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Foodie With A Lifestyle Change

Hi, I’m Karen and I’m a Foodie. While most people eat to live, I’m one of those that “lives to eat”. If you have been following my food and travel blog over the last six years, you know that Back … Continue reading

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Laundry Rooms, A Luxury Or A Necessity

Laundry Rooms, once considered a luxury, are now a necessity as far as most of us are concerned. People looking for a new home today, whether they are a first time home buyer or empty nesters downsizing to a smaller home, usually have a laundry … Continue reading

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New Year, New Hope

Happy New Year… A New Year, New Hope. As 2015 comes to a close, let’s celebrate both the passing year and all that was good in it and welcome in 2016 with eager anticipation. No matter where you are in the world … Continue reading

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Joy To The World

May the warmth and joy of Christmas be with you and yours during this wonderful season and throughout the year. May each of you have a holiday filled with peace and happiness shared among the company of family and good … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Christmas Trees

A Tale Of Two Christmas Trees began as I looked around our sunny Florida home with its open concept design and I realized it was going to be a challenge to decorate for Christmas. The warm December weather, windows looking out at … Continue reading

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Was It Love At First Sight?

Was It Love At First Sight? When it is number 12 or is it 13…I’ve lost count, love isn’t that important. Wait a moment, I hope you don’t think I’m talking about my marriage. Heavens no! I haven’t been married a … Continue reading

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Coping With Crutches And A Broken Foot

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time…a slight twist of my foot and I’ve ended up with two broken (the 4th & 5th) metatarsal bones in my left foot, my leg is now in a cast and I’m coping with crutches. … Continue reading

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NH Colonial Farmhouse For Sale – Orchard Hill Farm

Orchard Hill Farm is situated on one of the highest points in Rockingham County. Its beautiful yellow Georgian colonial farmhouse was built in 1730 but has been meticulously restored to museum quality by some of the finest craftsmen in New … Continue reading

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Does It Stay Or Does It Go

Does It Stay Or Does It Go, that is a question I’ve asked myself lately. No, I’m not cleaning my closets of last year’s fashions for something new and trendy. I’m deciding which items to keep as my husband and … Continue reading

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A Change In Latitudes

Seeking an escape from the harsh winters of New England, my husband and I decided it was time for A Change In Latitudes and a new adventure in our lives somewhere it is warm. A more southerly place with a laid … Continue reading

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