Salzburg’s Best Spa Resort, Genussdorf Gmachl

Panorama Building Genussdorf Gmachl

Whether you plan to visit Salzburg or the nearby hills from the opening scenes in the Sound of Music, Hotel Genussdorf Gmachl, is the perfect base for exploring this storied region of Austria with its mountains, lakes and pristine small villages.

Panorama Building Genussdorf Gmachl
Panorama Building Genussdorf Gmachl

Wellness Hotel Genussdorf Gmachl, located at the edge of Salzburg in the village of Bergheim, is my favorite hotel when visiting the beautiful Austrian State of Salzburg referred to as Salzburgerland by its citizens.  “Genussdorf” translates to “enjoyment village” and this seventh generation Gmachl family run hotel does feel like a small village with several acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, a tavern where locals like to dine and its own brewery, butcher and gift shop.

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The family is always thinking of new ways to improve their guests’ experiences and since my husband and I first discovered the hotel, it has been transformed into a lovely 4-star superior wellness hotel and awarded 4 lilies and 19 out of 20 points by Relax Guide, one of Europe’s most recognized wellness guides. It offers every comfort a guest could wish for while not forgetting to honor its historic past.

Wellness Hotel Genussdorf Gmachl
Wellness Hotel Genussdorf Gmachl In Salzburg Austria

The hotel has a natural, contemporary look that is designed with lots of carved wood, cork, leather and suede in shades of grays and taupes. The hotel has opening walls of glass that let in lots of natural light for the many plants and potted herbs growing throughout the hotel. While modern, I believe the hotel’s design still respects the longtime family traditions and thus attracts guests of all ages to the resort.

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There are eight different categories of rooms and this year we reserved a Niederhof room located in the spa building. While the hotel has smaller rooms and much larger rooms, just like Goldilocks, we thought the Niederhof room was “just right”. The room has walls of wood and fabric and the bathroom has Mozart themed frosted glass walls. Large built in closets, storage drawers and a desk along with a comfortable sofa and chair made the room extremely livable.

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Room rates include a breakfast buffet with a nice variety of sausages, cheese, salmon, cooked to order eggs, and so much more. If you wish you can add their gourmet board that includes an afternoon buffet with hot and cold snacks, fruit and cakes as well as a five course evening meal. You can also dine a’la carte in one of their several dining rooms or on the beautiful terrace in nice weather. The evening menu features traditional Austrian cooking as well as international dishes are all light, heathy and delicious no matter what you decide to eat.

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After a good nights sleep, start your explorations of Salzburg early in the day. Only 3 miles away, it takes about 10 – 15 minutes to get into the historic city center either by car or the local train located a short walk away. On a nice day, use one of the hotel’s electric bicycles to ride into town along the Salzach river.

The Beautiful Baroque City Of Salzburg

High above the rooftops, Hohensalzburg Fortress looks down on Salzburg, the City of Mozart. Built by the Prince Archbishops, they transformed the medieval city into the Baroque showplace that enchants visitors today.

Salzburg's Hohensalzburg Fortress
Salzburg’s Hohensalzburg Fortress

Be sure to visit the Geburtshaus, Mozart’s Birthplace, the cathedral, the Residenz and Mirabell Palace and its lovely gardens. For shopping, enjoy a stroll down the picturesque Getreidegasse.

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Right down the road from the hotel, you can visit the pilgrimage Basilica of Maria Plain. You can also drive or take a bus to the outskirts of the city to visit Hellbrunn Palace with its gardens and trick water fountains. Also worth a visit is Hanger Seven, at the Salzburg airport, home of the Red Bull collection of aircraft, formula one racing cars as well as two restaurants and a bar.

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Another day, visit the nearby lakes and mountains  in the outstanding Salzkammergut lake district in the Province of Salzburg. You will love the villages of St. Wolfgang and Hallstatt, one of the most photographed in Austria. Another suggestion for an pleasant day trip is the nearby German town of Berchtesgaden or St. Bartholomew’s church on Lake Königssee.

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After a day of sightseeing, it is nice to come back and relax on the hotel’s terrace, in the beautiful gardens or head to one of the hotel’s two spa areas. The adult only spa is located on the top floor of the Niederfhof building. It has an outdoor infinity pool and it’s terrace is a great place to relax under an umbrella and enjoy views of the surrounding mountains and Salzburg’s famous fortress. Indoors there is an infusion sauna, an herbal steam bath, ice plunge and a large relaxation area where you will find tea, cold drinks, nuts, dried fruits and fresh apples.

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The family spa is located in the Panorama building. There is an indoor pool connected to an outdoor swimming pool as well as a sauna and whirlpool. In the beautifully landscaped gardens, you will find covered loungers and beach chairs around a natural swimming pond as well as tennis courts.

Gmachl's Gardens
Gmachl’s Beautiful Landscaped Gardens


This was our fourth stay at the seven generation, family run Genussdorf Gmachl and we have seen a lot of changes over the years…all for the better. You could plan a short stay at the resort simply because it is one of the top rated spa hotels in Austria but we also love it’s location on the outskirts of Salzburg. It makes the perfect base for exploring the entire province of Salzburg and nearby attractions in Germany. After our many visits, I would suggest spending at least three days in this beautiful area to have a good overall experience of this part of Austria. You will leave Austria with a lifetime of wonderful memories.




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56 thoughts on “Salzburg’s Best Spa Resort, Genussdorf Gmachl

    1. Thank you Kay. This trip was planned to return to some of our “favorite” hotels and regions and Gmachl and Salzburg is definitely one of them. We discovered the hotel 11 years ago and it just keeps getting better.

  1. With a butcher and brewery – I’d definitely like it there!
    You will be cornering the market in picture postcards – I particularly like the one of Salzburg and the Alpine Road.

    1. I appreciate your kind words about the photos Mad Dog, thank you. Oh yes, you would be right at home at the Gmachl with its good food and beer.

  2. The spa/resort looks so beautiful and serene. I love living vicariously through your elegant stays at hotels and spas, as it is the complete opposite of our mode of travel. Thanks, as ever, for sharing! And, by the way, we put Salzburg in our top 3 cities list for Europe. So elegant and beautiful.

    1. I agree with you about Salzburg David. I’m glad you enjoy following along on our travels and always appreciate your nice compliments, thank you.

    1. Hi Jenna, You can’t help but think of the Sound of Music when you are in the Salzburg region of Austria. Thank you as always for your lovely compliment.

    1. Hi Scarlett, I do hope you get to Salzburg. It is just a short 2 hour flight away and the Mozart Festival is being held at the end of January.

    1. Hi Jovina, I know you would love having a meal on the outdoor terrace. We usually are in this region in October and the weather has always been too cool for outside dining but on this visit the weather was just perfect to dine out under the stars.

    1. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the photos Lisa. I do have to say that it is hard says our “goodbyes” as we never know if we will return to the places we love.

  3. Another little gem in the Alps and I think the whole place is a ‘Genussdorf’ (what a wonderful name!). I’d love to visit Mozart’s birthplace as it was one of my mother’s favourite composers and I too think his music is still among the finest in the world. Thank you for sharing this: will make a point of stopping there next time. 👍❤

    1. Hi Fatima, yes “genussdorf” does seem very fitting for this resort. I do hope you get a chance to visit Salzburg and Mozart’s home…perhaps attend one of the concerts featuring his work.

  4. What a beautiful hotel! And those views! Ever since my daughters fell in love with the sound of music, I promised them we’d go to Austria, and we did! They were in college then, and our trip, which included parts of Switzerland and Germany, was spectacular. When my older daughter got married, musicians played Edelweiss!

    1. Hi Jeanie, It sounds like Salzburg would be the perfect place for the two of you to visit someday. Music, history and stunning countryside…it is wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful hotel to stay in while exploring the area. It’s been years since I traveled to the Salzburg area and your post brought back memories of the lovely scenery. Lake Königssee is such a beautiful setting. In my younger years, I hike around the lake more than once. Thanks for sharing your travels.

    1. Hi Ron, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post and that it brought back nice memories of your travels to this beautiful area of the world. Thank you for following along on our travels, it is much appreciated.

    1. I’m glad that you are enjoying following along on our holiday. Austria is known for having some of the best spa hotels in the world. There is nothing to compare in our country. Thank you for your lovely compliment.

  6. Austria always takes my breath away. We were in Salzburg many years ago and your photos have made me yearn to return. This is a lovely hotel but we always like to stay in the city, easy walking distance to restaurants and entertainment.

    1. Hi Eva, On our first visit to Salzburg we stayed in the very heart of Salzburg. It is so crowded with tourists now that we like staying a couple of miles away and go in for just one day. The rest of the time we enjoy visiting the beautiful outlying villages.

  7. What a lovely hotel! I bet you could almost not want to leave it, even for the beautiful city of Salzburg! The views are breathtaking too! Salzburg (to be precise the Salzburg music festival) has been on our trip dream list for many years now…thank you for sharing!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! It’s been too many years since we’ve been back to Europe. When we do make another trip I’m definitely going to look into staying at Hotel Genussdorf.

    1. Hi Sandra, I believe that you would love everything about Genussdorf Gmachl. We have stayed many times over the years and it keeps getting better and better.

  9. When I lived in Italy I was only over an hour away from the Austrian border so I visited Austria many times. I also worked there as an au pair when I was young. I absolutely love the country and the people there. Such a beautiful place to stay in Saltzburg and the food looks great. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Hi Alida, That is what I love about Europe…it doesn’t take long to get from one country to another. Between the wonderful people, the beautiful countryside and delicious food, we believe that Austria is one of the best places to go on a holiday. Thank you for your lovely compliment, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post.

    1. Thank you for your nice compliment Pam, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post about Salzburg and that it brought back memories of your own travels there.

  10. It truly is a wonderful resort Heather. So close to Salzburg and so convenient to the rest of the beautiful region. Thank you for your visit, it is much appreciated.

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