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Italian Lentil, Sausage and Pasta Soup

When soup season rolls around, make a pot of Italian Lentil, Sausage, And Pasta Soup. It is a flavorful and hearty soup, nourishing and quick cooking, so it makes a delicious a weekday meal for you and your family. I … Continue reading

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Caldo Gallego, Spanish White Bean Soup

Caldo gallego is a Spanish white bean soup and if you are visiting Miami for the first time, it is a great place to enjoy a bowl of this hearty and flavorful soup. You will find Spanish and Cuban restaurants all … Continue reading

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Caldo Verde, A Portuguese Kale Soup

Caldo Verde, A Portuguese Kale Soup is a healthy, hearty and delicious tasting dish. While kale has become a trendy green, touted in recent years because of its many health benefits, families in Portugal have eaten this green for hundreds … Continue reading

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Beans And Greens, Quick, Easy And Healthy

Beans and Greens, Quick, Easy & Healthy. With the approaching holidays, I’m sure everyone is pressed for time like I am. After spending a long day of baking, I wanted an easy meal that would be comforting and delicious. Instead … Continue reading

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Harira, A Moroccan Chickpea And Lentil Soup

If you are like me and have ever dreamed about traveling to Morocco, your first thoughts might be of intriguing alleyways leading to exotic markets filled with conical mounds of saffron, cumin, turmeric and paprika. Wandering a little further on … Continue reading

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New England Clam Chowder

Two things that tourists from all over the world seek out when they visit New England are New England clam chowder and lobster rolls. It doesn’t matter if they visit in the middle of summer or during the winter ski season…their trip … Continue reading

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A Taste Of Italy…Cavolo Nero Con Fagioli E Patate

If you have ever dreamed of traveling to Italy, finding a small trattoria out in the countryside, and sampling some of the wonderful foods you have read about for years, then you are like me. I think we all hope … Continue reading

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Pozole Verde

How about a nice steaming bowl of pozole verde? Haven’t heard of it…what if I said pork and hominy stew with green chilies. This traditional dish is the comfort food of Mexico. There are many varieties of pozole using different … Continue reading

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