Restaurant Obauer, One Of The Top Four Restaurants In Austria

Obauer Restaurant
Obauer Restaurant

Restaurant Obauer deserves every accolade that it receives. The restaurant is one of only four in Austria to have received four toques and 19/20 points in the Gault & Millau Austria 2017 edition and the restaurant has had this top ranking for years. Not only that, Karl and Rudolf Obauer were chosen as Gault & Millau “Chefs of the Decade” in 2012. Being the food lovers that we are, it is no wonder then that my husband and I have eaten at Obauer every single time we have visited Austria.

The restaurant is in the small village of Werfen, Austria  located in the scenic Salzach valley just about forty kilometers south of Salzburg. You may have heard of the town because located high above it is Eisriesenwelt, the world’s largest ice cave. The 900 year old Hohenwerfen Castle and falconry center is also perched on a high peak above Werfen.

Since we were staying just north of Salzburg, we decided to made a lunch reservation, then took the scenic route to the restaurant. After being seated at our table, Rudi came out of the kitchen to welcome us back to Obauer.

Soon after, little gifts from the kitchen started arriving while we looked at the menu. We looked, no we didn’t read the menu, as we don’t understand a word of German. Not a problem at Obauer, our waitress explained every dish to us and after that, we decided on their four course tasting menu. We were told that we could substitute an item if we chose to and my husband didn’t hesitate a second to decide on the foie gras prepared four ways for his first course…he is so predictable.

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The four course menu of the day sounded delicious and I didn’t change a thing.

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There is always a few sweet tastings to go along with a cup of coffee to end the meal.

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The meal from the start to the finish was delicious, the food compositions were beautiful and the flavors just amazing. Two brothers as chefs, one fantastic lunch, we’ve never been disappointed with any meal we’ve had at the restaurant.

Not only is the food great at Obauer but chefs Karl and Rudolf Obauer are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. We couldn’t leave without Rudi insisting that we get a photo together in front of the restaurant and presented me with a Obauer apron to remember our visit.

The Chefs Obauer
The Chefs Obauer


If you are a food lover like my husband and I, the restaurant Obauer should be on your short list of restaurants to eat at if you travel to the Salzburg region. Hopefully, you will have a meal as delicious as the ones we have enjoyed at lunchtime. Of coarse, you can stay at the Obauer hotel, enjoy a multi course meal with wine parings and then head up to bed. Over breakfast in the morning, you can reminisce about your dining experience from the night before. Oh and did I mention the scenery around Werfen, after all you can never see too many castles.

Hohenwerfen Castle In Werfen, Austria
Hohenwerfen Castle In Werfen, Austria

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80 thoughts on “Restaurant Obauer, One Of The Top Four Restaurants In Austria

    1. Hi Kay, We have been visiting Obauer for quite a few years now…the food is always the best. I tasted my husband’s foie gras course and he made an excellent choice. I’ll tell him you agree with his decision.

    1. Hi Amanda, I don’t blame you for wanting to eat everything. The portions are a nice size so you are not stuffed but there are plenty of hiking possibilities if you eat too much. 😀

    1. You are more than welcome Gerlinde. I believe you would really enjoy a meal at Obauer. The nice thing is that you will be able to read the menu and will probably be familiar with some of the dishes.

    1. It truly was fantastic, Mad Dog. It doesn’t surprise me that you would go for the foie gras, your tastes and my husband’s when it comes to food are very similar.

    1. Hi Jovina, Our table was by the front window and we had a nice view of the mountains. Each dish really is a work of art, the brothers are very talented.

    1. Thank you for the compliment Tanya, it was nice to have a photo to remember our visit…the Obauer brothers are the nicest and oh so talented.

    1. Hi Julie, I do hope you get a chance to visit Austria, my husband and I love the country. Amazing scenery, great hotels, the friendliest people and wonderful food make for a memorable holiday.

    1. Hi Ronit, It seems a lot of my readers agree with my husband’s choice of the foie gras. I tried it and all of the preparations were delicious.

    1. Hi Kathryn, dining at Obauer truly is a wonderful experience. I think one of the things that I like most, besides the delicious food, is that there is no pretense…everyone from the waitstaff to the chefs themselves, make you welcome and the dining experience special.

    1. The desserts were like the icing on the cake, so to speak…each one very good. Being the foodie that I am, a lot of research goes into the restaurants that we visit. It is great when you can go on a holiday and not have one bad meal and we didn’t.

    1. Thank you Giovanna for your nice compliment, I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. Obauer is in a wonderful location in Austria and the food is absolutely the best!

  1. My husband and I have wanted to go to Austria but just haven’t gotten there. Now, you have added to the list of why we should. The food and beautiful scenery is just what we we would expect. We were in in Switzerland and Germany but didn’t get to Austria, next time for sure. Thanks for this beautiful post, I felt like I was there!

    1. Hi Emily, I really believe you and your husband would absolutely love Austria. I do hope that you get a chance to visit. I appreciate your lovely compliment, thank you.

  2. I love tasting menus — always fun to see what the kitchen will come up with. Although I’d opt for foie gras to be part of it, too. Love the stuff! Sounds like a terrific restaurant — thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hi John, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post about Obauer. We have had nothing but outstanding meals each time we have visited…it is definitely one of the all time best restaurants in Austria.

  3. [could not help popping in from my working holiday 🙂 !] I love degustation meals: small amounts of very specially planned foods married into an unforgettable whole. Often they are plated ‘precious’ these days: a streak of this and two dots of that. This is beautiful, sensible, appetizing food served in a simple, elegant style. Yep: your photo will be one of the most looked at from this trip: lovely memories !!

    1. Hi Eha, I totally agree with you about the food served at Obauer. I think that is why we keep returning to the restaurant anytime we are within an hours drive…it is that good.

  4. It sounds like a delicious meal, Karen! I love love Austria, it’s a beautiful country and great food also. That sounds like a great restaurant ,for sure!

  5. I totally agree, Karen! You can never see too many castles. Love that scenery. But the food…woah! Those plates look like works of art rather than plates of food. 🙂 I love trying highly acclaimed restaurants like this. Definitely adding this to the list of places to visit whenever we go to Austria! Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi David, I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the post about Obauer. If you get a chance to visit this area, I believe you would certainly enjoy this restaurant. If you like castles you should enjoy my next post. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your nice compliment, Monica. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed the photos. The dessert was the perfect ending to our delicious lunch.

    1. Thank you Karrie, for stopping by for a visit and your nice comment. I do hope you get a chance to visit Austria, it is a beautiful country with delicious food to be enjoyed.

  6. HI Karen, Thanks for treating us to this. Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous food. How fortunate that you and your husband experienced the Obauer brothers’ cuisine. With so much focus on the Nordic cuisine of Rene Redzepi/NOMA, it’s great to learn about other stellar spots in Europe.

    1. Hi Nancy, So nice to hear from you…you’ve been missed. Oh yes, there are lots of wonderful restaurants in Europe and Obauer certainly is one of the top ones in Austria.

  7. Hi Kelly, Thank you for stopping by for a visit…I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I do hope that you get a chance to visit Austria someday, it is lovely.

  8. Karen, just spectacular, such plating, such beauty!! I am truly in awe of the colors on the plating along. I could actually see all the textures!!
    Thank you so much for sharing with! Happy Thanksgiving my friend, to you and your wonderful family!

    1. Hi Didi, Sorry to be answering your comment late, I just found it in my spam file. Thank you for your compliment, I’m happy you enjoyed the post. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our children, I hope you had a great one as well.

    1. Hi Allison, I’m happy that you enjoyed the post about Obauer. I do hope you get a chance to visit someday, we have had wonderful meals there. Sorry to be answering your comment late, I just discovered it in my spam file.

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