Das Kranzbach, A Secluded Spa Resort

Das Kranzbach Hotel

Das Kranzbach Hotel, sits peacefully in a high mountain valley surrounded by thick forests in one of the most beautiful parts of the Bavarian Alps. Just a few minutes drive from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and a little more than an hour south of Munich, it is wonderful for guests wanting to enjoy nature’s tranquil beauty. The historic […]

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Breathtaking Views At Hotel Post Lermoos

view from hotel post Lermoos, Austria

The majestic Zugspitze and surrounding mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop for guests staying at the Hotel Post, a traditional family run hotel, in Lermoos, Austria. The hotel is a popular destination for those seeking refined cuisine and relaxing, rejuvenating days in its alpine wellness spa. I love a room with a view and Hotel Post […]

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Der Öschberghof, A Golf Resort At The Edge Of The Black Forest

Der Öschberghof Golf Resort

Der Öschberghof is a modern conference and golf resort with a two star Michelin restaurant for gourmets. At the southern edge of the Black Forest in Donaueschingen, the hotel is located near the source of the Danube River, and makes a convenient base for exploring the region. On the outskirts of the town of Donaueschingen, […]

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Bareiss, Our Favorite Black Forest Hotel

View From Balcony At Bareiss

Whether you are looking forward to adventurous days of hiking or biking along the trails through the Black Forest, thinking of a spa weekend for total relaxation, or wanting to indulge in a 3 star Michelin meal, you can do it all during a stay at the Hotel Bareiss. If you are starting to plan […]

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Fine Dining At BollAnts

Carrot Amuse Bouche

Great food and a good bottle of wine were made for each other. Both can be found at the one star Michelin rated Jungborn restaurant at BollAnts Spa im Park, on the banks of the Nahe river in the village of Bad Sobernheim, Germany, just an hour’s drive from the Frankfurt Airport Whether a casual traveler or an avid […]

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Happiness Is Being On The Road Again

Hotel Bareiss In The Black Forest Of Germany

Happiness is being on the road again. Roads that weave through beautiful countryside where cows with huge bells graze in the fields. Picturesque mountains covered in thick forests and storybook villages where you see men in lederhosen and women in traditional dresses. Yes, we are on the road again. The strong desire to travel had […]

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When The Phone Call Is Good News

thank you

Under normal circumstances, the message that “the doctor will call you“, would bring a sense of relief. This time was anything but normal and I felt anxious. The pathology report had come back two weeks after my colon cancer surgery and my surgeon promised she would call with the findings. Six weeks ago, a colonoscopy […]

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A Diagnosis Of Colon Cancer

a diagnosis of colon cancer

I’ve been very healthy, usually having to see a doctor only for routine checkups. However, this spring I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Other than problematic fatigue, I was doing well. Blood tests revealed the fatigue was from iron deficiency anemia and a colonoscopy led to a colon cancer diagnosis. After my diagnosis of Parkinson’s […]

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Chicken With Sicilian Inspired Pistachio Herb Sauce

chicken with Sicilian inspired pistachio herb sauce

Perk up sautéed chicken by topping it with a Sicilian inspired savory pistachio herb sauce. Perfect for a quick and easy weeknight meal, the olive oil based sauce, similar to pesto or salsa verde, also makes a delicious, healthy topping for fish or grilled summer vegetables. Italy is well known for its flavor packed, fresh […]

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Zellenberg Hilltop Vineyards, Alsace, France

along the route du vin Alsace France

After eleven years of blogging, one photograph on Back Road Journal has been commented on more than all others combined. It was taken above Zellenberg, France, a tiny village perched on a hill whose slopes are covered with vineyards, some being the renowned Grand Cru d’Alsace Froehn vineyards. Years back, on a misty day in […]

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