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Playing Trivia is very popular these days. Travel Trivia is especially fun since so many people travel both near and far each year. I would like to thank those who participated in my Travel Trivia Challenge. Here are the answers, see how well you did with the clues that were given. I do hope you let me know if you enjoyed playing along.

The Regent Seven Seas Explorer, Our Home Away From Home For 12 Days  Photo: Courtesy RSSC

One if by land, two if by sea, (this clue could provide more than one answer). Indeed this famous phrase by poet Henry Longfellow, contained two clues. Longfellow was referring to the British and our trip starts in England. After four days of touring London and the Cotswolds, we will start a sea cruise. We will therefore be traveling by both land and sea.

We fly from Orlando and return to Miami, a passport will be necessary. We are taking a private car from our home in Vero Beach to Orlando for a British Airways direct flight to Gatwick and fly American Airlines from Barcelona, Spain direct to Miami where a private car will drive us home to Vero Beach, Florida. We will definitely need a passport for our travels in Europe.

We will be speaking English, other languages would be helpful. Knowing the language of the countries we visit is always helpful but not really necessary as we will usually be with English speaking tour guides.

Four countries but no maps necessary…is that possible? We will be sailing from ports in four countries, England, France, Portugal and Spain but our captain will know the way. The first time I’ve not needed maps for our European travels.

A well known “explorer” may be the biggest clue of all. We are sailing on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer. The ship is well known as it has been called the “Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built.”

While not a specific place , the people there are from 49 different countries. The cruise ship has an onboard international crew from 49 different countries.

Our shortest trip in years and yet one of the busiest. Last year our European trip was five weeks, visiting three countries. This year’s trip is 20 days visiting London and the Cotswolds in England as well as nine ports of call in three other countries.

While some might think of this journey as being relaxing it will be far from it. Many think of cruising as stress free because you don’t have to make your own travel plans, hotel and transportation reservations. You travel to multiple destinations but don’t have the hassle of having to pack and unpack every few days. On the other hand, we signed up for tours at every single port we visit. This will include several hours of walking, often on cobbled and hilly streets, which we are not accustomed to since living in Florida. Relaxing, maybe not.

Elegant yet casual, my kind of traveling. The Explorer is a beautiful luxury ship and the atmosphere is elegant and refined. While you might think of a cruise ship in this category as being formal and stuffy, it definitely is not. During the day, shorts, jeans and sneakers can be seen in all public areas. At night, dress is elegant casual, meaning what you would wear to a nice restaurant. Ladies wear dresses or slacks and a pretty top and men wear slacks (no jeans) and collared shirts. Sport jackets are optional at dinner and there are no formal nights on our 12 night cruise.

At the end of our journey, a lot of small plates will have been consumed. Tapas, often called small plates, are very popular in Spain and we have several ports of call there. We have planned our own stay in Barcelona, our last port of call, for 3 nights and a lot of small plates will have been consumed before we fly back to Florida.


I hope you had fun trying to figure out where our next adventure was taking us. I know I certainly enjoyed reading your guesses. I want to thank Kay at Gourmet Travel and Mad Dog at Mad Dog TV Dinners for keeping their secret. They were the only two people who had a clue about what we were doing. A few thought we would on a river cruise…close, perhaps in the future. Many of you guessed a cruise but didn’t know where…good try.

John of Kitchen Riffs said “I’m terrible at trivia, and even though you’ve provided excellent clues, I’m clueless. I’m with the cruise votes. Four countries? Maybe from Southampton to Barcelona, with stops in France and Portugal? A trip of about two weeks? But really, I have no idea.” Terrific! You got where we would be sailing from and where we would disembark. Terrible at trivia…I don’t think so. If I had asked you to be even more specific, I believe you would have gotten the name of the ship.

Eha came back three times, refining her answer. You were definitely on the right track, you just had us sailing in a different direction and on a different ship but very good guesses.

To all the rest of you that left a comment, I do appreciate your very kind words. I always say that I have the most thoughtful and loyal readers and I thank you for that. It makes me happy to know that you enjoy following along on my husband’s and my travels.


Whenever I travel, I usually write and post my articles before I get home but this year proved difficult. This is one of the few trips in my life where I was setting the alarm for 6:30 A.M and not getting to bed until late at night which left no time for writing. The Explorer had free wifi but it was very slow even when sending an iPhone photo to someone else on board the ship. The first chance I got to post was in Barcelona right before we were flying back to Florida. We’ve now arrived home, jet lagged, tired and I’ve not yet unzipped our suitcases so I’ll be sharing our wonderful trip with all of you over the coming weeks. I hope you will enjoy seeing both the Explorer and all the new and wonderful places we visited in England, France, Portugal and Spain.

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59 thoughts on “Travel Trivia Answers

    1. Just getting caught up on comments, I bet your river cruise in Bordeaux was terrific. I’ll be posting about our time in Bordeaux before too long.

    1. Hi Cathy, yes we are back and now I’m trying to catch up with comments. First time we haven’t been in Germany during fall in a long time but we needed to try a cruise. I’ll be starting posts tomorrow…thank you for following along.

  1. I was actually wondering if you might be on the Explorer! We did this exact same cruise on the same ship a year ago. And we’ll be on the Explorer’s sister ship, the Mariner, later this year. We really enjoyed the cruise — some wonderful ports. Cruising is a bit exhausting, isn’t it? We always look forward to sea days so we can relax and enjoy the ship more. Look forward to reading all about your trip. Welcome home!

    1. Thank you John. Sorry to be late in answering you, trying to play catch up as well as blogging when you are jet lagged is tough. We loved our cruise and the Explorer was wonderful. I’ll be interested to see what you think of the Mariner.

    1. Hi Susan, don’t give up on getting your husband on a cruise ship…I thought the same thing. BTW, I’m having trouble with my computer since I took it to Europe and am not able to comment on your posts. As soon as I get caught up a little, I’m taking it to find out what the problem is.

  2. *laughter* I too was looking for an ‘Explorer’ but all the ones I found were in the Pacific at ‘your time’ as I looked at later dates ! I did not ‘get’ France tho’ knew England played a part . . . . thought of a foray to Morocco !! Am envious as after some 30 trips to Great Britain I have yet to visit the Cotswolds ! So glad all well and can’t wait to hear all about it !

    1. You did a great job on the Travel Trivia…I loved all your comments. 😀 A foray to Morocco, now that does sound nice. I’m trying to catch up on my comments but I’ll start posting about the cruise tomorrow.

  3. Karen, I am traveling now so I missed the trivia. We have taken very similar cruises on Oceania which we have absolutely loved, but they are tiring for sure. Can’t wait to read all about it!

    1. Hi Pam, I’m happy you will be following along. I loved reading about the Grand Tetons, your trip sounds wonderful. I’ve heard Oceania is very nice with delicious food. Perhaps another time. 🙂

  4. How wonderful! I’d love to go on a cruise, but it is not Peter’s thing. I am not surprised you didn’t have time to write or post with such a busy and exciting schedule. I bet you loved Barcelona: such an artistic and beautiful city! I really look forward to reading all about it when you are ready to share it. 👍

  5. I can’t wait to take this luxury trip with you on such an elegant cruise ship! Crew from 49 countries should make it very interesting, not to mention the amazing places you will be visiting! Bon Voyage Karen!

  6. Wow, what an incredible trip – have fun, can’t wait to see all of your pictures! Have a great weekend!


  7. Karen, what fun your travel trivia was. And of course “Mad Dog” would guess it as he likely waves at the cruise ships as they go by. Besides he’s one smart guy. We’ll look forward to hearing more of your journey soon. Safe Travels!

    1. Hi Kate, this was our very first cruise and we loved it. I’m sharing the first of the posts about it today, I hope it brings back memories of your own cruise.

    1. Hi Liz, This was our first cruise and we had a wonderful time. I’m sharing photos of the ship today…it may give you an idea of what to expect on your cruise.

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