Good Health And Prosperity In The New Year

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Millions of people around the world eat pork on the first day of the year hoping that it will bring a healthy and prosperous year. After the years 2020 and 2021, I believe we need a large serving of this delicious meat for an abundance of health in the New Year.

Good health and prosperity in the new year” is a common phrase we hear as we end each year and begin a new one. Considering the last two years, it is all the more meaningful. We look at each New Year’s Day as a chance for a fresh start yet we tend to follow old traditions when it involves our New Year’s Day meal.

Around our country and around the world, one of the most popular dishes eaten on New Year’s Day is pork of some kind. Usually some type of greens such as cabbage, sauerkraut or collards accompany the pork. You might wonder why pork? The pig is a symbol of moving forward, progress and growth in life and its delicious fattiness has come to symbolize wealth and prosperity. The greens are thought to represent money and prosperity, and the long shreds of the kraut point to long life. Other foods that represent money are legumes such as lentils and black-eyed peas.

I must admit that I am superstitious when it comes to what I eat on New Year’s Day. I’ve always gone with the Southern tradition of eating black-eyed peas on the first day of the year. My husband grew up with his family always having some form of pork so these specific foods are never skipped in our home. I thought I would share some of the options we have had over the years that include pork chops, sausage, ribs, bacon or ham.

risotto with sausage, kale and black-eyed peas

Sausage, kale and black-eyed pea risotto, rich with Italian flavors, is a comforting dish that includes not only pork but also greens and black-eyed peas for three times the luck for the New Year.

smoked pork chops with sauerkraut

The French from Alsace as well as the Germans and Austrians enjoy platters of sausages and pork served on sauerkraut for a prosperous New Year.

Pozole Roja, Pork And Hominy Stew

Pozole is a New Year’s classic dish that is enjoyed in Mexico as well as across the Southwestern United States.

cuban roast pork and black beans

No where is roast pork more beloved than in Cuba, where it takes center stage on New Year’s Day.

Italian Sausage And Pasta Soup

Lentils are considered to bring good luck in Italy for New Year’s because the tiny round legumes resemble coins. A flavorful combination of lentils, sausage, and pasta creates a flavorful and hearty soup for the first day of the year.

Even if theses delicious pork dishes I’ve suggested don’t provide the health and prosperity I’m wishing for you, I hope the meals will provide you with comfort and great flavor to enjoy throughout the year. My hope is that the coming New Year will be a healthier and happier one for us all. 

Thank you for your support and friendship throughout the year, it is very much appreciated.

Happy New Year, Karen

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52 thoughts on “Good Health And Prosperity In The New Year

  1. How very interesting. I must admit I didn’t know about pork and it’s superstitions around the new year. Regardless of what you eat I hope the year ahead is filled with peace and joy. 😊

  2. I have to say that I don’t think I’ve put that much thought into my New Year’s day meal before. Glad to learn something new. I wish you and your husband a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year, Karen! Thanks for all of the yummy recipes. Xx Dana

  3. I remember welcoming the New Year in Germany with a lot of noise and fireworks at midnight. My mom would make herring and beet salad. Then they were the donuts for good luck .
    Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year

  4. Karen, as a southerner, I knew about the black-eyed peas and collard greens, but I didn’t know about the other good luck delicacies. Unfortunately, the last time I cooked black-eyed peas was in 1993, the year my FIL passed away. Since then, I can’t bring myself to honor the tradition. Thanks for offering some alternatives! Happy New Year

  5. Now, I never knew that there were any traditions around food on New Year’s Day, so thank you for the lesson, Karen.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2022.

  6. That risotto sounds pretty wonderful! I was thinking of pork tenderloin but who knows? I’m always open to new possibilities!

    Happiest of new years to you, Karen! I hope your holidays were very happy ones and continue to be!

  7. Considering the way the new year seems to be starting, send over a bucket of pork!!
    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

  8. All the very super best dear Karen, for the coming new year. In Italy, it’s all about lentils on New Year’s Eve/Day … but I suppose it’s about pork too, in a way, since cotechino (pig’s trotter sausage) is als a staple ! 🙂

  9. We’ll be having black-eyed peas, greens and smoked ham for New Years! Hope you have a wonderful New Year and a safe, healthy and wonderful 2022. See you next year.

  10. We sure do need progress forward. I think I will have all the above foods next week for insurance. Thank you for a wonderful post and wishing you good health and happiness in 2022.

  11. The Black Eyed Peas with risotto sounds amazing! Thank you for all the inspirational recipes.

    We are traditional and I make the same dinner every year. Which we enjoy very much. Pork Tenderloin, fried sauerkraut, black eyed peas and a green salad. But I may be making the Black Eyed peas with risotto. Mmmm!
    Happy New Year Karen, to you and yours! 🎉

  12. Happy 2022 Karen! Well, I grew up eating both ham and black-eyed peas for New Years’ lunch, but black-eyed peas aren’t available here so I had extra ham. Just to make sure 2022 was a good year I ate a bowl of risgyrngröt (sweet rice pudding cooked in cream) and I don’t even like it. Take care…

  13. Happy New Year! We made a really nice black-eyed pea and turnip green stir-fry. Going to turn the leftovers into soup today. 🙂

  14. Karen, now you’ve got me in the mood for sauerkraut and I don’t have any on hand! I do hope everyone can buck up for a while longer. This situation won’t go on forever, and if we can all hang in there just a bit longer … Wishing you a wonderful 2022.

  15. I’m so unfamiliar with these sorts of traditions. Growing up, New Years Day was sort of a nothing to our family, and even now, I could kind of care less about it. I can’t tell you how many midnights on New Years Day I’ve slept through. However, make it all about pork, and I’m completely on board!

  16. Well these all look delicious Karen. I had never heard about eating pork on New Year’s Day before but I’m game. Usually for me, it’s working on eating less after indulging for weeks! A belated Happy New Year!

  17. A late, but a very happy new year to you! Thank you for all of the deliciousness you post. 🙂 ~Valentina

  18. I did eat 12 grapes as is Spanish tradition for a few years, but I did not feel it brought any luck, so I eat what I want and stick with a tradition of Billecart Salmon rose. I think I like it better 🙂

  19. that’s funny. i was just talking with a friend about pork and how i can’t bear to eat it – due to it being too much like human flesh. not that i know personally mind you 🙂 It’s just what cannibals say. tee hee …

    1. How sweet of you Nancy for stopping back by to check on me. Your thoughts are much appreciated. I will be posting over the weekend to let everyone know how I’m doing.

  20. HI Karen!! Happy New Year!! Never too late- right… wishing you the very best in 2022!

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