St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef And Cabbage

mural of Irish village

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Irish pubs in America will be filled with merriment as people gather to enjoy a pint of Guinness stout, sing Irish folk songs and enjoy a plate of corned beef and cabbage. The Irish however, while they will be enjoying their pint or a good Irish whisky along with a […]

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St. Patrick’s Day, When Everyone’s Irish

St. Patrick’s Day, When Everyone’s Irish. Whether you live in Ireland, known fondly as the Emerald Isle, are of Irish heritage or just want to be Irish for a day, you may be  planning to go to a pub on St. Patrick’s Day. Irish pubs will be shoulder to shoulder with people who want to enjoy […]

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Shepherds Pie…For The First Time

Is there a dish you have heard about your whole life but somehow never tried. For me, it was shepherds pie. Over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, many people said that they were making this dish to celebrate the holiday. I decided it was time for me to make an Irish Shepherds Pie topped with […]

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