Olives, A Simple Ingredient With Great Taste

olives, cheese, fruit and wine

Delicious food doesn’t need to be fancy, it doesn’t even have to be a complete meal. Great taste can come from a simple ingredient such as olives, standing alone or when mixed with other ingredients. Of course, each of us has a different idea of a simple ingredient, a dish or even a meal that […]

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Seared Scallops With Watercress, Orange And Pistachio Salad

scallops with watercress and orange salad

Sweet citrus, peppery watercress and crunchy pistachios are served with tender pan seared sea scallops for a delicious yet very healthy meal. Include a whole grain roll and a glass of red wine and it is a good example of a heart healthy Mediterranean meal that is typically high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts […]

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A New DASH Mediterranean Lifestyle

breast of duck salad

A new DASH Mediterranean Lifestyle is something I’ll be occasionally writing about on Back Road Journal. If you aren’t familiar with DASH, it is the most recommended diet in America. The diet is not a weight loss diet but rather a healthy way of eating that promotes overall health. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension […]

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Mediterranean Olives

Picture the Mediterranean and one of the first things you think about in regard to food is olives and olive oil. If you travel through the sunny countryside of Italy, Spain, France, Greece or Turkey to name a few, you will see olive trees planted everywhere and anywhere although mostly in craggy limestone areas. Sometimes […]

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Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers Two Ways

After the excesses of the holiday season for the last few weeks, it is natural to think about eating a little healthier and a little lighter. As you are well aware,  the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the world’s  healthiest. This meal follows along this healthy tradition…lots of vegetables, grain, and just a little […]

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