Wellnesshotel Jagdhof, Where You Can Enjoy A Sense Of Peace

Hotel Jagdhof Röhrnbach

Wellnesshotel Jagdhof, a hotel where you can soak up the beauty of the nearby countryside, take life a little slower and enjoy a sense of real peace. On the far side of Germany from the famous Black Forest lies the lesser known Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald in German). The sun dappled woodland in the Southeast corner of Germany […]

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The Bavarian Forest, Jagdhof Röhrnbach And The Danube

The Bavarian Forest, Hotel Jagdhof Röhrnbach And The Danube. While most everyone has heard of the Danube River and tens of thousands of people take river cruises on it every year, the nearby Bavarian Forest is almost an unknown region to most of those same travelers. The beautiful and uncrowded outdoor hiking area of Bayerischer Wald as […]

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