Hotel Post Lermoos, A Beautiful Tyrolean Resort

Hotel Post Lermoos

The Tyrolean village of Lermoos may be small in size but its views are grand as it lies at the foot of the Zugspitz mountain. Within the village, Hotel Post Lermoos which is rated one of the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels in Austria, provides for one of the most spectacular mountain panoramas you can ever imagine.

Hotel Post Lermoos
View Of The Zugspitz At Sunset From Hotel Post, Lermoos, Austria


This year my husband and I are returning to some of our favorite European hotels and resorts and in Austria, the Hotel Post in Lermoos is one that we especially enjoy. This is our third visit to the Hotel Post Lermoos and it is always a wonderful experience from the moment we arrive until we say our “goodbyes”.

After being welcomed back, our luggage unloaded and our car parked in their garage, we were shown to this year’s room. The first thing you always notice when you walk in the room is the view, it is one you will likely never forget.

View Of The Mountains
View Of The Mountains From The Balcony At Hotel Post Lermoos

All the rooms in the hotel are called suites and are wonderfully spacious, comfortable and have a traditional ambiance that we enjoy. The bathrooms leave nothing to be desired…a tub with a window that opens for a view of the mountains, a cute rubber ducky to float in it, a walk in shower and a separate WC. Our usual room category was full this year so we were given a larger “family room”. It included a separate room with bunk beds that children would love and a walk in closet/dressing room for our luggage.

Click to enlarge and see a slide show.

The hotel’s room rate includes full board. There is a large breakfast buffet with cooked to order eggs that come from their own farm, as well as a small lunch buffet including soups , salads and fresh fruits. In the afternoon guests can enjoy delicious freshly baked pastries and cakes. Three in the afternoon became known as “cake time” for us and we can both testify to how delicious they were.

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Also included is the evening six course meal with traditional as well as international dishes on the menus. Because of “cake time” we didn’t have all six courses but every single dish that we had was not only beautifully presented, it was delicious.

The large spa has been awarded 3 lilies and 17 points by the Relax Guide. It has indoor and outdoor pools that can be used all year, a laconium, brine, herbal and aromatic steam baths, a Tyrolean sauna and a bio sauna, an ice grotto and a cold water plunge pool. There is also a separate sauna and steam room for families. The spa also has several indoor relaxation areas, some with water beds, as well as outside deck chairs where you can enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Click to enlarge and see a slide show.

Completely new since our last visit, is a separate pine panorama sauna house and infrared cabin that were built in the garden with views of the Zugspitze and Sonnenspitze mountains.  Can you imagine enjoying the sauna house in the winter, looking out at the snow covered mountains while sitting in front of the open fireplace in its cozy relaxation room. Outside the sauna house there is a new heated brine pool where you can effortlessly float while gazing at the mountains. The new additions really add to the overall spa experience. Of course, there are spa treatment rooms where you can have massages and cosmetic treatments that will have you both feeling good as well as looking great.

If an active lifestyle is more to your liking, the hotel also offers guided hiking and mountain bike tours and other sports programs.

Partenkirschen Historic Building
Beautifully Painted Building In The Historic Partenkirchen Section Of Germany

We are particularly fond of staying in Lermoos for its central location. It is convenient for not only visiting the Tyrol region of Austria but the nearby Bavarian region of Germany. On a nice day, take a scenic drive towards the Bavarian  Alps and visit Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a twenty minute drive away. Originally two separate towns, they were joined into one town in 1936 to host the winter Olympics. We especially like the historic Partenkirchen section with its cobblestone streets and lovely frescoed buildings.

Pilatushaus Oberammergau
The Beautiful Trompe-l’oeil  Pilatushaus In Oberammergau, Germany

From there, it is just a short drive to visit the lovely villages of Oberammergau and Mittenwald before heading back to the hotel for cake and a little relaxing time in the spa. In the pretty village of Oberammergau, most of the homes and businesses are covered with trompe-l’oeil paintings of either religious themes or fairy tales. The town is famous for its Passion Play that has been performed once every ten years by the villagers since 1635. The next performances will be held next year in 2020.

The Beautiful Bavarian Village Of Mittenwald, Germany

Another “must see” Bavarian village is Mittenwald, twenty minutes east of Garmisch. I believe that it is one of the most charming and picturesque towns in the region.

Neuschwanstein Castle
King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle

Plan on making another day trip, which is just an just an hour away from the hotel, to the famous Bavarian castles of King Ludwig II. There is the Hohenschwangau, where he grew up, the small but lovely Linderhof Castle with its pretty gardens and the romantic Neuschwanstein castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom.  I would suggest ordering tickets online before your visit. Even if you don’t take tours inside the castles, they are worthwhile seeing from the outside.

Nearby Austrian attractions include Innsbruck, the capital of the region, which is about a 45 minutes drive away and the famous Swarovski Crystal World about an hour’s drive from Lermoos.


We enjoy visiting this beautiful and interesting region of Austria in the fall as it is a wonderful time to enjoy nature at its finest. If you love skiing, then Christmas is a magical time of the year to plan a trip to the area. Whatever the season and no matter the activities you choose to do…whether it is hiking, cycling, skiing or just relaxing in a spa, I think the Tyrol and the Hotel Post Lermoos could well end up being a favorite European destination for you as it has for my husband and I.


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52 thoughts on “Hotel Post Lermoos, A Beautiful Tyrolean Resort

    1. The weather was perfect so I was able to capture that sunset on the mountain…that with just my little Canon. The food was outstanding, it seems to get better and better each time we visit Hotel Post.

  1. Wow! Talk about a room with a view, that’s definitely hard to beat! And the foods looks utterly delicious too. I can see why you’re returning. We visited Schloss Neuschwanstein our first time in Bavaria: the stuff dreams are made off and I would agree it is advisable to pre-book tickets in order to avoid long queues.

    1. Isn’t the view great from Hotel Post Fatima…it doesn’t get much better. 😊 Yes, pre-booking tickets to visit Neuschwanstein is definitely a time saver as it is a “must see” on every tourist’s bucket list.

  2. We both love that area so much – and spent a week in Mittenwald a couple of years ago. I had so wanted to stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but there were not too many apartments for rent – that is how we found Mittenwald! What a great accident, as we love the town.

    1. Hi David, It was indeed a great accident to have discovered Mittenwald. It is such a charming village and not near as crowded as Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I never get tired of this beautiful region.

    1. Hi Jovina, The mountains really are impressive and they are beautiful with or without snow. I agree with you about the architecture, it is one of the things that makes this area of Europe so very special.

  3. Fresh, local, farm-raised eggs? Rubber ducky for the bath? What more could one ask for!!! Lovely hotel and the views are fantastic. Fun read — thanks.

    1. That is exactly what I think John, Hotel Post is one of our very favorite hotels in the Tyrol. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thank you for your nice compliment…it is much appreciated.

    1. H Jeanie, If you get a chance to visit this region of Europe sometime, I know you would be as captivated with it as we are. We love everything about the area…history, architecture, good food and very friendly people.

  4. I can see why you go back over and over! I’m impressed with the meals included and outstanding dishes. Your room and views are incredible. Now you have added another country to my bucket list, Karen, and I’m getting older and older!! 😩

    1. Hi Jane, Definitely put Austria on your bucket list and Hotel Post in particular. The rooms and views, the wonderful spa facilities and the delicious food really make the hotel special.

  5. Wonderful photos Karen! I know the German side well, having stayed in Mittenwald and Garmisch on numerous occasions while touring with my parents. I think Mittenwald is our all-time favourite! Driving through the mountains on both sides of the Zugspitze also offers some of the best scenery in the Alps. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment Cathy, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I have to agree with you about both sides of the Zugspitze offering some of the best scenery. I also agree about Mittenwald, I think it is what we all have in mind when we think of a charming Bavarian village.

  6. It is all so spectacular it’s hard to believe it’s real! Once again you have shared a truly magical place…you are so lucky to have visited there 3 times! The castle is quite breathtaking and your hotel really knows how to pamper guests!

    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment Jenna. We truly are lucky to have been able to travel to this lovely part of the world. Once you have seen the natural beauty of this area, it is hard not to want to go back again and again. And to have such a lovely hotel on top of it…we love it. 😊

  7. Hi Gerlinde, I’m happy to know that several of my readers like yourself have been able to experience this wonderful region. We love the Hotel Post with its lovely rooms, great food and terrific views, it doesn’t get much better.

    1. Hi Inger, isn’t it beautiful. When we travel, I eat whatever I want as the food is always so different and good. Most times I don’t gain weight as we are getting lots of exercise just sightseeing.

    1. I know what you mean Susan, I hate when we leave as I never know if we will be returning. The trompe d’oeil went all the way around the Pilatushaus and other buildings…they are amazing.

    1. Hi Carolyn, You would really enjoy Lermoos and the hotel. The food was some of the best on the trip and the cake…yes, 3 p.m. cake time was something to look forward to. 😊

  8. Oh Karen, what a charming place and the food looks amazing…thank you so much for taking time to take pictures and sharing with us…
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hi Sheryl, the scenery is outstanding in this part of the world. I now have a cute collection of rubber duckies…all different from Hotel Post. 😁

    1. Hi Pam, I do think my husband and I are fortunate to have had the wonderful travel experiences that we have had. Hopefully you to will get the chance to travel to Austria as well someday…my photos really can’t do it justice.

  10. The area reminds me of pics my Dad brought back from his tour in WWII. He talked about King Ludwig’s castle, although it was a different castle from the one you saw. I enjoy seeing all the photos in color and how it looks now. Very beautiful!

    1. Hi Jan, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, thank you! Perhaps your Dad was taking about Herrenchiemsee, Hohenschwangau, Linderhof or the Residenz…Ludwig did have a lot of castles. ☺️

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