Thanksgiving Wish

bountiful still life

As we gather around the dinner table. hopefully this year with family and friends, it is the perfect time to reflect upon the past year and consider what we are grateful for, No matter where you will be on Thanksgiving, I hope you will enjoy the day and be grateful for the friends and family that enrich […]

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Three Years On The Back Roads

“Little Treasures discovered while exploring the back roads of life.” Little did I realize when I wrote those words three years ago when I started Back Road Journal that the treasures I would find along the way would be the friendship of others. I had no idea that my first post would eventually lead to thousands of […]

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Joyous Wishes For The Holiday Season

Joyous Wishes For The Holiday Season the warmest wishes for a holiday filled with the warmth of home the love of family and the company of good friends **** I hope you enjoy the pretty watercolor painting I have chosen for this year’s Christmas greeting. The Atkinson Congregational Church was built in 1835 in Atkinson, […]

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