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Eleven Countries, No Jet Lag…That’s Epcot

A travel adventure through Eleven Countries, no passport, customs and best of all, no jet lag involved…that’s Epcot. Instead of a long plane trip across the Atlantic, it was a two hour drive from our home in Vero Beach to the … Continue reading

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Spring Is Late, Mud Season Has Arrived

After enduring New England’s harsh winters, I believe springtime is one of the most beautiful and must longed for seasons that comes our way but spring is late this year. Usually in April, the green floor of our orchard is … Continue reading

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Christmas Time Is Here Once More

How quickly time passes, Christmas Time Is Here Once More. The trees are all trimmed, the stockings are hung, and the cakes and cookies are baked. Come in out of the cold and join me in our country kitchen for … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes…Country Woman Magazine

Being Behind The Scenes of a photo shoot doesn’t happen every day but when it does, it is very interesting. You might remember my post, Fashion Alert last year where I had come across a fashion photo shoot in Kitzbühel, Austria. Little did … Continue reading

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The Biltmore Hotel

The lovely Biltmore Hotel in The City Beautiful, as Coral Gables, Florida is fondly called, is a prominent national historic landmark. It is not hard to spot the imposing tower of the hotel which was inspired by the Giralda Tower … Continue reading

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Maine, Where Memories Are Made

It Must Be Maine; The Way Life Should Be After spending five delightful summers at our lakeside cottage in Maine, I have to say that the above state slogan is very appropriate although I think it could be, Maine, Where … Continue reading

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Tips On Growing Tomatoes Successfully

Growing Tomatoes Successfully is a little like raising children, they both need nourishment, a warm home environment, and tender loving care. Whether you want to grow several rows of heirloom  tomatoes in a large vegetable garden in the country or just … Continue reading

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Turkey Tenderloin With Blood Orange Sauce

Inspired by recipes from the Estremadura region of Spain that feature their famous Pimenton de la Vera smoked paprika, Turkey Tenderloin With Blood Orange Sauce brings the flavors of Spain to your table. The vivid color and sweetness of blood oranges and the smoky … Continue reading

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Spring Has Finally Arrived

After a very tough winter, Spring Has Finally Arrived in my part of New England. I’m sure many of you who live in the northern portion of our country thought as I did, that winter weather was never going to … Continue reading

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Winter White Is Fashionable

Every one knows the old saying that “you should never wear white after Labor Day”, but that isn’t the case anymore. The softer shade of Winter White Is Fashionable and can be seen everywhere for the past several years. You … Continue reading

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