks for checking in on me. I have been struggling with an allergy, but I am just about in control again. My appetite and creativity has suffered because of it, but hope to be back soon.

  5. Karen,

    This post was absolutely fantastic! One of the most beautiful homes I have seen! Elegant but casual! Thanks so much! Blessings, Shelba

  6. Wow! I wish I had their space… Such a beautiful home – clean and airy. Thank you very much for sharing your friend’s home with us – and thanks to her, too. I enjoyed the tour very much.

  7. I’m reading this, Karen and looking at your beautiful photos of this gorgeous house….and then I’m looking around at my house :/
    What a delightful place and I see your friend has worked hard to make it so beautiful.

  8. Your friend has exceptional taste, and it shows in every corner of her beautiful home. There are too many things to list individually that I love so I’ll just say this gorgeous home could be included in any architectural or decorating magazine I can think of. I did smile at the pokeweed in the vase. It is very unusual, and I must admit I’ve never thought about bringing it in, but it was attention grabbing with her table setting. Gorgeous.

  9. Thank you for this ‘weekend gift’! Have also collected art and certain antiques all my life: so enjoyed this humongously! [Well, in my case it is Asian antiques and modern Australian and aboriginal art]. Love the neutral colours and the no curtains . . . . peaceful and elegant. Am ‘jealous’ of the botanical prints of which I too have a number and that ‘Cranberry’ picking painting is totally collectable!! Thank you!!!!

    1. The Cranberry Bog harvest painting above the grass green painted floor was one of my favorite nooks, but the whole wonderful house was a welcoming dream. Thank you & your talented friend for letting us peek into her charming home.

  10. Oh my, this looks so beautiful. The house is so bright and inviting, I wish I can make mine like this, but kids won’t leave it that neat hahahaha. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Your friend is talented as you are, Karen. What a beautiful home. Fabulous furniture too. I thought, I had some sense in home decorating, but I now know that I don’t. I am moving in a week from San Francisco suburb to Arizona. It is a Spanish style house. I am thinking of adding some Spanish flare to what I already have.

  12. What a great place, Karen–I am SMITTEN with that childs chair painted like that! And the beadboard—SWOON!
    You’ve got some terrific friends. Sounds like you had a fine time.
    Happy FALL (yay!!!), Karen

  13. You’re right, Karen. Gorgeous house.

    I tried to reply to your comment yesterday, but my blog is doing funny things at the minute. Just wanted to make sure you hadn’t been badly affected by the hurricane.

  14. Karen, I thoroughly enjoyed touring your friends’ beautiful home! My husband and I are going to Nantucket at the end of the month and I can’t wait to visit! Pam @ Everyday Living

  15. What a beautiful home, the colours are so soothing, I can certainly see what a relaxing home this would be. How nice that your girlfriend allowed you to photograph her lovely home, thank you for sharing it with us.

  16. The artwork is gorgeous! Queen Anne’s Lace is one of my favorite flowers reminding me of my Nana’s garden and kitchen table. Please extend our thanks to your girlfriend and thank you for taking us on such a lovely tour!

  17. Every room/hallway looks perfect. Thanks for sharing your friend’s beautiful home. You can tell there is a lot of love there. A neighbor once told me that my yard “had a lot of love” and I feel the same way about the inside of this well-decorated home 🙂

  18. “Casual elegance” comes to my mind. What a lovely home, and how gracious of your friend to let you share it with us, Karen. I can easily picture myself there. It doesn’t look “decorated” but simply comfortable and beautiful at the same time. VEry welcoming. (And thanks for checking in on me; doing better. New post soon!)

  19. It is gorgeous! And your friend lives here with her family? Wow that’s something!! My dream is to be able to decorate my home AND for for it to stay that way…have to wait a few more years for the kids to grow 😊
    Tell your friend that I loved her house, congratulations!!

  20. Nantucket is on my bucket list. I would love to visit after the summer crowd is gone, and the cooler air moves in- Your friends home is beautiful. Exactly how I would envision a nantucket home.


  21. (Not sure my comment took and I am going to try one more time) Nantucket is on my bucket list. I want to visit when the summer crowds are gone and the cooler air has moved in. Your friends home is beautiful. Exactly how I would have imagined a Nantucket home.


  22. Very beautiful home and magazine worthy decorating. I find Nantucket and New England interior design very soothing and easy in which to live. It is bright, cheerful and relates easily to the nature and scenic views around it.

  23. Oh my goodness Karen, your friends decorating is spot on. My favorite, ultimate was the wall with the glass plates! So elegant, so chic!! Thank you so much to both you and your friend for sharing this wonderful home with us! ♥

  24. I agree it is fun to go on house tours…I have great curiosity about how other people decorate and live…a bit of a voyeur in an innocent sense…I always pick up a few tips. Love this post Karen.

  25. Thank you so much for tis fascinating visit! The house is so carefully decorated, with not even a tiny corner accidental, if it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t believe it’s really lived in! Thank you friend for having agreed to share with us her wonderful house.

  26. Oh I do love going into other people’s home too! Sometimes I’ll go to open houses, just to get ideas. Your friends home is lovely and definitely feels like a Nantucket home.

  27. What an absolutely beautiful home! I like their soft sea green and beige color palette and their comfortable furniture and interesting collections. Nantucket is a wonderful island to live ion –they are indeed fortunate!

  28. Nice house! I especially love that it’s located on a cliff above downtown, because the minute they decide they don’t like one of their couches or whatnot, just one tiny shove and voila, maybe it lands on a resale shop.

  29. Karen, what a gorgeous home your friends have. There’s a designer’s touch in every room but there’s also a hint of love. I’ll be honest and before the first paragraph finished I was thinking, “there once was a man from Nantucket…” LOL

  30. What an elegant and comfortable home. It was so gracious of your friend to share it with us. I love all the details like the plates on the wall. We are going to move from our Georgia home where we have been for 40 years to a 1930 bungalow in a historic district of Nashville. I have to clear out so much here, but at the same time want to retain some of our vintage and antique pieces for Nashville – it is not easy to decide. Your friends’ home shows a good balance between vintage/antiques and modern pieces.

  31. What a pleasure to see this beautiful home. Many thanks to your friend. I love the cranberry harvesting painting. Is this just a summer home? Or is there central heating as well as cooling?

  32. Karen, This home is so beautifully decorated and interesting too! I just googled millinery irons and found out something new. The children’s table must be a favorite of all the little ones who visit. I would enjoy sitting in the green sofas with a book or a glass of wine after a day at the beach! The green is so refreshing and unusual for an island house I think, and I do like it. Thank you to your friends for sharing their house. Linda

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