Wishing You A Healthy And Happy New Year

fireworks in the night sky

As the world welcomes in 2021, we also mark the end of a difficult and challenging year for everyone.

While we may start the arrival of the new year without fireworks, confetti, champagne, music and dancing, the New Year still symbolizes renewed hope and the beginning of a better tomorrow.

In past years, midnight skies on New Year’s Eve would be aglow with fireworks and the streets filled with revelers but typical of 2020, many celebratory events have been cancelled or will be held virtually.

As I reflect back on 2020, the year was certainly not all bad and I’m very grateful for family, friends and even more so, our health that I count among our many blessings.

As we count down the hours until 2021, my hope is that the coming New Year will be a healthier and happier one for us all. 

Thank you for your support and friendship throughout the year.

I wish all my readers a Healthy and Happy New Year, Karen


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48 thoughts on “Wishing You A Healthy And Happy New Year

  1. Thank you, Karen! Your messages of hope and promise have been a bright spot in this “interesting” year! Happy New Year to you as well —

  2. Karen, “it wasn’t all bad,” is the perfect way to describe 2020. I know things won’t magically be righted when the calendar page turns, but just knowing that this year is in the history books makes me feel better. Blessings to you, good health, and happiness as the new year unfolds.

  3. And a very happy and healthy new year to you too, Karen! Thank you for all your wonderful posts – despite the restrictions of no travel this year. I always enjoy reading what you’ve written and your beautiful photos.

  4. Happy new year, Karen. Thanks for your consistent writing this year which has offered your readers a small escape in part and something pleasing to read and look at.

  5. Being retired certainly made 2020 an easier year for us than for most people. My husband was forced into retirement because he is in the film industry and all production came to an abrupt halt. He hasn’t missed it at all. 🙂 So with him home life has been enjoyable even though we have been confined. Still hoping that 2021 is a better year for all and that things do get under control so that those who need to work, can work without the fear of getting sick or getting their family sick. Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy New Year Karen!

  6. I do not think the problems in the world look at calendars. Nought will change for better or worse because the bells ring in 2021. Understanding, logic, patience and love are needed well into the months to come. Let us look at the rays of light visible twixt the clouds so heavy still in many parts of the world and hope the skies will slowly clear. May health and contentment remain with you during the days to come. Normally the famous Sydney New Year fireworks herald in the year for the rest of the world . . . . and tho’ our harbourside will be in total lockdown seven minutes of glorious lights will be on for us and the world tonight . . . best to everyone . . .

    1. Would you kindly delete this comment as you obviously have no desire to post it anyway. As I said some time ago I am astonished at the lack of manners, respect or wider understanding of the world shown. I am truly sorry the US will have such a difficult and tragic time to come, in more ways than one, during the year just started – I wish you well.

  7. Sharing your hope, Karen, and wishing the same for all. Using today to catch up on fellow bloggers’ posts after several weeks of busy distraction. Blessings!

  8. Happy New Year Karen!! And a special ” thank you” for your sincere friendship we treasure!
    xo Anna and Liz

  9. You are so right. It has not been all bad and we DO need to focus on that. Obviously, 2020 has made me be more thankful for certain things and a good reminder to cherish family and friends and experiences. Be safe and well in 2021!

  10. Happy New Year, Karen! I agree that 2020 has been challenging, and I will be glad to see this one in the rearview mirror. (There have been some silver linings…but still, I’ll be happy to see 2021 arrive!) Cheers!!

  11. Karen, I wish you a very happy new year. I love that you said, “New Year still symbolizes renewed hope and the beginning of a better tomorrow.” I agree!

  12. Happy New Year Karen! Wishing you health and happiness. 2021 is turning out a bit rough, but I’m hoping that it will turn out better for us all.

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