Der Öschberghof, A Golf Resort At The Edge Of The Black Forest

Der Öschberghof Golf Resort

Der Öschberghof is a modern conference and golf resort with a two star Michelin restaurant for gourmets. At the southern edge of the Black Forest in Donaueschingen, the hotel is located near the source of the Danube River, and makes a convenient base for exploring the region.

Der Öschberghof golf resort
Der Öschberghof Golf Resort At The Edge Of The Black Forest

On the outskirts of the town of Donaueschingen, between the rolling hills of the southern Black Forest, Lake Constance and Switzerland, you will find the five star rated resort Der Öschberghof. Known for its 45 hole golf course, its large wellness spa and upscale cuisine, the resort attracts golf enthusiasts and wellness lovers, as well as gourmets who want to enjoy dinner it its two star Michelin restaurant.

The Öschberghof is not the typical hotel we would normally choose as we are not golfers and prefer to stay at traditional family run hotels. However, we decided to book the hotel for two nights as it was conveniently located on our route driving through Germany and Austria.

The resort was extensively rebuilt and reopened to great reviews in 2019 as a golf, wellness and conference hotel. It has 126 rooms, three golf courses, a 5500 square meter spa and gym, and four restaurants, one of which has been awarded two Michelin stars. From both the exterior as well as the interior, the Öschberghof is a contemporary designed hotel that definitely makes a statement.

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Driving up to the front entrance, our luggage was gathered and our car taken to the parking garage. Inside, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist, ushered to seats in the lobby and offered a welcome cocktail while she checked us in. Hotel rooms aren’t available until 4 p.m. so the receptionist suggested we have something to eat at the bar. Shortly after lunch, we were informed that our room was ready and our luggage had been placed in the room.

When you arrive at a hotel for the first time, a staff member usually accompanies you to your room to explain the facilities available but we were just pointed in the direction of the elevators. It would have been nice if someone had explained how to use the many conveniences in the room that we weren’t made aware of such as motion detection lighting in the room to assist if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

Our room, decorated in beige and grey, had a balcony that faced south towards the golf course and made for a pleasant view at sunset. The well appointed hotel room was designed with an open closet area that had hanging space as well as built in drawers. It also included a stocked minibar, included in the room price, a Nespresso machine, a safe, and an iron and ironing board. If you travel with a lot of luggage, you may have trouble finding room for it all.

The bathroom had double sinks with a vanity area, stool and a wonderful makeup mirror. The walk in rain shower was unique in that it had a solid dark wall of glass that looks into the bedroom.. If you want privacy while showering, there is an electric blind that can be lowered. The toilet and an additional small sink were located separately.

The Michelin restaurant was not open during our two night stay so we had dinner in the large Esszimmer main dining room that serves breakfast and dinner. The restaurant has a set menu of five courses that consists of the salad of the day, starter, main course and then a dessert and cheese buffet. While good, the food didn’t meet our expectations, considering one of the hotel’s restaurants was Michelin rated. This is the only hotel during our three week journey where I won’t have photos of the food as the lighting in the restaurant was poor in the evening.

The Öschberghof’s more than 5000 square meter spa is very modern and clean. It features various large saunas, steam rooms, an ice lounge, a large indoor pool, an outdoor infinity pool and a spacious, well equipped gym. While the wellness area was impressive, the relaxation areas are not very comfortable if you want to relax with a book.

The Öschberghof had a lot of positives and we thought we would be adding a new hotel to our “favorites” list. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful and we had a nice two night stay. What I especially liked about the hotel was that it had one of the best beds we’ve slept in during our many European trips. The bathroom was very nice with its vanity area, a fantastic makeup mirror and good shower.

While the contemporary designed hotel has won numerous design awards and gets rave reviews, we didn’t add to our favorites list. While I know design is matter of taste, the modernist architecture of the Öschberghof didn’t feel inviting and warm, instead it felt stark and impersonal as many conference hotels do. Lighting as well as some of the furniture, seemed to be more for effect, not for practicality or comfort. Food was good but certainly nothing memorable…of course we didn’t have the opportunity to dine in the hotel’s Michelin rated restaurant.


I thought about not Including the Öschberghof on my blog as I usually only write about “the little treasures I discover on the back roads”. While the hotel was not one of our favorites, many will find the hotel to be perfect. Each of us have different expectations when it comes to traveling, the hotels we find to be comfortable, the food we enjoy, etc. Perhaps some day you will stay at the Öschberghof, play golf, relax in the spa, have a great dinner and long to return.

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15 thoughts on “Der Öschberghof, A Golf Resort At The Edge Of The Black Forest

  1. I was thinking I’d never seen a negative post from you before, but you’ve obviously tried to be fair in your assessment. I find it very rare nowadays for hotels to show you to your room, but if I was staying in the kind of lovely hotels you do, I’d expect it. Though I stayed in a pub in Suffolk twice this year, just three rooms – nothing grand – and they were great taking my bag up the stairs, helping me link into WiFi etc. And when I asked for some extra teabags of a tea I particularly liked and said I’d liked it on my first trip but hadn’t been able to find it back home, they gave me a whole box to take home! I do often like very modern architecture but from your photos, it certainly doesn’t look very cosy and relaxing and indeed rather bland. I hope all the places you stay after are as good as your normal ones!

  2. The decor is a little to stark for me, as a color lover, I have trouble appreciating neutral decor! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay but sorry it was not as memorable as most of your lodging choices!

  3. My husband and I love this area. We have been to Baden Baden twice. We stayed at the hotel belleview which is now a home for the elderly I believe. That was our honeymoon. Then we stayed at brenners park. Also we r fiends with the Nelson’s in Danville.

  4. Holy cow… so that’s how the other half lives 🙂 The resort looks beautiful and the rooms are very tastefully decorated. We are like you in that we prefer smaller, family-owned hotels, but that one would be fun to stay at for a night, even just to play with all the high-tech gadgets (and, of course, enjoy the included mini-bar 🙂 ).

  5. Interesting place. Not sure I could afford a 2* Michelin restaurant but I bet the food is good,
    Have a good weekend Diane

  6. Even though this resort didn’t quite meet your expectations, sounds like you had a good experience and a restful stay. You never know until you try with new ventures!

  7. That’s quite insightful! I immediately thought, looking at your second photo, that the balconies seem like a driving range. I think the decor is similar to a trendy office – the spa furniture seems nicer than the dining room! It’s a great shame you weren’t able to try the food, perhaps that would have improved your stay… I suspect they get a lot of corporate golfers.

  8. Hi Karen,
    I enjoyed reading your post. It’s always good to read an open and fair assessment of any place. As you infer, people’s tastes are different. It reads like you are enjoying a wonderful trip.

  9. Hi Karen, I like reading honest reviews and appreciate that you shared this. You haven’t dissuaded me from visiting the hotel, but you have shared information that I wouldn’t necessarily get by visiting their website. Informed choices are always better than disappointing surprises.

    I think not being escorted to your room is a post-Covid thing that is still lingering in some areas.

  10. Good to hear an honest opinion Karen. The colours do seem rather cold and drab, but as a golf resort it probably attracts more business customers who like that?…. Still, at least it was friendly and the bed was comfy! 😃

  11. We aren’t a golfing family either, Karen, but the photos show a lovely location. I’m not initially attracted to a more modern and minimal decor, but it sounds like the experience was gracious and welcoming, and that counts for a lot. Traveling offers so many different experiences, and I think this was a special couple of days! Very nice!

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