Smoked Salmon Appetizer Bites, Gluten Free And Low Carb

smoked salmon appetizer

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Bites, gluten free and low carb, are much healthier than a lot of appetizers you see at cocktail parties. Crisp cucumbers slices are topped with a smear of Boursin garlic & fine herbs cheese, smoked salmon, capers and red onions and they are delicious. You will love these smoked salmon appetizer bites […]

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European Road Trip Planning Tips

Heiligenblut Pilgrimage Church

If a European Road Trip is on your bucket list, these planning tips will make your holiday especially memorable. I’ve planned and gone on road trips throughout Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland for years and thought I’d share the process. This year my husband and I had planned another Mediterranean cruise but as sometimes […]

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