Hotel RIVA, On The Shore Of Lake Constance

Hotel Riva Konstanz

Hotel RIVA, is an elegant boutique hotel  located in the foothills of the Alps on the shore of beautiful Lake Constance, whose waters are shared by three countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Hotel Riva Konstanz Germany
Hotel Riva On The Shore Of Lake Constance, Konstanz, Germany

When staying at the boutique 5-star luxury Hotel RIVA, it is possible to have a hearty German breakfast at the hotel, drive to Switzerland for a light lunch, enjoy a slice of strudel as an afternoon snack in Austria before returning back to the hotel for cocktails on the terrace before dinner.

Promenade Lake Constance
Leafy Promenade Along Lake Constance

Located by a leafy lakefront promenade directly on the shore of Lake Constance, the Riva is a fifteen minute walk away from the medieval old town center of Konstanz (Constance), Germany.

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With its minimalist modern style, the hotel has a very different feel from the many traditional hotels we have visited in Europe. The light and airy hotel is made up of a beautifully renovated Art Nouveau villa and a contemporary annex that share a simple modern elegance. With its striking spiral staircase, floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of natural light and its pale muted interior adorned with splashes of bright color, it will certainly please fans of both interior design and architecture.

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The stylish rooms are extremely comfortable. Our deluxe air conditioned room was one of only six in the Art Nouveau villa and had a direct view of the lake. It had a large entry lined with floor to ceiling lacquered closets and a wonderful bathroom with both a freestanding tub as well as a separate shower.

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The hotel has an tranquil openness that flows from the reception area to the restaurant, bar and lounge and out onto the lovely lakeside terrace. We enjoyed before dinner cocktails on the terrace.

Unfortunately during our stay, the gourmet two star Michelin restaurant Ophelia was not open but we throughly enjoyed our Mediterranean inspired meal in the Art Nouveau villa’s Riva Restaurant at a table with a view out to the lake. After a good night’s sleep on a very comfortable bed, we had an excellent breakfast from the buffet served in the Riva Restaurant.

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If it is a perfectly clear day, head up to the RIVA’s wonderful rooftop pool area that is planted with dwarf Japanese maple trees and different grasses. There you will have fantastic views of not only the sparkling lake but possibly, the distant Alps. The small spa area has a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, a steam bath, an ice fountain, a relaxation room, treatment rooms and a small workout area.

The Bodensee (as it is known in German) or Lake Constance is what makes the hotel and city attractive to tourists with lovely lakefront promenades, outdoor cafes and beer gardens. Parts of the old town have remained the same for centuries, especially along the narrow cobbled streets near the gothic cathedral.

Right at the entrance to the harbor is the most photographed and famous landmark in Konstanz. It is the huge rotating stone sculpture “Imperia.” The controversial work of art by artist Peter Lenk was inspired by a satire written by the novelist Balzac. Imperia is skimpily dressed and is holding two tiny naked men, a Pope and an Emperor, in her raised hands.

Imperia by Peter Lenk
Imperia by Peter Lenk At Konstanz Harbor

The region is well known for the many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed, especially boating and cycling on the dedicated bike paths around the entire lake. The hotel is also convenient for travelers wishing to explore delightful German cities such as Meersburg and Lindau as well as those of Austria and Switzerland, two countries that also share the shores of Lake Constance.

Meersburg Upper Town Gate
Meersburg Upper Town Gate

When planning a trip, we all hope we will have perfect weather for our holiday. This was our fourth visit to Lake Constance and on the three previous times in the area it had rained. Each year, I had visions of driving along the shores of Lake Constance with sun sparkling off the lake. I was determined to sit by the lake with a glass of wine and watch the ferries slowly crossing between Switzerland and  Germany and this year I did and it was as lovely as I had imagined.



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41 thoughts on “Hotel RIVA, On The Shore Of Lake Constance

    1. Hi Amelia, you are right…your husband would really appreciate all the work that has gone into the Riva. It is a lovely designed hotel and in such a beautiful spot.

  1. How delightful. That food looks perfect and I love those leopard skin chairs. The gazpacho is a fabulous modern take on tapa – a drink with a bread cover on top (originally to keep the flies out of a glass of sherry or wine).

    1. Hi Mad Dog, yes I would love having those chairs in my own home. The food was Mediterranean inspired and delicious. It really was a modern take on tapas, I’m doing gazpacho the same way the next time I serve it.

    1. Hi Dawn, We are having a wonderful trip this year and it is especially nice to have good weather. Thank you for your compliment on the photos, it is much appreciated.

  2. So glad you had good weather Karen. Bodensee is such a pretty lake and the light in September is perfect for a visit. I haven’t been for several years but remember the beautiful gardens and butterfly park on the island Mainau. I wonder if you had time to visit it. The hotel looks fabulous and I do like that style. 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy, This has been the best weather ever and we were so happy to finally be able to see Bodensee on a sunny day. It was so pleasant walking along the promenade and then enjoying cake on the lovely terrace at the Riva. would love the hotel. We didn’t make it to the gardens but hopefully on another visit.

  3. That is such a neat part of the world! Lovely photos. Thanks for taking us along (virtually speaking) on your trip!

  4. LOVELY!! We have found the quality of European hotels so much higher, and it’s amazed us how much better accommodations are dollar-for-dollar compared with here. We stayed in suites in Madrid that cost us $300 or so Euros a night that would have cost us $500 to $600 plus dollars here in the states. The absence of adequate air conditioning in July was another story, but the rooms themselves were mostly luxurious and well-appointed. Overall, we felt that an American could live quite well just about anywhere in Western and Southern Europe.

    Was the dining all communal?

    Your travels are inspiring!

    1. Hi Morgana, Thank you for stopping by for a visit and leaving your nice compliment. I hope you will continue to follow along on our holiday. As to your question, no the dining was not communal, we had our own table at each of the restaurants we dined at on our trip. I totally agree with you about how much better accommodations are and the value for the dollar compared to traveling in our own country. Not only that, it is the quality of service that you receive.

    1. Hi Cynthia, It seems that we are seeing more hotels becoming it a little more contemporary. I have to say that I like both looks but hope they keep some of their traditional features. That is what makes Europe feel so special and different from what we see at home.

    1. Thank you Carolyn, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the photos. Isn’t the staircase wonderful. It was the first thing I wanted to take a photo of as we were being shown to our room. It is a work of art itself.

  5. You seem to be following our footsteps. We also stopped at the Bodensee and Meersburg in particular, but it must be quieter now out of season. I love that contrasting staircase in your hotel and the whole place looks wonderful.

    1. Hi Larry, I totally agree with you. Lake Constance is beautiful, especially when the sun is out. We were really happy with Hotel Riva, it was our first time staying there.

  6. Thank you Jeanie for your kind words, they are very much appreciated. I do try to show all the features of a hotel in case someone is thinking about perhaps staying there themselves. It is really hard to find honest information sometimes about hotels.

    1. Hi Bobbi, I didn’t use the stairs…as a matter of fact my husband was surprised I would look down it. 😁 It was strictly the elevator for me. Thank you for your nice compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and the food was really delicious.

    1. Hi MJ, I do months of research to try and find the best hotels wherever we travel and Riva did not disappoint. I loved the staircase…it is like a piece of art but when it came to going to and from our room I used the elevator. 😁

    1. I’m glad I could introduce you to an area of Europe you were not familiar with Lorraine…it is quite pretty. We tend to stay in very traditional hotels when in Europe but we really liked the style of the Riva.

  7. Karen, I’m so enjoying this series as I made a similar journey a few years back. Now we did our holiday at guesthouses and B&Bs but would love to have stayed at the Hotel RIVA. Lake Constance is so beautiful, I have a fond memory of stopping at a roadside stand and buying a paper cone of fresh-picked cherries.

    1. Hi Ron, This was our first time at the Riva and we really enjoyed our stay. The lake makes for a mild climate and a lot of different fruits are grown in the region. I can imagine how good the freshly picked cherries must have been.

    1. I agree with you David, I loved all the large expanses of glass so you could enjoy the lake views. Thankfully, we didn’t have rain on this visit. 😀

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