Fully Vaccinated, Am I Ready To Travel

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Over a year ago, travel was put on hold around the world due to COVID-19. After months in lockdown, many people are now fully vaccinated and travel restrictions are starting to ease. If you’re vaccinated, will you feel comfortable going ahead with anticipated vacation plans that you had to cancel last year?

It’s been over a year since nonessential travel was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with more and more people getting vaccinated and covid numbers beginning to drop, restrictions are starting to ease and some countries are slowly opening to tourists. World famous tourist sites, museums and attractions as well as hotels, restaurants and bars are once again welcoming guests, although many with restrictions.

Everyone is eager to enjoy a summer vacation but widespread confusion continues as to what is required whether flying overseas, cruising the Caribbean or even visiting a tourist attraction such as Disney World. If you are fully vaccinated and the type of person who is willing to accept the unexpected challenges that might occur while traveling, then perhaps you will you feel safe planning a summer or fall vacation. Just remember that travel requirements, rules and restrictions are evolving almost daily. Whether you are thinking about a short weekend away or a weeks long adventure overseas, planning is a must. If you are hoping to visit one of the national parks in the US, know that many hotels and park lodges are already full until the middle of August so be flexible with your dates. Even something as simple as restaurant reservations are no longer a given as many restaurants have gone out of business or now have uncertain schedules.

The US is still closed to international travelers regardless of whether they have been vaccinated. While many countries are about ready to reopen their borders to foreign visitors, we need to remember that they all may have different entry requirements and could change their rules and regulations at a moments notice depending on Covid numbers. As things stand now, by July 1, all citizens of the EU will be allowed to travel freely within the EU using an upcoming vaccine certificate program. It would show whether a traveler has been vaccinated, recently tested negative or prove they recovered from Covid and developed a natural immunity.

If you are thinking about travel outside the US, we are still under a Level 4 Do Not Travel Advisory at the present time. Plans to allow vaccinated travelers from outside the EU to travel in Europe is in the works but not finalized as yet. Travelers will have to show proof that they’ve been vaccinated but it’s not clear yet how that will happen. With no common system available for Americans to prove that they’ve been vaccinated, some airlines are developing digital health apps that their customers can use. They will show what documentation is needed to enter the country they are going to and a way to upload the needed documentation. Some US airlines are creating direct, Covid free flights from certain airports and expanding flights to Europe.

Cancel For Any Reason
Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance (CFAR)

If you are thinking about booking a cruise or trip overseas, I suggest looking into trip insurance. Be aware that if you are planning on buying a travel insurance policy to protect you from problems that might arise from Covid, most insurers and medical evacuation providers are treating Covid as a “known event.” That means if you put in a Covid related claim, it will probably be turned down unless you’ve bought a “cancel for any reason” plan.


If you have been stuck at home and eager for a change of scenery, you are not alone. While many people are beginning to feel comfortable enough to think about making travel plans for summer and beyond there are others that are concerned about whether people should be traveling anywhere. Consider all the pros and cons before you decide to book a trip. Airlines and cruise ships as well as hotels have been lenient as far as cancellations are concerned but make sure what their policies are before making a booking. If your plans include overseas travel, you might want to choose a country that has a reputation for good health facilities and protocols in place in dealing with Covid-19.

I believe that if you are willing to accept the unforeseen requirements that might arise and can easily adapt to changes, you will probably end up having a nice vacation. While you may have to deal with restrictions and uncertainties, taking a little holiday will do a lot to improve your spirits. We just need to remember that our world has changed and may never get back to what we considered normal hassle free travel. Now I know what you want to know, have I made any summer travel plans…not yet, have you?

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42 thoughts on “Fully Vaccinated, Am I Ready To Travel

  1. Many people here can’t wait to return to normal life.. and have a strong desire to travel.
    I bet the traveling industry will come back stronger than ever this summer. We are not vaccinated yet, so no having any plan this year.

  2. I’ve been vaccinated and have some work to do in Spain, so I am thinking about it. I’m not keen on eating or drinking indoors in the UK, but in Spain more goes on outside. I did go to Barcelona last September to work. It was a weird experience, with an empty plane, and airport – there were no tourists in the city!

  3. We’re fully vaccinated and are having friends over for dinner again. And will eat at a restaurant outdoors. Any other indoor stuff we’re still wearing masks — just seems the prudent thing to do, particularly since so many people still haven’t gotten their vaccination for whatever reason. We were supposed to have been on a cruise starting in a week or so, but that’s long since canceled. We aren’t doing any travel outside the US until April 2022 — we’re hoping by that time things have settled enough that we can have a more “normal” travel experience. Hope so, anyway!

  4. Hi Karen, you have shared a lot of useful information here. My daughter is flying to France at the end of the month and still has not been able to clarify exactly what is needed to enter the country. Even the US Embassy is vague on the subject. I had not thought of contacting the airline to see if they could assist. As it stands right now, they need ‘proof of vaccination’ and a current negative COViD test result. The latter is easy, but proof of vaccination is not spelled out clearly. I doubt that their little paper Publix vaccine card will suffice. Anyway, thanks for your advice to get ‘cancel for any reason insurance.’ I don’t think I would leave the US without it right now.

    As for domestic travel, Malcolm and I have just returned from an 18-day road trip to the Eastern US states. Masks are not required for vaccinated travelers in many hotels and restaurants, but services are still limited. Mostly due to a labor shortage, we believe. Many indoor facilities (museums) require a ‘reservation’ to keep the number of guests limited. Overall, we were very happy with our ability to move about freely. Our first trip to Europe is planned for November. By then, I expect some degree of normalcy. Thanks again for your comprehensive post.

  5. Thanks for helpful info. We have no travel plans. If we do travel, it will be in the states. I don’t feel comfortable traveling outside of the country this year.

  6. Valuable information for travelers. We are vaccinated but have no inclination to travel internationally right now. After a year plus of being cautious, there isn’t a destination that would cause us to throw that to the wind. We did an overnight to the northern part of NH before Memorial Day. It was quite strange to stay in a room that we weren’t sure who had been there before us, and we ate at a restaurant but outside. There were numerous closed businesses including the Bath General Store because they are unable to find employees. That is a huge problem up here especially since tourist season is upon us. Many restaurants are either take out or eat in but not both because of lack of employees. When you do travel, I hope you and yours are safe and have a marvelous time.

  7. Great information! We are double vaxxed and hoping to be able to travel to Canada in August. They haven’t yet indicated whether that can happen so we are grateful for a generous VRBO cancellation date. We are going to spend a few nights up in the local mountains later this month, but the couple we will be with are double vaxxed too and we are sleeping in separate cabins. I’m slowly starting to feel better about interacting with those who I’m SURE have their vaccinations.

  8. Still just the beach Karen— fully vaccinated and burned mask but sadly many places still want the mask..vaccine or not —-so I just don’t want to travel while not being able to breathe—
    Breathing in new scents is so much a part of the fun— think Rome and the wafting mix of basil and garlic rising out of a hidden alleyway leading to a fabulous meal!!!!

  9. Times certainly are changing and on a daily basis. Ironically now some airlines aren’t allowing vaccinated travellers on for fear of blood clots and liability. Here in Melbourne Australia I’d be happy if we could travel interstate. We’re still in lockdown. Thanks for your informative post.

  10. Thanks Karen for spelling it out. Our trip to New Zealand has been reschedule 5 times now, Finland 2 times. Sigh. We are double vaxed but not comfortable going far from home at this point. The country has such a mixed system of regulations. We are going to Seattle in a week, but in a private compartment on a train. I’ve already made hotel and restaurant reservations for the entire trip. I was surprised that some restaurants did not require masks if you have proof of vaccination (I only have a piece of paper from CVS). We do need a country wide system for showing proof. As a child I traveled with my embassy parents all over the world, we had these yellow vaccination cards that we had to show when traveling…it was not big deal. Maybe it would encourage others to get vaccinated and not endanger the rest of us.

  11. We are double vaccinated and we have traveled domestically a few different times. And will continue. (We have to fly back and forth between our homes.) We are eating inside and outside at restaurants. We are gathering with friends again. I’m not overly concerned about who is vaccinated or not because The whole purpose of being vaccinated for us is… if we get Covid it keeps us out of the hospital and dying from it. So it is pretty much back to normal for us. Except the states need to drop the Covid Relief money as businesses can’t get people to come back to work.
    We have a European vacation booked for April 2022.
    Great informative post! Enjoy making your vacation plans!

  12. One thing for everyone to bear in mind is that being vaccinated may not stop the vaccinated person from being infected. We’ve seen lots of examples of fully immunised people being infected and transmitting the infection to others. This emphasises the importance of people staying home if they are unwell, maintaining adequate physical distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and encouraging entities to undertake the engineering controls to reduce infection risk as much as feasible. I think cruise ship companies will need to rethink occupancy numbers. This will inevitably increase costs making luxury maritime travel further out of reach for all but a few.

  13. Hi Karen, last year I didn’t miss traveling at all, but this year the urge to travel is quite strong. However, even fully vaccinated I would not feel comfortable on an airplane. That is the only thing that might keep me from traveling once given the go-ahead.
    Since the start of the pandemic, the thought of not wanting to be in a crowd or even among lots of people has manifested; it might take quite a while to get that “avoid people” thinking out of my head.
    Having said that, if I could get over that uncomfortable feeling of sitting in the tight space of an airplane, I would really love to travel to see my (fully vaccinated) friends again.

  14. Our 2020 UK trip was canceled during pandemic. I’m not comfortable going this year — they’re still too deep in the pandemic with the variants and that one from India combined with the Brit one seems a bit more vaccine proof. However, beginning early next year we will start making plans for fall of 2022. I would strongly support a vaccine passport. That said, the thought of getting somewhere and having to quarantine for 10 days would use up the bulk of holiday — a very expensive way to see nothing. I have no desire to get on a plane and sit close for a good long time.

  15. We have no plans to travel this Summer and thank goodness we live in vacation land with the beaches and the natural to explore. We will be doing plenty of exploring the great outdoors this Summer. Happy Traveling – arm chair, local, etc. Take Care 🙂

  16. Thanks for the tips and info Karen, I have a friend that recently experienced quite a few complications on a trip to Italy, but she did get to go…traveling is complicated anyway, I can’t imagine what it must be like now! I know how much you love to travel, I hope you can do soon…

  17. We are fully vaccinated and plan a trip from Florida to NC this fall. We will be staying with a son a few days and then renting an apartment of good friends. Both son and friends are also fully vaccinated. If I wanted to go to Europe, I would wait until next year and see how things are.

  18. I am in the “let’s wait and see” camp. There are still so many unknowns even though our passion for travel is great. I think those who travel regularly have become spoiled by their ability to do so at the drop of a hat… but these are unprecedented times, and I prefer to be cautious. While fully vaccinated and most likely safe, I would rather do without that one special trip just in case that decision made it my last…

  19. I am still waiting for my vaccine appointment. While Australia handled Covid well, it really botched the vaccine rollout so only 3% are vaccinated. I have 2 months to wait for my vaccine appointment. So while I am keen to travel, I don’t think we will be able to travel overseas until mid next year!

  20. As you know, we have been travelling locally. And even though we can do so, I am only booking places with free cancellation. We have booked to go to Croatia in December. They have made a decision that when they open for international tourism it will be for people who have been vaccinated or who can provide a negative PCR test. Hopefully by then I will be vaccinated as both of my parents, with whom we are travelling, and my husband have been. I know the standard App for travel with probably be the IATA travel pass, and this site is a great resource for people wanting to travel: fctgtravelnews(DOT)com(FORWARDSLASH)covid-19-travel-map
    I hope when you do get to travel it is to a place you love.

  21. hubby and i are not vaccinated yet and i am very surprised that he wasn’t included in any early rollout as he has a chronic illness but anyway … i have got used to not travelling and think i would find it very hard to get on a plane in the future.

  22. Great summary of the potential perks and potential issues with travel at this moment. In addition, international travel requires many intaking countries to despite your vaccination status or negative covid test to confinement to a hotel room for 14 days. This is why I predict travel within the US borders is going to boom this year as many are forced to stay within. Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming travel plans. Stay well and take care

  23. One of my friends just moved to Madeira. The pictures she’s sending are amazing–I think I’ll need to visit some time!

    I purposely pushed to get my hip replacement done at the end of Covid (after vaccinated) so I’d be recovering on travel down time!

  24. I’m not ready for travel or doing much away from local vicinity yet, Karen, but I have wondered about international travel restrictions. You’ve provided some really excellent information here, and I found it interesting. I have several friends really eager to resume the travel they’d planned prior to the world shifting and changing as it has. I feel badly for them in their eagerness, and still waiting. I do wonder, as we all do, how long before we feel some sense of normalcy, even though we will never go back to where we were, I don’t expect. I hope you’ll be able to travel again soon, Karen.

  25. Great news! I was pretty miserable after the second vaccine shot, sick for three whole days, but it was worth it for sense of (almost) back to normal. Looking forward to your adventures.

  26. We have both been vaccinated some time ago but we only have the certificates handed to us at the time of the jab! Not sure when we will ever travel again still too many restrictions around us.(sigh).
    Sorry I have not been keeping up with blogging or following, just too busy in the garden during the day and in the kitchen when I move inside. I have quite a few photos that I have taken but just no time to blog them, I will get there eventually!
    Meanwhile, take care and keep well, Diane

  27. We’ve been watching the boarder restrictions because our friends from Arizona would like to escape the heat over the summer. It’s recently been reported that they’ll begin to ease restrictions in July! We probably won’t make any plans until November.

  28. Hi Karen, thanks for your Covid travel update. We’re fully vaccinated and are planning a 3-week road trip in September, but not travelling overseas yet. I think Australia is over-doing it. The government is trying to stamp out every single covid case, so they won’t let any citizens leave the country and every time a few cases rear up, they lock down various parts of the country. I’ve even returned to my salsa dancing lessons with partnering! Gotta have some fun!

  29. Unfortunately we’re doing pretty darn well in the US, but it’s the other countries overseas from us that aren’t. We’ve twice now had to cancel a trip that involved India and some African countries. So sad.

  30. Here in Turkey, Situation is better than the 2020! But we still need more vaccinate program for the people. On the other hand, Tourism season just beginning here and tourist tours come.

  31. It all sounds good on paper: vaccinated people can do this, and the unvaccinated should do that. But because in the US we are so averse to having to require anyone to prove their vacinnation status, you have to know that whatever it is within someone that makes them choose to not be vaccinated will also let them choose to behave as if they were. It’s basically becoming a free-for-all. Fortunately, it’s sounding more and more as if the vacinnated have very little to fear from the unvacinnated.

    Now this next part is going to sound crazy, and that’s because it is. But I hope in light of the previous year, we all might want to be a bit crazy. I’ve been slightly germophobic for years. If I can open a door by touching it somewhere other than the handle, with something other than my fingers, I do. I push elevator buttons with my knuckle. I don’t touch my face unless I know where my hands have been. If I’m outside my own house, I santitize or wash my hands at regular intervals. I do shake hands, because I consider skin-to-skin contact to be essential for a healthy and happy human being. But I’m careful to keep my hands away from my face afterward until I’ve washed or santized them. This takes a bit of dilligence, but it becomes second nature. I’ve done this kind of thing for decades, and I rarely ever get colds – maybe once in four years or so – and have never had the flu.

  32. You always have the best information for travel. Even though we have no plans for traveling beyond our borders we are still waiting until later in the year to take a vacation.

  33. My husband and I are both vaccinated, yet choose to use the precautionary measures during the worst of the pandemic (remember, everyone, it isn’t “over”). We still mask and distance. I still disinfect and open doors with a cloth. Call me paranoid, but a friend of mine caught covid a month ago (no vaccine for her she said), and nearly died during that time. Regarding travel, Karen, we just visited our grandchildren for the first time since last March (at Easter time) and we just took a total family vacay on secluded Daufuskie Island, SC. On the ferry over to the island, masks and distancing were mandatory. No one else was near us on the island and it was sheer bliss from the delightful isolation and the knowing that no one was nearby to share the virus. So we’re venturing out but in a very careful way. Great post with lots of information! Thanks!

  34. I echo those sentiments of being vaccinated, but staying put for a while for the most part. I plan on taking a couple trips this year — but all by car. I don’t think I’ll be stepping onto a plane until next year at the earliest.

  35. You couldn’t have said it any better here, Karen! We actually just got back from Charleston, SC where we rented a house for a week out on Folly Beach. It was amazing! We are fully vaccinated, and it was refreshing to be able to travel again – it did wonders for us! Airports and airlines still require masks, and it was difficult wearing them for that many hours in a row…but that’s a small price to pay for the chance to travel again. I’m looking forward to seeing your travel posts return!

  36. I bet you are excited! It’s obvious how much you love to travel so I’m sure the last year has been very hard emotional in that department. So glad you’re vaccinated and starting to make plans. I look forward to your destinations. We’ve already taken a short trip, a couple hours drive from here and it was so wonderful just to have a different view. Already have another trip planned for the fall. YAY for vaccines!

  37. I cannot wait to travel again. But, also, I have no current plans. I think that’s because there is no certainty anywhere. Being vaccinated, I agree, our risk is quite low. But it seems like people are a bit on edge everywhere, so getting on a plane right now seems like it might be quite unpleasant. Hoping to wait until fall, when school starts again – should make for better travel!

  38. Great post Karen, and with lots of info! We decided not to travel this year…. We prefer to spend time with our family who prefers to come down to CHS and spend time with us. Something we enjoy doing these days since we lost so many friends last year to Covid.

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